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Clarkson University Now Offering Master of Arts in Teaching, Computer Science Degree at Capital Region Campus

[2020.01.13, Mon 21:03] Clarkson University's newest degree program is a Master of Arts in Teaching, Computer Science. The new MAT Computer Science program will be offered at Clarkson's Capital Region Campus located in Schenectady. The Master of Arts in Teaching, Computer Science program will join Clarkson's large repertoire of MAT certification pathways, says Education Chair Catherine Snyder. "With our rich history in technology and computer science, it was a natural fit for Clarkson's teacher education program to certify new teachers in computer science teaching." For years, Clarkson's Capital Region Campus has offered certification in Earth science, physics, chemistry, biology as well as mathematics and technology. "The MAT in Computer Science is part of a set of new programs Clarkson is offering the field in order to meet the needs of P-12 partners and students," Snyder said. "We pursued this degree offering in response to the need for computer science teachers in our P-12 partner schools," Snyder said.
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