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How AI-powered search is boosting efficiency for the digital workplace (VB Live)

[2019.10.08, Tue 17:05] Join this VB Live event to learn how machine-learning and search can drive efficiency and Opex savings. It augments employees' intelligence, helping them make smarter decisions and complete tasks faster when it's integrated into your employee's digital workspace, letting them access their search capabilities on any device, from any location. A cognitive search platform connects to your data resources and organizes it so it can be found by queries in a way that's much more sophisticated than the traditional keyword search engine. Cognitive search combines indexing with text analytics, and AI technologies to actually parse the data, and to boost the relevancy and completeness of results, not just establish data connections. Your employee's search needs may also evolve over time, or the number of apps users require in their digital workspaces may proliferate or get more sophisticated. To learn more about enterprise, or cognitive search, how it can dramatically improve your employee experience from your army of knowledge workers to your leadership and C-suite, the benefits of operationalized AI and more, don't miss this VB Live event. How search and machine learning align to drive efficiency and Opex savings.
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