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Facebook is bringing Portal video chat devices to the workplace

[2019.10.08, Tue 16:05] Facebook is bringing its Portal devices to the workplace for people to make voice and video calls. Workplace by Facebook delivered a number of upgrades as part of its Flow by Workplace conference being held today in Menlo Park, including the fact that Workplace now has 3 million paid users, up from 2 million in February. Portal devices will be able to speak with up to 50 participants in each video call, a company spokesperson told VentureBeat in an email. As the split screen image above appears to illustrate, Workplace video calls will supply a shared work space, perhaps drawing on the same tech that will allow people to watch videos together with the Portal TV device due out next month. At launch, Workplace voice and video calls will not work with Portal TV. A Facebook spokesperson declined to share additional details on how dozens of SaaS apps and integrations will work with Workplace Portal video calls. Workplace video calls will work with a dedicated Portal app called Workplace by Facebook and will soon support Facebook Live, a company spokesperson told VentureBeat in an email. Portal devices making Workplace video calls can use Smart Camera to automatically frame video for up to 10 people and Smart Sound to automatically enhance volume to ensure a video subject is heard even when standing at a distance from the device.
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