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Divorce in a one-dimensional world

[2020.01.13, Mon 13:03] Just as inseparable seem to be the electron's electric charge and its "Spin." But in a strictly one-dimensional quantum world, both quantum properties are separable from each other. Such a specialized quantum computer can precisely estimate the quantum properties of a material, which is impossibly challenging for conventional supercomputers today. "As a scientist, when you think of an electron, you think of a bound unit with a certain electrical charge and a certain spin," explains Jayadev Vijayan, Ph.D. student in the group of Christian Gross and Immanuel Bloch, director at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics in Garching. Spin can be imagined as a kind of quantum mechanical gyroscope. The prediction now says: If such a one-dimensional quantum pearl chain is disturbed, then the charge and the spin of an electron can separate from each other in an atomic pearl. The separability of charge and spin could one day also find fascinating applications in quantum information technology. In the 1980s, the famous Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman dreamed that it would be possible to understand the behaviour of the materials' quantum systems, which are hard to access experimentally, by using analogous quantum systems that were perfectly accessible and controllable.
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