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PlayStation won't attend E3 2020, and that's a mistake

[2020.01.14, Tue 17:05] Sony Interactive Entertainment should go to E3 as part of the lead up to the PlayStation 5 launch this holiday. To be clear, I don't think Sony needs E3 to promote the PS5. The company could likely sleep its way to selling every next-gen console it makes for the first 24 months. Sony sowed the seeds of PlayStation 4's success at E3 2013. How PlayStation 4 built an empire at E3. Sony and Microsoft never had plans to do any first big reveals at E3 2020. The obvious followup question is why do you need E3 if something like a PlayStation Meeting is so dominant? And I would urge you to look back at 2013 with the context of the entire current generation of consoles in mind. The PlayStation Meeting 2013 wasn't memorable because it's not one of those kinds of stories: "Sony announced a new console. It plays games better. The end." Because E3 has countering forces working against and challenging one another, those companies get a chance to shine: "Microsoft announced an always-online console that costs $500 and has a confusing used-games system. Sony undercut its competitor by charging $400 for a PS4 that works offline and enables players to share discs."
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