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PlayStation 5: The 4 features that matter (and 4 that don't)

[2019.10.08, Tue 20:05] PS5's previously revealed solid-state storage drive will load games faster, but it may also save you space compared to the old spinning-platter hard disk drives. Which of these features are actually going to matter, and which just sound cool in the sales pitch? Let's break down the four announced features that will make your gaming life better and four that we may end up forgetting about. SSDs represent a generational leap forward in terms of speed compared to HDDs. This should mean no more minute-long loading screens to boot up games. Gamers on PC have long enjoyed the benefits of this technology. Creators can design games that can stream assets in at a much faster rate than the existing consoles. A modern CPU is going to make a huge difference in games. The problem with games is that they render in real time depending on the input of the player.
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