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Aclima will map the air quality on every block in the Bay Area

[2020.01.14, Tue 18:05] Aclima is announcing that it plans to map air pollutants and greenhouse gases block-by-block throughout the San Francisco Bay Area region, which is home to 7.6 million people. "In our neighborhoods, levels of pollutants can be five to eight times higher from one end of a block to another. In order to diagnose and act on these hyperlocal air quality issues, we need to better understand what's happening in the air around us," she wrote. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District exists to assure that Bay Area residents breathe clean air, and it has partnered with Aclima to bring unprecedented visibility into air pollution and climate change emissions. Aclima said it will deliver an in-depth, comprehensive picture of hyperlocal air quality in all nine counties of the Bay Area - covering more than 5,000 square miles. This program with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District is separate, and Aclima will use its own fleet of sensor-enabled cars. This new layer of Aclima hyperlocal air quality data will complement regulatory stations by accurately measuring and analyzing air quality at block-by-block resolution, in the neighborhoods around and between these stations throughout the Bay Area. This program will bring an unprecedented level of access and visibility to air quality data at the neighborhood level across the entire Bay Area region, Jack Broadbent, executive director for the Air District, said in a statement.
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