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Ang Lee puts Will Smith through the digital wringer in the dizzying Gemini Man

[2019.10.08, Tue 18:05] It isn't enough for Ang Lee to just make movies. Lee claims to have worked out the kinks in the process for Gemini Man, his latest attempt to blow open the walls of cinematic hyperreality. Smith stars in the film opposite his early-twenties self, de-aged to his Fresh Prince years with the help of cutting-edge motion-capture technology. Of Lee's many gambits in Gemini Man, the digital character-doubling works the best. Smith the Younger emotes with an organically recognizable humanity from under his weird digital mask, and Smith pitches his voice up a few semitones to play his younger self, which takes viewers over the age of 18 right back to his West Philadelphia days. It's enough to make viewers long for the days when Lee knew better than to put the technical cart before the creative horse. Lee sometimes gives the impression of a virtuoso guitarist, needlessly gussying up his act with double-necked axes and pyrotechnics.
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