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Flowchain aims to build a revolutionary AIoT blockchain framework for ecological restoration

[2020.01.13, Mon 11:03] In 2019, Flowchain proposed a project named "Ecological Data on Chain" to store the collected environmental data on Flowchain's blockchain and further analyze the data with Flowchain's computing pool 24 hours a day to train machine learning for automatic biometric models. By combining tourists' photos with those taken by environmental protection volunteers and researchers - including GPS data - Flowchain can build a mega database from reliable sources audited by the company's patented technology, PPKI.Moreover, Flowchain aims to build an open database so that everyone can utilize, share, and contribute images and videos in the database. Flowchain anticipates creating a "Responsible blockchain ecosystem" by building an environmentally sustainable economy and looks forward to applying the technologies to more scenarios to create a better planet for future generations. Flowchain is an IoT blockchain that leverages distributed ledger technology for peer-to-peer IoT networks and real-time data transactions. The Virtual Blocks technology proposed by Flowchain ensures chunked data transactions in a near-instant manner and can be integrated with IPFS, an emerging distributed storage blockchain. Flowchain's original AIOT hybrid blockchain technology and several other technologies, including tokenized hardware, have gradually completed the global patent layout. Flowchain is also the only blockchain company in Taiwan.
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