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SPECIAL REPORT: Huawei technology reaches across Canadian, European research networks

[2020.01.13, Mon 23:03] Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has a foot in the door of Canadian scientific research as well as international nuclear physics research, documents obtained under access to information show. Under an uncosted deal inked in February 2017, Huawei has provided the hardware and software for CCC. The arrest of Huawei's chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou at Vancouver International Airport in December 2018 has put a spotlight on the company globally. The U.S. has alleged Huawei, under direction from Meng and other high-ranking company officials, sold telecom technology to Iran, via unofficial subsidiary SkyCom, in contravention to a 2009-14 sanction imposed by the United States. "We regularly work with the federal government, including the Canadian Security Establishment, to evaluate risks before making purchases of this type. In this case, SFU met with Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada and the Communications Security Establishment before purchasing this Huawei equipment," Wilson said. Universities' involvement with Huawei stands in contrast to bans by countries in the so-called Five Eyes intelligence alliance sharing information on global crime, espionage and terrorism. Only Canada and the U.K. have not barred use of Huawei equipment for next-generation mobile networks. Australia, New Zealand and the United States barred cooperation with Huawei on next-generation communications technology such as 5G, citing national security concerns.
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