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Here's how to use Sidecar in MacOS Catalina to make your iPad a second screen

[2019.10.08, Tue 23:05] One of the most exciting features to come out of MacOS Catalina is its new second screen support feature, Sidecar. The new tech turns your iPad into a second screen for your Mac, as well as a drawing tablet for illustrators and designers. Here's what you'll need get Sidecar working in MacOS Catalina, and some simple instructions about how to set it up. The white paper also went on to list the individual iPad models that are able to run Sidecar: Sixth-generation iPads or later, fifth-generation iPad minis, third-generation iPad Airs, and iPad Pros. Once your Mac is connected to your iPad via Sidecar, you can start moving your Mac's app windows to your iPad. This can be done by either dragging and dropping the window itself on your iPad by using your cursor, or via a menu option. From this menu, select the Move to iPad option to move that app window to your iPad. For the most part, Apple has said that support for Sidecar "Is included at the system level for all apps." And this support should include "Both general navigation and drawing with Apple Pencil." In a press release dated Monday, October 7, Apple went on to say that for those planning on using "An iPad display for tablet input to draw, sketch or write with Apple Pencil" it would need to be done so via "Any Apple or third-party Mac app that supports stylus input." It's also worth mentioning that Mac apps that already offer support for drawing tablets can also run Sidecar.
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