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Top list: Know the biggest technology trends for 2020

[2020.01.14, Tue 06:03] Technology giant, Cisco, has revealed its top trends and predictions for technology this year and beyond. Cisco believes the future of networks is Intent-Based Networking, which uses AI and Machine Learning to predict actions, detect and resolve anomalies automatically, stop security threats, while continuing to evolve and learn. Out of 2,000 IT experts, 78 percent believe IBN will play a bigger role in their networks within two years, a Cisco Global Network Trends survey showed. Out of 600 IT and business decision makers, 93 percent believe that the IT industry's talent gap is so serious that it is slowing their business transformation, a survey by CISCO showed. CISCO expects day-to-day roles of IT workers to move towards solving business problems with technology and away from configuring devices. The top hiring priority for IT business executives in the coming years will be for employees with technical and business skills, CISCO adds. "The last decade has seen huge change in the way consumers, business, industry and governments use technology. The mass adoption of smartphones has seen Cloud-based computing, apps and social media develop at a rapid pace. As 2019 draws to a close Cisco is predicting even more dramatic changes for the decade ahead," Osama Al-Zoubi, Cisco CTO for Middle East and Africa said.
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