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This keyboard case gives the iPad Pro a pretty good trackpad

[2019.10.09, Wed 09:05] If you really, really want your iPad Pro to be a laptop, a new keyboard in crowdfunding called the Libra may be of interest. It's a keyboard case with a laptop-style design, similar to the Brydge model I tested a while back, but there's a big difference: this one has a trackpad. In case you weren't aware, iPadOS has rudimentary mouse support. The Libra is the first solution I'm aware of that gives you a laptop-style trackpad. I do a lot of writing on my iPad Pro, and the constant need to reach up to the screen when editing text is probably my biggest complaint about the device. What Steve Jobs said about touchscreen laptops is actually more true of the iPad Pro than any Windows alternative, because at least those let you use a trackpad as well. The Libra's makers, Sentis, say they're working on more gestures like pinch to zoom, but it doesn't work right now and it's unclear how it would be supported in iPadOS. For me, what matters most is that the trackpad works well for pointing the cursor and dragging to select text - and it does. My favorite unexpected feature of the Libra is that it has not one but two USB-C ports - one for charging the keyboard and another for charging other devices. The keyboard uses similar hinges to the Brydge, but they're not as good - they don't grip the iPad tightly enough, so it can slide out pretty easily.
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