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Women in science and engineering find their communities at Iowa State

[2019.10.09, Wed 04:03] Iowa State's College of Engineering consists of 1,296 females and 6,592 males, according to the Iowa State Department of Institutional Research. Caroline Crisp, a sophomore in mechanical engineering, described her first experience with Iowa State's engineering program. "When I came to Iowa State I went on the Iowa State College of Engineering tour," Crisp said. She became involved in Women in Science and Engineering, a program designed to benefit women pursuing science, technology, engineering and math majors. Haley Primrose, a sophomore in computer engineering, found her community through Electrical Computer Software Engineers as Leaders at Iowa State. WiSe is a program women in the science and engineering field at Iowa State can use to flourish. As WiSE looks to the future, it hopes to see more diversity not only in the science and engineering departments at Iowa State, but on a global scale.
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