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Technology on the Jobsite

[2020.01.14, Tue 07:03] The construction industry is being revolutionized by technology that leverages sensors, IoT platforms, artificial intelligence and machine learning, augmented reality, and more to change how the jobsite operates. "There have been advances in AR and VR and apps like plan grid that are driving general need for more infrastructure and technology such as tablets and smartphones. What we're trying to do is align with that," says Steve Matson, director of project management at Milwaukee Tool. "It's easier to hire more labor when the economy is good and lay-off employees when it falls than make big capital investments in technology and equipment." "When you look at industry statistics that show productivity remaining pretty much flat within the skilled trades for the last 10 years, this starts to become a major hindrance that says, 'Okay, well equipment is at the center of a lot of these downtime issues. And if we can start to solve some of the problems with equipment, we can start to really get some grease back in the gears and get this jobsite moving more quickly, more efficiently and more safely," Matson says. For these reasons, Moore says technology will infiltrate the construction industry more quickly in the next decade than it has in the previous five decades. "You're starting to see contractors more and more understanding how they can use technology to their benefit," he adds. "First, we helped improve very specific processes, and now we're moving in on the entire jobsite itself. We want to make things more efficient, everything from inner communication between contractors and subcontractors and better service ability for machines by the dealer's foreman," he says.
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