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Mitsubishi Electric's KOTSUMON® System Uses AI Video Technology to Analyze Production Line Workers' Motions

[2019.10.09, Wed 03:03] Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced today its newly developed KOTSUMON® system uses the company's Maisart®* artificial-intelligence technologies to extract video data for the automatic identification and analysis of specific types of human motions, such as those of workers on production lines. The system simply requires a normal video to automatically measure work efficiency and detect omitted or mistaken motions, which manufacturers are expected to use to upgrade their line operations for improved productivity. Mitsubishi Electric's AI creates the State-of-the-ART in technology. 1) Measures work time and detects mistaken motions to reduce analysis time to one-tenth normal. Mitsubishi Electric's new system automatically identifies motions with 90 percent accuracy** by using AI to learn a worker's poses and motions. Correcting a line worker's motions is generally a three-step process: firstly, detect inappropriate or useless motions; secondly, determine needed corrections in physical processes and/or working environment; and thirdly, teach the worker more efficient motions. Often workers move too fast to detect problems visually, and analytical results can vary from one supervisor to the next, making it difficult to obtain consistently useful results through manual analysis.
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