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Delta's Innovative 8K Projection Technology Displays the Beauty of Future Art in Stunning Detail at VIP Night

[2020.01.14, Tue 13:03] PRNewswire/ - Actively expanding new applications for 8K projection technology, Delta Electronics held a VIP Night event this evening at the Mori Tower in Tokyo, Japan. Inviting nearly 100 first-tier Japanese customers and partners to Mori Art Museum's "Future and the Arts" exhibition, Delta showcased its cutting-edge 8K projection technology to display the beauty of modern visual artwork in stunning detail. At the VIP Night event, Delta also presented 8K films produced by the Delta team on a large screen. Highlights included the world's first 8K environmental documentary "Water with Life" produced by the Delta Electronic Foundation and NHK Enterprises to promote water education, and an 8K documentary of the world's largest outdoor 8K projection event featuring "Water with Life" that attracted thousands of viewers at Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan. With its successful installations and applications of innovative 8K projection technology in the Japanese market, Delta has actively established new cooperation models with local artists and cultural operators for more business outreach. It applies the 25,000 lumens DLP® 8K projector Digital Projection INSIGHT Laser 8K technology co-developed by Delta and its subsidiary Digital Projection International Ltd. It projects the artwork using an ultra-high resolution of 33 million pixels onto a 280-inch large screen, offering a perfect combination of cutting-edge imaging technology and future art. To experience the beauty of Delta's 8K projection technology and the future arts.
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