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Player Omega partners with Super League Gaming for esports tour to smaller cities

[2019.10.08, Tue 16:05] Player Omega is working with Super League Gaming to bring an esports tour across the United States. While companies such as Metarama put on esports festivals, mixing competitive sports with music, Player Omega is about expanding esports in areas that the Dreamhacks and StarLeagues don't visit. "People have tried to offer different experiences with esports, but Player Omega is the first 100 percent participatory event, bringing the best competitions and games in North America in one place together," the Player Omega rep said. "The whole idea is that if you're a competitive player somewhere that might be off the beaten path, Player Omega is going to bring a competitive environment at large scale to you," a spokesperson said. In 2020, Player Omega will be in Minneapolis, Niagara Falls, New York.; Norwich, Connecticut; Salt Lake City, and Philadelphia, and Super League Gaming will have presences here similar to what it's bringing to Pomona. Player Omega plans to announce more stops in the near-future. "We built Player Omega to address second- and third-tier markets that never get an opportunity to truly shine with leagues and competitions," Bukosky said.
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