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Allscripts Partners With Myndyou to Triage High-risk Patients

[2020.01.13, Mon 12:03] PRNewswire/ - MyndYou Inc. announced today that they have partnered with Allscripts to make the MyndYou triaging and care management solution available to Allscripts clients, reducing the risk of hospitalization for patients worldwide. Providers will introduce MyndYou's care portal, behavioral monitoring app, and voice bot within their current care management practices as effective methods to scale engagement and optimize triaging for patients most at risk. MyndYou App: A passive behavioral monitoring app that detects changes in behavioral function and raises flags to healthcare professionals upon identification of subtle changes that can signal a heightened risk of hospitalization or deterioration. MyndYou virtual care manager, Eleanor: Automated, personalized voice bot calls directly to the patient's phone using targeted questionnaires aimed to retrieve important information regarding the health and safety status of high-risk clients, with highlighted transcripts elevated to care management teams. MyndYou Care Portal: a dynamic dashboard for care professionals that acts as a client management system and remote calling platform, with integrated insights from the voice analyses from MyndYou VoIP and BOT calls, and activity analyses from the MyndYou App. Find more information about MyndYou on the Allscripts Application Store. MyndYou developed the first cognitive-driven, artificial intelligence-based triaging and case management solution that bridges the gaps of care by empowering healthcare practitioners and providers to remotely engage and intervene with high-risk patients in their homes and communities, at the right time.
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