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Utopos Games raises $1 million to make AI-based robot battle game Raivo

[2019.10.08, Tue 15:05] Utopos Games has raised $1 million for its robot-battle game Raivo, which the company says is the first title to gamify machine learning. Utopos Games is a new game development studio founded by a team of true game industry veterans who first worked together on Command & Conquer games 20 years ago, said Jani Penttinen, CEO of Utopos Games in Las Vegas, in an email. "Utopos Games is a new game studio by true game industry veterans," said Penttinen. It features cross-platform multiplayer, movie-quality visuals and audio, and next generation AI. The intelligent robots of Raivo are based on UtopAI, a new reinforcement learning library developed by Utopos Games. With integrations to Unity and Unreal Engine, UtopAI makes it very easy for game developers to include machine learning in their games. "We're excited to see that our recent Entrepreneur in Residence, Jani Penttinen, has collected an all-star team of game creator veterans to bring the casual 'old-school' style of games into new, commercially viable platforms," said Eric Lagier, managing partner from ByFounders comments, in a statement. Utopos Games will begin sneak peek playtesting of Raivo at the end of October 2019.
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