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Cho will trace olive oil back to the orchard with IBM blockchain

[2020.01.14, Tue 13:05] Cho, one of the largest producers of olive oil in the southern Mediterranean, has teamed up with IBM on blockchain to trace its Terra Delyssa extra virgin olive oil and ensure good quality. The partners will track eight different quality assurance checkpoints, including the orchard where the olives were grown; the mill where the olives were crushed; and the facilities where the oil was filtered, bottled, distributed, and more. By detailing each step of the product's journey, consumers can gain peace of mind about the origins of their olive oil and richer insight into its journey and quality checkpoints, and even view images of the fields where the olives were grown. The company has already begun using Food Trust to manage and record traceability efforts for its extra virgin line, the highest grade of olive oil as classified by the International Olive Oil Council and the USDA. Media coverage of olive oil mislabeling and illicit counterfeit olive oil operations, plus general confusion about how olive oils are blended, has been driving consumer distrust. Using blockchain technology creates a meticulous, verifiable record of where each bottle of olive oil was produced and the methods used. Cho America CEO Wajih Rekik said in a statement that the company's farmers and millers have been making olive oil for generations. With Food Trust, he said his company will be among the first olive oil producers to use blockchain to give consumers a window into each step that goes into making olive oil.
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