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Immersive AR is coming to a movie theater near you

[2020.01.13, Mon 11:03] Resonai recently announced a partnership with CJ 4DPLEX, a leading cinema technology company, to create a mobile RPG which activates an AR experience whenever a user enters a participating movie theater. Resonai scans a building once and creates a highly intelligent digital twin available in the AR cloud that communicates with Vera mobile applications. Once Vera creates an intelligent 3D mesh in the cloud, users can run a variety of AR applications and even remotely inject new AR content. Vera is an AR and artificial intelligence technology that can convert any physical space into an intelligent digital environment. "They want to expand into AR gaming by building a platform to host AR games within the physical spaces they're operating. Resonai is entering into a long-term partnership with them and will supply the platform that gives the modeling, semantic realization, tracking system, and SDK to develop the application, games, and content that will be immersed and embedded in these spaces." The cinema technology company is developing a 4DX AR platform which creates a realistic AR experience, incorporating elements of the mobile RPG game inserted into the physical space via the Vera platform. The AR version of the game can be played in the physical theater space, without any lag.
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