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Verizon Media launches OneSearch, a privacy-focused search engine

[2020.01.14, Tue 17:05] Verizon Media, the media and digital offshoot of telecommunications giant Verizon, has launched a "Privacy-focused" search engine called OneSearch. "Privacy" is pretty much the buzzword of choice emanating from most of the big tech companies, and with its new search engine in tow, it's clear that Verizon is adopting a similar tact. More broadly, the OneSearch interface is clean and fairly familiar to anyone who has used a search engine before. As part of its "Search optimization process" Verizon said that it will store a user's IP address, search query, and user agent on different servers so that it can't draw correlations between a user's specific location and the query that they've made. The company said that it will monetize the search engine through advertising, however this won't take into account browsing history or data that personally identifies the individual - it will only serve contextual advertisements based on each individual search. Verizon Media has a big reach through its various affiliates and deep pockets, so we can perhaps expect to see OneSearch crop up inside various online entities in the future. Verizon did in fact hint at another potential monetization mechanism for OneSearch involving licensing - it said that it's looking for businesses with an interest in privacy to integrate OneSearch into their own products.
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