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Sweepr raises $9 million to diagnose smart home devices in real time

[2019.10.09, Wed 13:05] What if the next time your dishwasher went on the fritz or your smart lights failed to switch on, you could quickly dial for help using a voice assistant? That's the idea behind Sweepr, a two-year-old Dublin, Ireland-based startup that's developing what it calls a contextually adaptive care platform. The capital influx comes after a $2.7 million seed round last year and brings Sweepr's total raised to roughly $12 million. CEO Alan Coleman said the funds will enable Sweepr to expand its workforce to 75 employees through next year as it ramps up deployments throughout Europe and North America. "Sweepr's early deployments have confirmed that the care industry is ready to be transformed by moving the support from a within traditional call center to within the home itself. Customers themselves can play a key role in support if it's delivered in a language they understand." As alluded to earlier, Sweepr's cloud-backed, voice-enabled platform leverages machine learning to bubble up troubleshooting steps for devices and appliances like routers, dishwashers, doorbells, set-top boxes, and tablets. Given the above-mentioned Netflix scenario, Sweepr might attempt to identify the device on which the Netflix client is running and probe that device's connection, after which it might measure the network's bandwidth and latency for anomalies. Under the hood, Sweepr's server and client-side agents survey home devices, employing a unique taxonomy to understand the deployment environment.
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