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Scientists discovered 20 new moons around Saturn, and you can help name them

[2019.10.09, Wed 15:05] Astronomers using the Subaru telescope in Hawaii have discovered 20 new moons in orbit around Saturn. Saturn's inner moons have a complex relationship with its distinctive rings, as the rings deposit material on the moons making some of them ravioli shaped. These new moons are further out from the planet though, taking between two and three years to complete an orbit. All of Saturn's new moons are approximately three miles in diameter, and 17 of them orbit the planet in a backward, or retrograde, orbit. The three remaining moons orbit in a prograde, or forward, orbit, with one nestled among the retrograde moons shown in green and two in their own prograde group shown in blue. By looking at the moons' orbits, scientists can learn more about how the moons are formed and what the Saturn was like at the time they formed. "It is believed that a similar gas-and-dust disk surrounded Saturn during its formation. The fact that these newly discovered moons were able to continue orbiting Saturn after their parent moons broke apart indicates that these collisions occurred after the planet-formation process was mostly complete and the disks were no longer a factor."
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