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Via and SacRT launch on-demand public transportation in Sacramento

[2020.01.13, Mon 18:05] That's heartening to hear for me, as I grew up in Sacramento and used to ride buses all over town in my youth. It means that the public will be able to hail rides from apps and the city's public transportation department will send out vehicles to pick people up and deliver them, just as the ride-sharing services do. Called SmaRT Ride, the on-demand public transportation network debuted on January 6 with nine zones and 42 vehicles. Daniel Ramot, co-founder and CEO of Via, said in a statement the SmaRT Ride service is now the largest on-demand microtransit project in the United States, making it an example of how public transportation and technology can work together to make a city smarter. The SmaRT Ride program first launched in February 2018 and, due to its popularity and success, is growing across the city to bring dynamic shared transportation to even more residents. The City of Sacramento tapped Via to power the new service starting in 2020, updating the existing SmaRT Ride system, and bringing new functionality for riders. As part of the SmaRT Ride expansion, SacRT also rolled out six electric SmaRT Ride shuttles in the Downtown-Midtown-East Sacramento service area.
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