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Arm shows roadmap for collaborating on embedded operating systems

[2019.10.08, Tue 17:05] Arm revealed its roadmap for Mbed OS, the embedded software operating system that serves as a foundation for the internet of things, or making everyday objects smart and connected. For nearly 30 years the Arm ecosystem of more than 1,000 partners collaborated on a model that has resulted in the delivery of more than 150 billion chips. To simplify IoT for developers, during the past 10 years, Arm has built a vast ecosystem around its free, open source IoT operating system, Mbed OS, which includes more than 425,000 third party software developers and more than 150 Mbed-enabled boards and modules. Collaboratively shaping the future of Mbed OS. As the market expands to hundreds of billions and ultimately a trillion connected devices, Arm said the ecosystem model will only be successful if partners can continue to collaborate and differentiate. The outcomes of the Product Working Group discussions will ultimately benefit the broader Arm IoT ecosystem, the company said. Arm is working on new low-power battery optimization based on initial contributions from partners, which will extend the battery life of devices out in the field. "As the world's leading open-sourced hardware and software solution providers for IoT, we have a long-standing relationship working with Arm to integrate our development boards with Mbed OS and their Pelion IoT platform," said Fabio Violante, CEO of Arduino, in a statement.
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