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Theragun G3 percussive massager can help back pain and tune you up before and after workouts

[2020.01.13, Mon 12:05] Theragun G3 may look like the world's most dangerous sex toy, but it's actually a percussive massager, designed to pummel your muscles into pain-free bliss. Buy Theragun at Amazon USA. Shop Theragun at Theragun UK. The Theragun G3 sits in the middle of the current Theragun range and is priced $400 or £375. The Theragun applies up to 40lbs of force on the higher of its 2 power settings. Theragun charges up in just a few hours and lasts for 60 minutes per charge. Theragun suggests just 15 seconds per muscle group is sufficient to warm up your muscles before workouts, so that's what I stuck to, with lengthier pummellings afterwards, or if I was feeling pained. Theragun is a percussive massager that pounds the surface of your body - you aim for the muscles rather than your kneecaps, groin or face - with up to 40bs of force, up to 40 times per second, to a depth of 16mm, although this naturally varies a little, depending on how hard you're pressing it to your skin. Having given it a lot of consideration I find myself coming back to the words of the philosopher, Sheryl Crow: that if it makes you happy, it can't be that bad. And when my back gets stiff and the G3 punches a bit more flexibility into it in about 30 seconds, Theragun makes me very happy indeed.
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