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AI startups on pace to break funding records in 2019

[2019.10.09, Wed 04:05] According to the Q3 2019 data from the National Venture Capital Association, 965 AI-related companies in the U.S. have raised $13.5 billion in venture capital through the first 9 months of this year. Still, AI startups have clearly moved well past early, experimental stages, which tend to attract lots of little bets as investors explore the terrain. NVCA's report notes that the number of later-stage funding rounds have been surging "As underlying technologies and the startups powering them mature and as the technology's uses have expanded." Over the past two quarters, NVCA has seen new highs for number of late-stage deals for AI companies, including $3 billion invested in about 75 such deals. Among the slew of deals, Fiddler raised $10.2 million for explainable AI; OpenSpace raised $14 million for an artificial intelligence platform that tracks construction projects; Eko raised $20 million for AI heart disease monitoring; AppZen raised $50 million for AI-driven expense reporting; and Kaia raised $8 million to treat chronic pain with AI-guided exercise. Through nine months, $96.7 billion has been raised across 7,862 deals. In 2018, $137.6 billion was raised across 10,242 deals.
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