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UK set to approve Huawei technology for 5G networks

[2020.01.13, Mon 13:03] Prime Minster Boris Johnson is set to approve the use of Huawei technology in the UK's 5G mobile phone networks. In reality, it is likely to mean little change in Huawei's role, with the company limited to non-core parts of the network, such as radio antenna network technology, while UK networks are already rolling out 5G networks using core network hardware from Nokia and Ericsson. The repeated postponement of the security decisions over Huawei effectively forced mobile operators to seek core 5G network hardware from alternative providers, namely Nokia and Ericsson. Vodafone paused its deployment of Huawei hardware a year ago, limiting its involvement to RAN technology on the edge of the network. BT has consigned Huawei hardware to the edge of its networks. As a result, the US has threatened to cease sharing intelligence with allies that allow Huawei hardware to be installed on national networks. Huawei and its local rival ZTE have built out 4G and 5G networks around the world, and also provided systems enabling governments to eavesdrop on traffic running on their own hardware.
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