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Remarkable raises $15 million to bring its e-paper tablets to more scribblers

[2019.10.08, Tue 18:05] Remarkable, the Norwegian startup behind the digital paper tablet of the same name, has raised $15 million in a series A round of funding from Spark Capital. Founded out of Oslo in 2013, Remarkable is targeting writers and note-takers with a $500 tablet that strives to replicate paper in a digital form. Prior to now, Remarkable had raised $10 million over two seed-funding rounds, stemming from a range of Nordic-based family offices, early-stage investors, and angels. Remarkable isn't the only company pushing digital paper tablets. Remarkable bypassed traditional crowdfunding platforms to open up preorders for the device back in 2016, and it said at the time that it generated more than $11 million in sales. Remarkable told VentureBeat that it has now shipped "Well over" 100,000 units in the past two years, with total sales exceeding $60 million. A core criticism of use-case specific products such as Remarkable is that they seem like an awful lot of money for functionality that can be replicated in other devices such as an iPad. However, part of its selling point is that Remarkable encourages distraction-free writing - it doesn't offer access to the web, and you can't install Facebook, Twitter, or any other similar app.
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