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Mercedes-Benz revealed a bizarre new car of the future with no steering wheel inspired by the science fiction movie 'Avatar'

[2020.01.09, Thu 19:03] "Instead of shielding the occupants from the outside world, the VISION AVTR brings the environment into the vehicle and strengthens the bond between humans and nature," the automaker claims. The automaker claims the curved display "Creates the visual connection between passengers and the outside world." The battery in the VISION AVTR is compostable and recyclable, the automaker claims. The non-slip interior seats are made of vegan leather by Dinamica, which creates the fake leather - made of recycled materials like old clothes, flags, and plastic bottles - with microfibers in an environmentally friendly and sustainable production process, the automaker claims. The floor is made of wood from Karuun, which the automaker claims grows fast and is hand-harvested in Indonesia. "The material gives the interior warmth and radiates naturalness," the automaker claims. Markus Schäfer, a Daimler board member, claims the VISION AVTR "Impressively" demonstrates the idea of a "Zero impact car."
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