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Why Facebook can't stop politicians from lying

[2019.10.09, Wed 10:05] If a political candidate or party wants to run a Facebook ad announcing that their rival is a lizard person, they now have an open lane to do so. Trending down: The number of state attorneys general planning to participate in the antitrust probe against Facebook has risen to 40. The revelation is a bit ironic, given that Attorney General Bill Barr just asked Facebook to hold up its plans to roll out encrypted messaging across its apps, citing public safety concerns. The company behind the non-partisan news site RealClearPolitics has been secretly running a Facebook page called "Conservative Country" filled with far-right memes and Islamophobic smears. Contrary to what Mark Zuckerberg said during an internal Facebook meeting that leaked last week, Twitter's unique approach to content moderation isn't only about budgeting constraints. Facebook passed five billion installs on Android, becoming the first non-Google app to reach that level of popularity. A peak into Facebook Horizon, a new virtual world that's coming out in beta next year to a select group of Facebook's Oculus VR audience.
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