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Roku Ultra (2019) review: Fast, flexible, fun

[2019.10.09, Wed 10:05] Roku's Ultra streaming media player is the company's flagship. The Roku Ultra comes with a pair of JBL-branded wired earbuds for use with the Roku remote's built-in headphone jack, or on your mobile device using the free Roku app. While I've never thought of them as particularly slow, the new Roku Ultra is much faster than previous Rokus. You can now use your voice to do more things on Roku, like set sleep timers, search for personal media content, and get Roku to find a movie for you based on a famous line of dialog. As Roku's top-of-the-line media streamer, you would expect the Roku Ultra to offer nothing less than the best streaming experience. The new Roku Ultra takes what we've always loved about Roku and makes it better and faster. The new Roku Ultra delivers superb value in a media streamer.
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