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Meet 7 Indian women scientists whose inventions and experiments have helped in the progress of science and technology

[2020.01.14, Tue 03:03] Tessy Thomas, known as the 'Missile Woman' of India is the Director General of Aeronautical Systems and the former Project Director for Agni-IV missile in Defence Research and Development Organisation. As Mission Director of the Chandrayaan-2 mission, Ritu Karidhal was feted for role in helming one of India's most ambitious lunar projects. Dubbed as the 'Rocket Woman of India' Ritu joined ISRO in 2007 and was also the Deputy Operations Director to India's Mars Orbiter mission, Mangalyaan. Gagandeep Kang, a virologist and scientist, is known for her interdisciplinary research in transmission, development, and prevention of enteric infections and their sequelae in children in India. The 'polar woman of ISRO', Mangala Mani is ISRO's first woman scientist to spend more than a year in the icy landscape of Antarctica. Chandrima is a biologist and the first ever woman president of the Indian National Science Academy. In 85 years of its existence, the Academy has never had a woman president until she took over.
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