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The world's inbox is full. It's time to rethink email marketing.

[2020.01.14, Tue 13:05] In 2015, an iPhone user wrote to Apple Support explaining that his email inbox was showing 4.3 million unread messages. Email inbox bloat is a fact of life for virtually all connected people. It's why the Q&A website Quora regularly hosts queries from readers about how to bulk-delete thousands of messages at a time. Email has been around for decades, and most internet users have access to an email account. Sinch's research found that one in three consumers maintain a special email address for spam to filter out unwanted messages. Thibaut Pajot, manager marketing automation EMEA at Adobe, told Sinch: "Mobile is a private channel - much more private than an email in your inbox. Adobe is very careful to ensure our customers don't feel we are invading their space." Thanks to rich messaging, it now pairs this message with a personalized video walk-through of the repairs made, narrated by the mechanic who completed them.
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