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American Packaging Corp. renews support for packaging science program with gift

[2020.01.13, Mon 16:03] The American Packaging Corp. recently renewed its funding support to Rochester Institute of Technology and its packaging science program with a gift of $1 million. Funding from the long-time corporate partner will support two innovative packaging centers at the university: the American Packaging Corp. Center for Packaging Innovation, a comprehensive teaching, research and testing laboratory; and the Center for Sustainable Packaging. Both centers are located in RIT's College of Engineering Technology and focus on producing flexible packaging solutions, the development of sustainable packaging materials and in providing relevant educational opportunities for students in the growing packaging industry. Creating more sustainable materials, improving recyclability and global packaging policies are driving industry trends in packaging today, said Seth Holmen, American Packaging Corp., director of Research and Development and Technical Solutions. Since the American Packaging Corp. Center was established more than 10 years ago, the university's Department of Packaging Science has pursued research in the area of sustainable materials with many solutions incorporated into products for APC customers. Collaborative courses were developed with APC's sponsorship include: Packaging Development, Packaging Design, and Senior Studio One. "With American Packaging Corp.'s support, RIT's packaging science program will bring together students and faculty from a variety of departments across campus, ensuring the multi-disciplinary perspectives needed for graduates to work in areas as diverse as food and beverage packaging, biotech and pharmaceuticals," said Daniel Johnson, professor and packaging science department chair.
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