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John Wick Hex's cerebral action doesn't match the movies

[2019.10.08, Tue 17:05] The stylish action sequences in the John Wick movies work so well because of their cold, clinical sequencing. As you might expect from the title, John Wick Hex plays out on a hex-based grid, although the game's minimalist comic book-style art doesn't actually go as far as to render the shapes on the ground. Often, John Wick Hex reminded me of Hotline Miami and Katana Zero, two more games that are mostly about entering rooms, deciding which order to kill people in, and dying a lot. John Wick Hex has none of the twitchy 2D exhilaration of those games, which do a great job of making you feel like a badass the one time you do get it right. Part of this is just the nature of a cerebral strategy game, of course, and there wouldn't be much point to John Wick Hex if you managed to beat everything the first time. John Wick Hex is a smart take on the franchise in many ways, and it might well click for you more than it did for me. John Wick Hex is out today for PC and Mac exclusively through the Epic Games Store.
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