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Top technology trends that will dominate the business landscape in 2020

[2020.01.13, Mon 15:03] While there are a number of new and advanced technologies on the rise, including Big Data, IoT and Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence is proving to be the starting point that a majority of enterprises are aiming for today. The shift of AI into the mainstream is primarily attributable to the fact that it enables enterprises to derive meaningful, actionable insights from increasingly large and complex data in real-time. The increasing amount of big data that enterprises have to deal with today - from collection to analysis to interpretation - makes it nearly impossible to cover every conceivable permutation and combination manually. Its widespread implementation will allow valuable data to be more widely accessible not just for data and analytics experts, but for key decision-makers across business functions. Its increasing use across the market indicates that, by bringing in improved efficiency and insights, NLP will be instrumental in optimizing data exploration in the years to come. In addition to general machine learning, it is crucial for today's data scientists to have experience with automation technology like experimental analysis, data scaling and quantitative analysis for scalable business impact. Companies working with data that others could utilize can monetize it by selling based on the nature and/or size of data.
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