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Dr. Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, Dept of Science & Technology, Govt of India on Representation of Women in STEM in India

[Wed 11:03] Dr. Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, speaks to MAKERSIndia about how more women are being brought into Science. He was at the National Summit on Women and Education Empowerment at the Ashoka Hotel in Delhi on Friday January 17, for a talk on women's empowerment.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

TradeTrust: Singapore and 16 companies back Perlin blockchain for global trade platform

[Wed 10:05] TradeTrust is a new digital global trade platform that uses blockchain technology to digitalize international commerce. As one of the largest global trading hubs, Singapore is capitalizing on its strong networks to bring together an efficient and unified process of digitalized trade. The country is partnering various international organisations, governments and industry players on the development of TradeTrust - a multilateral, open legal and technical framework, that enables inter-operability across different trade platforms and formats for the exchange of digital trade documents on a public blockchain. To further support the industry-wide digitalization, partners in this pilot trade are making further major trade volume commitments to be executed on this platform.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Tencent makes $148 million offer to acquire all shares of Dune developer Funcom

[Wed 09:05] China's Tencent has made a $148 million offer the acquire all the shares of Funcom, maker of the Conan Exiles and Age of Conan games. Tencent made a voluntary cash offer to acquire all shares in Norwegian game developer Funcom. "We will continue to develop great games that people all over the world will play, and we believe that the support of Tencent will take Funcom to the next level. Tencent will provide Funcom with operational leverage and insights from its vast knowledge as the leading company in the game space." Steven Ma, Senior Vice President of Tencent, commented: "We are impressed by Funcom's strengths as a developer of open-world multiplayer, action and survival games. Funcom has a strong track-record in developing new titles with long life span. We are glad to deepen our relationship with Funcom and look forward to collaborating with Funcom to deliver more exciting and enjoyable game experiences to fans worldwide."   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Uber tests letting some California drivers set their own fares

[Wed 08:05] Uber on Tuesday said it is testing a feature that allows some drivers in California to set their own fares, hoping the change will help it show that its drivers are independent contractors rather than employees under state law. Uber drivers ferrying passengers from airports in Santa Barbara, Palm Springs and Sacramento can now charge up to five times the fare set by the company, Uber said. "We're now doing an initial test of additional changes which would give drivers more control over the rates they charge riders," Uber said. Drivers at the three airports will be able to set a fare multiple of up to five times Uber's base rates.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

How technology is changing the way cannabis businesses are run

[Wed 06:03] Below are details explaining how technology is changing the way cannabis businesses run. It is an incredible and innovative way that explains how technology is transforming the cannabis industry. Technology is changing the forms in which individuals can consume cannabis. It is a technological step that has seen the cannabis businesses run smoothly for some time.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

PM Modi has natural temper for science: Jitendra Singh

[Wed 04:03] Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a natural temper for science and under his leadership the government has taken various initiatives for the development of science and technology, Union Minister Jitendra Singh said. Inaugurating India's first global Mega Science Exhibition 'Vigyan Samagam' at the National Science Centre here, Singh said three-tier teams should be set up for scientific research involving older and younger generations so that continuity can be maintained in research work. "Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a natural temper for science and under his leadership the Government has taken various initiatives for the development of science and technology," Singh said. "We want to build advanced super structures, but advanced mega Science and Mega Technology research and development projects can no longer be taken by a single country," he said.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Science and technology - a basic foundation for Vietnam to develop

[Wed 03:03] Tran Van Tung, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, talks to Vietnam News Agency on his ministry's contributions to national industrialisation and international integration. The ministry actively implemented scientific and technological programmes for the national target project on building new-style rural areas and the One Commune-One Product programme to develop agricultural products. In the year 2020 and beyond, the ministry will focus on implementing key programmes and master plans to promote demand for technology and innovation from businesses, encouraging businesses to invest in setting up funds on science and technology, establishing research institutes and science and technology enterprises, and enhancing public-private partnership in implementing large-scale technological projects. The ministry will continue this year to renew its management tasks on science, technology and creativity while working on the development of more management staff in science and technology.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

GM's Cruise rolls out Origin, an autonomous electric vehicle with no steering wheel

[Wed 02:05] GM's Cruise is launching the Origin electric autonomous vehicle and sliding doors today, the product of 3 years of work between General Motors, Cruise, and Honda. The Origin can seat up to 6 people, with all passengers looking toward each other in the rear wheel drive vehicle. Autonomous vehicle testing from companies like Uber and Cruise are a common site on the streets of San Francisco, but with a driver behind the wheel of larger vehicles. Navigating the sometimes chaotic, and less than predictable streets of San Francisco, Cruise has trained autonomous systems to detect and get out of the way of emergency vehicles and learned how to evade double-parked cars.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

U.K. game studio Double Eleven expands to Malaysia

[Wed 02:05] Game developer and publisher Double Eleven announced today that it is opening a new studio in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia later this spring. The company has helped to publish hits like Goat Simulator and the survival game Rust. The studio also worked with Microsoft on last year's Crackdown 3. The Malaysia studio will "Support and bolster" the U.K. team.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Sonos users are furious over plans to drop support for legacy products

[Wed 02:05] Now, it faces a fierce and growing backlash from its normally very loyal customers over the news that it will end support for some of its older products in May 2020. The decision to cease providing software updates for three major components - some of which were sold to customers as recently as 2015 - was reported on Tuesday, January 21, but Sonos also sent out emails to all customers who own one or more of the affected products. Many are calling on Sonos to provide some kind of alternative that would extend the usable life of these devices, even if it meant losing out on more advanced features down the road. For its part, Sonos has not provided a firm time frame for when the affected products will cease working. Sonos indicated that it is possible to run its legacy products on a separate system from the newer products, but this would defeat the core benefit of owning Sonos gear - the ability to control all of the speakers in your home as a group, without needing to flip between systems to change settings.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Netflix beats Q4 2019 subscriber expectations, misses on Q1 2020 forecast

[Wed 01:05] Netflix missed Wall Street subscriber forecasts for the first quarter Tuesday, amid pressure from lower-cost services from Walt Disney and Apple in the streaming video wars. The streaming giant added more paying subscribers than Wall Street expected in the fourth quarter, beating international subscriber estimates but missing estimates for U.S. subscriber growth. It beat the 7.6 million average expectation of analysts, according to IBES data from Refinitiv - the same growth Netflix forecast for the quarter. The streaming giant said it added 8.76 million paid subscribers globally compared with expectations of 7.63 million, according to IBES data from Refinitiv.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Who Will Lead the World in Technology: U.S., Europe, or China?

[Wed 01:03] Vast infrastructure projects - from high speed rail to 5G - have led many to wonder if China will soon surpass the United States as the global leader in technology. Though the U.S. will remain dominant and largely unchallenged in biotech and medicine for the foreseeable future, China has already made substantial advances in computer science, chemistry, engineering, and robotics, all of which pose a direct challenge to U.S. supremacy and serve to boost their abilities in telecommunications, software, artificial intelligence, materials science, and military weapons technology. The U.S. edges out Europe in terms of the quality of their institutions of higher education, but both far surpass those of China. The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation believes that China is following in the footsteps of Korea and Japan, namely, transitioning from copier to innovator.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

How Low-Code Development Will Bring Data Science to the Masses

[Wed 01:03] Data science is becoming a must-have for the new digital economy. As Alluxio CEO Steven Mih points out, low-code, and even no-code, tools are hitting the channel that should allow even non-technical knowledge works to query databases, mash up disparate data sets and derive insights from random information - all without having to learn the intricacies of coding, DB management or any other data science-related skills. António Alegria, OutSystems' head of AI, said these tools now give enterprises of all sizes the ability to quickly incorporate AI and other forms of intelligence into their mission-critical applications without having the pay upfront for high-level data science skills. With the U.S. alone is looking at a shortfall of some 250,000 data scientists by 2024, low/no-code, along with other developments like automated machine learning, AI pre-training, self-service analytics and accelerated learning, aims to break the bottleneck of data science skills that is currently holding many companies back.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

‘The Irishman’ VFX Supervisor Pablo Helman On The “Great NASA Project” Of Developing Gangster Epic’s De-Aging Technology

[Wed 01:03] On Martin Scorsese's The Irishman, VFX Supervisor Pablo Helman faced the "Astronomical" challenge of de-aging Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci for a gangster epic that jumped back and forth in time, developing groundbreaking software and a three-part camera rig through which the team at ILM could pull the job off. Below, Helman details the process of developing technology unlike any used on set before, by which he could pull off de-aging, throughout the film's 1700 VFX shots. HELMAN: The choice of infrared technology came because of the handicap of the technology itself. We are definitely making a statement about taking the technology out of the actor's face, as opposed to putting a lot more technology in the middle of the creative process.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Technology must diversify to avoid inbuilt bias, says Facebook's Sandberg

[Wed 01:03] LONDON - Technology firms must address bias in their algorithms amid concerns that artificial intelligence is enabling sexist discrimination against women and girls, Facebook Inc's operations chief Sheryl Sandberg said on Tuesday. Sandberg is one of the most powerful women in technology and is also known for her feminist "Lean In" initiative which urges women to aim for top jobs and highlights sexist barriers in the workplace. Technology has given women "Access to resources and a voice", said Sandberg on the sidelines of a 'Lean in' event attended by women business leaders. Women are still held back by expectations that they should be emotional and giving while men are seen as natural leaders, Sandberg told Lean In followers - biases that she acknowledged could also be written into technology.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Tennis Racket Technology Is Way More Elaborate Than You Think

[Wed 01:03] As tennis speeds up on the court, including at the 2020 Australian Open, which began this week, racket evolution hustles along off the court, with technology to create more power and spin within the game. All advancements define modern tennis racket manufacturing. The brand revealed an entirely new approach to racket manufacturing in 2019 with the Clash, all while giving the Blade franchise -known as Serena Williams' racket of choice-a complete makeover. Dunlop introduced a brand-new material to tennis racket manufacturing in 2019 and expanded it in 2020.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Science fiction becoming ‘reality’ as advanced technologies start to enhance human beings

[Wed 01:03] Science fiction is becoming a reality as a range of advanced technologies are starting to enhance human beings, with augmented humans one of the key trends identified in 20 predictions for the next 20 years in a new report by KPMG and Australian National University's 3A Institute. "In The Matrix, genius-level skills could be instantly uploaded into the brain - a fantasy for anyone wanting to become an instant ninja or rocket scientist. Now, science fiction is becoming a reality as a range of advanced technologies are starting to enhance human beings," says Mabbott. Although still highly controversial, gene editing on human embryos has been performed in China with Russian scientists also considering the technique. "We have already begun the journey to augment our biological capability, but the coming decades will reveal to what extent society will use technology to extend the human potential and evolve homo sapiens into homo superior, a species of augmented super humans," Mabbott concludes.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Bloomberg thinks other Democrats want to break up big tech ‘just to be nasty'

[Wed 00:05] Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg thinks Big Tech companies have too much power, but doesn't believe that breaking them up is the answer. Bloomberg himself owns a massive tech and media conglomerate, Bloomberg L.P., and owes his billions to the Bloomberg Terminal, a computer system that provides financial data to stock traders and other financial professionals. Warren has been vocal about her stance on Big Tech and made a call to break the companies up a part of her presidential campaign. Sanders has similar ideas, saying he would appoint an attorney general who could both investigate and break up the biggest tech companies.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

YouTube TV launches on PlayStation 4 consoles in the U.S.

[Wed 00:05] Still, as we had hoped and expected, Sony has decided to open up the PS4 to third parties: Today, YouTube TV launches on the PS4, making it the first non-Sony-owned live TV service on the platform. So far the monopoly has shifted from Sony to YouTube TV. YouTube TV might prove to be very popular with PS Vue customers. At $50 per month for its one-price-fits-most selection of more than 70 channels, YouTube TV costs the same as the base PS Vue package, yet offers more channels. PS Vue offered 10 accounts and 5 simultaneous streams, whereas YouTube TV only offers six accounts and three streams at the same time.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

New leak finally details pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S20 series

[Wed 00:05] According to the report, the Galaxy S20 will come at "More than 900 euros" in France, with the Galaxy S20+ coming at "More than 1,000 euros." The Galaxy S20 Ultra will reportedly come at "More than 1,300 euros." According to a tweet from XDA Developer reporter Max Weinbach, the Galaxy S20 will come at 900-1,000 euros, the Galaxy S20+ at 1,050-1,100 euros, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra at 1,300 euros. Weinbach's pricing leak didn't just offer details about the Galaxy S20 series - it also detailed the price of Samsung's next foldable phone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The Samsung Galaxy S20 series and Galaxy Z Flip are expected to launch at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked on February 11 - where we'll get official details and pricing for Samsung's next generation of devices.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Sensoria Program sends an all-female crew on a mission to ‘Mars'

[Wed 00:05] An all-women crew just finished an inaugural, two-week stint in a Mars habitat simulator as part of what is known as the Sensoria Space Program. "While future Sensoria missions will welcome male researchers as well, we believe that women need to be placed at the center of our shared vision for space exploration, that women need to be given a platform for professional development, opportunities for research and training,"J.J. Hastings, the commander of Sensoria I, told "What I find extraordinary is, as opposed to maybe a group of individuals who come in to endure two weeks together and move on, we've grown that much closer, which, to me, gives strength to the rationale behind the Sensoria Program to really bring incredibly talented, intelligent, extraordinary professionals in the space sector together to form even grander plans together," she said. Space is starting to get more female and Sensoria is just one part of those efforts.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Lenovo Yoga C940 15 vs. HP Spectre x360 15

[Wed 00:05] Here, we compare two great examples, the HP Spectre x360 15 and the Lenovo Yoga c940 15. The Spectre x360 15 is limited to the 9th-generation Intel Core i7-9750H CPU, while the Yoga C940 15 can be configured with up to a 9th-gen Core i9-9880H with vPro. The Yoga C940 can run faster than the Spectre x360 15, but the HP is plenty fast and offers a vastly superior display. The Yoga C940 is slightly faster than the Spectre x360 15 in its maximum configuration, but the HP offers a much better display and more battery capacity.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Digital Trends Live: A.I. regulation, electric vehicle subscriptions, and more

[Wed 00:05] On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Drew Prindle dig into the biggest-trending tech stories of the day, including Google's call for A.I. regulation, an electric vehicle subscription service, video game ADHD treatment, moon rovers by Lexus, mushrooms on the moon, and more. Finally, we speak with George Windsor, head of insights at Tech Nation, about how it is leading the growth of digital business in the U.K. Editors' Recommendations Digital Trends Live: NBC's Peacock, no ads for Whatsapp, and more. Digital Trends Live: Bose closes stores, NBC streams, living concrete, and more. Digital Trends Live: Instagram's warning to users, NOLA ransom, weeding robots.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

ThinkPad X1 Carbon vs. MacBook Pro 13

[Wed 00:05] Which one of these premium and highly familiar notebooks is worth your investment? We pit the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon against the MacBook Pro 13 to find out. The ThinkPad gets some extra points for fitting a 14-inch display into a chassis that's nearly the same size and thickness as the MacBook Pro 13's while being more than half a pound lighter. While the ThinkPad X1 Carbon has a larger display than the MacBook Pro 13, it's only slightly thicker overall at 0.58 inches. Apple's update to the MacBook Pro 13 in May 2019 made it much more competitive with the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Report: All four of Apple's 2020 iPhones will feature OLED displays

[Wed 00:05] Notably, all four of the devices will feature an OLED display, finally doing away with the LCD display that can still be found in the lower-end iPhone 11. Not all the new iPhones will feature camera upgrades. According to the report, two of the four - presumably the most affordable two models - will feature dual-camera arrays almost identical to the current iPhone 11. As is expected, the report goes on to say that the four iPhone models will be released in September - just like previous years.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

The best budget laptops for 2020

[Wed 00:05] Best budget laptops The best budget laptop: Asus ZenBook 13 UX333. It's not just one of the best budget laptops, it's among the best laptops at any price. Very few of the best laptops out there offer AMD as an option, even in laptops under $1,000. As Ryzen APUs find their way into more laptops throughout 2019, the AMD alternative has begun to pick up a bit more steam, especially in budget gaming laptops.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Hit the slopes with confidence with 2020's best ski and snowboard jackets

[Wed 00:05] These jackets often have less effective waterproofing, which you'll especially notice in wet conditions. Men's Arcteryx Beta AR. If you can afford it, the Arc'teryx Beta AR is one of the best ski jackets on the market. While there are jackets out there with more waterproofing unless you're in pow day after pow day, the Jetty is a perfect option for most - and pretty stylish to boot. We're also big fans of the way this jacket is cut, offering a more slim fit - a rare feature when it comes to ski and snowboard jackets.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Another partner backs out of Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency group

[Wed 00:05] Another company that signed on as a partner in Facebook's proposed cryptocurrency known as Libra has backed out of the association. The British telecommunications operator Vodafone announced its departure from Facebook's Libra Association on Tuesday, Coindesk reports. "We can confirm that Vodafone is no longer a member of the Libra Association. Although the makeup of the Association members may change over time, the design of Libra's governance and technology ensures the Libra payment system will remain resilient," the Libra Association said in a statement. Digital Trends reached out to Facebook to comment on Vodafone's departure, and what the next steps are for Libra, including a launch date.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

WeatherSTEM station in Sumter makes science class more interactive

[Wed 00:03] SUMTER, S.C. - A WeatherSTEM Station at Alice Drive Middle School in Sumter is making weather lessons more hands-on for the students. The station is located on the roof of the school and provides local weather information such as temperature, wind speed and direction, pressure, sky cover, and more. Caleb Baker, an eighth grade student, says that the weather station makes school more fun for himself and his classmates. WLTX. The information from the WeatherSTEM Station at Alice Drive Middle School can be found online and on the WeatherSTEM app.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Stillfront Group acquires Storm8 for $300 million

[Tue 21:05] Stillfront Group announced today that it is acquiring 100% of Califonia mobile gaming studio Storm8. The deal will cost the group $300 million, $75 million of which will be in Stillfront shares. Storm8 specializes in casual mobile games like Dragon Story. Stillfront is a Sweden-based global group of gaming studios that often involves itself in acquisitions like this.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Western New Mexico University to host 2020 Southwest Regional Science Olympiad

[Tue 21:03] High school students collaborate in a science lab at Western New Mexico University. The Southwest Regional Science Olympiad Competition runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony in the Fine Arts Center Theatre at 4 p.m. All of the events are held on campus in the Intramural Gym, Harlan Hall and the Phelps/Dodge-Martinez building. "The active events in the gym are likely to be the most interesting, and the public is invited to spectate at any of them," Southwest Regional Science Olympiad Tournament Director Eric Casler said. The Science Olympiad teams compete in categories such as Earth and Space Science; Physical Science and Chemistry; Technology and Engineering; and Inquiry and Nature of Science.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Akha Passes Bill To Establish A'ibom State College Of Science And Technology - Politics - Nairaland

[Tue 21:03] Recall that the Bill which was brought before the House on Tuesday, December 3, 2019, by the Member representing Ibiono Ibom State Constituency, Hon. He said the Bill is predicated on the need to actualise the dream of the present administration to provide a College dedicated for the training of middle and higher technical manpower to mainstream industrial development efforts. The Lawmaker further noted that the Bill also seeks to give backing to the College to access the intervention funds from Federal Donor Agencies such as Tertiary Education Trust Fund, UNESCO, PTDF, etc, for its development, as well as facilitating foreign sponsorship, scholarship, partnership and exchange of academic programmes in various field of studies. Four Bills, including A Bill for a Law to Make Provision for the Establishment and Administration of Customary Courts and for Related Matters and A Bill for a Law to Establish the Akwa Ibom State Professional Counseling to Conduct Qualifying Examinations and Regulate the Counselling Profession for Related Matters, sponsored by the Member representing Ukanafun State Constituency, Hon.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

IBM's biology-inspired AI generates hash codes faster than classical approaches

[Tue 20:05] Ever heard of FlyHash? It's an algorithm inspired by fruit flies' olfactory circuits that's been shown to generate hash codes - numeric representations of objects - with superior performance compared with classical algorithms. To overcome this limitation, researchers at Princeton, the University of San Diego, IBM Research, and the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab developed BioHash, which applies "Local" and "Biologically plausible" synaptic plasticity rules to produce hash codes. BioHash is faster and much more scalable. "[Our] work provides evidence toward the proposal that LHS might be a fundamental computational principle utilized by the sparse expansive circuits [Biohash] produces sparse high dimensional hash codes in a data-driven manner and with learning of synapses in a neurobiologically plausible way.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

GamesBeat Decides 136: Game delays and sales charts

[Tue 20:05] On this week's episode of the GamesBeat Decides podcast, everyone's mad about Byleth in Super Smash Bros. The crew also dives into the best-selling games of the last decade. Later in the episode, GamesBeat reviews editor Mike Minotti talks about splitting his time between World of Warcraft and its Classic counterpart. GamesBeat PC gaming editor Jeff Grubb is getting deep into Disco Elysium.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

UC Davis Colloquium Explored the Science of Tea and Wine

[Tue 20:03] DAVIS, Calif. Terroir, climate change, and current trends drew attention to the many overlapping aspects of tea and wine at last week's UC Davis colloquium, the fifth organized by Katherine Burnett, Ph.D., founding director of the Global Tea Initiative for the Study of Tea Culture and Science. Jim Gordon, editor-at-large, Wine Business Monthly, and Contributing Editor, Wine Enthusiast, told the audience during the session's Q&A portion that the tea industry could create additional "Experiences" of tea on the winery model, expanding the market as consumers learn more with tours and hands-on activities. Also standing for wine was Ron Runnebaum, Ph.D., assistant professor, Viticulture and Enology, UC Davis, was the first of several in the colloquium to reflect the widespread and intense chemical research being conducted on both wine and tea to better understand their composition and flavor, as more and more sophisticated techniques are invented and used for measurements. "We are not tea or wine companies, we are beverage companies," said Tilson, saying that wine terminology is being used widely in the tea industry.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Science Revolution Sparked by Rapid Progress in Nanotechnology

[Tue 20:03] Rapid progress in the field of metallic nanotechnology is sparking a science revolution that is likely to impact all areas of society, according to professor of physics Ventsislav Valev and his team at the University of Bath.Metallic nanotechnology is an area that allows microscopic particles of metals, such as gold and silver, to be manipulated with heat and light. Writing in Advanced Optical Materials, Prof Valev's team reviews the current state of nanotechnology research and discusses its likely applications in the near and medium future. Ph.D. student Lukas Ohnoutek sees nanomedicine - a branch of medicine that uses nanotechnology to improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease - as a particularly buoyant area of research. Other research is focused on finding nanotechnology solutions to the climate crises.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Microsoft open-sources ONNX Runtime model to speed up Google's BERT

[Tue 19:05] Microsoft Research AI today said it plans to open-source an optimized version of Google's popular BERT natural language model designed to work with the ONNX Runtime inference engine. Microsoft uses to the same model to lower latency for BERT when powering language representation for the Bing search engine. The BERT-optimized tool joins a number of ONNX Runtime accelerators like one for Nvidia TensorRT and Intel's OpenVINO. Using the ONNX standard means the optimized models can run with PyTorch, TensorFlow, and other popular machine learning models. About a year ago, Microsoft AI researchers also released MT-DNN, a Transformer-based model that set new high performance standards for the GLUE language model performance benchmark.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

In the now with Alicia Eggert at PULSE Art + Technology Festival

[Tue 19:03] She's too dense to know that she just insulted our great town of Savannah b . I will definitely bring my child in GA because she likes art and she will s . This is what I like about GA. I can't wait to have my Savannah vacation thi .   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

UNT Health Science Center and Quest Diagnostics announce collaboration

[Tue 19:03] UNT Health Science Center and Quest Diagnostics, the world's leading provider of diagnostic information services, have formed a collaboration that converges data, research and technologies to help improve prevention and treatment for individuals at high-risk for preventable diseases, such as diabetes and chronic kidney disease, UNTHSC said in a news release. The Population Health Conference will feature speakers from innovative health-related companies discussing ways health care providers, employers and policy makers can use population health management techniques and technologies to improve health care and lower medical costs. With 150 million patient interactions a year, Quest has an extensive database of privacy-protected clinical lab results from which population health insights can be gleaned to improve health care management. Exposure to innovative population health strategies will help prepare UNTHSC students to be future health care leaders, and benefit patients and clinicians at UNT Health, the University's clinical arm.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

automotiveMastermind Strategically Expands Team to Focus on Product and Technology

[Tue 19:03] NEW YORK, Jan. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - automotiveMastermind [®] , part of IHS Markit INFO, +1.20% and a leading provider of predictive analytics and marketing automation solutions for dealerships and manufacturers, today announced it has hired four new executives to support growing customer demand. Kacala has more than 25 years in the automotive industry, with experience in dealership software product management, marketing, business development and strategic partnerships. Long has an expansive history in building online consumer-driven lead generation tools and will use his expertise to lead the consumer product and marketing team at automotiveMastermind, bringing added value to customers with tools that will increase ease of marketing outreach for dealers. "To continue our focus on providing cutting-edge technology and world-class service, we knew we needed key individuals to help us focus on building our product. These individuals offer a unique perspective that will be essential in helping us continue structuring our platform to meet the needs of our niche dealer and consumer base, ultimately helping them sell more vehicles."   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Science Says: What to know about the viral outbreak in China

[Tue 19:03] Health officials around the world are keeping a close watch on an outbreak of a new virus in China. The outbreak started late last month in the city of Wuhan in central China, apparently at a food market. Shortness of breath, chills and body aches are associated with more dangerous kinds of coronavirus, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The virus appears less dangerous and infectious than SARS, which also started in China and killed about 800 people.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Live from Davos: Henry Blodget leads a panel on how technology will shape the next decade

[Tue 18:03] The next one will bring even greater change as quantum computing, cloud computing, 5G, and artificial intelligence mature and proliferate. Julie Love, senior director of quantum business development, Microsoft. Henry Blodget, CEO, cofounder, and editorial director, Insider Inc. This interview is part of a partnership between Business Insider and Microsoft at the 2020 World Economic Forum. Business Insider editors independently decided on the topics broached and questions asked.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Daybreak creates individual studios for EverQuest, DC Universe, and PlanetSide

[Tue 17:05] Daybreak Games is making some big moves, creating three new studios that will each dedicate themselves to one of the company's big MMO franchises. Dimensional Ink Games, based in Austin, will lead the future of DC Universe Online as well as work on future action-based MMO projects. Darkpaw Games in San Diego will focus on EverQuest and EverQuest II, one of the most historic MMO franchises in history. Rogue Planet Games, also in San Diego, will be in charge of the PlanetSide franchise and the battle royale shooter H1Z1. PlanetSide II debuted in 2012 and is still going, although an ill-fated battle royale spinoff, PlanetSide Arena, released last year and is already dead. H1Z1 started life as a survival game in 2015, but its King of the Kill mode helped to create the battle royale genre.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Science Exchange Joins Accenture's INTIENT Network for Research to Help Boost R&D Productivity in Drug Discovery and Development

[Tue 17:03] Science Exchange, the SaaS-enabled marketplace for outsourced R&D, has joined the Accenture INTIENT Network for Research, which enables software technology and content suppliers and life sciences companies to work together more effectively to help accelerate drug discovery efforts and improve patient outcomes. The INTIENT Network for Research is an integral part of Accenture's cloud-based informatics research platform, which has been designed to help life sciences organizations improve productivity, efficiency and innovation in drug discovery. Accenture is currently working with a select number of technology and content providers - including Science Exchange - to integrate their software and content into Accenture's research platform. "We welcome Science Exchange to the INTIENT Network for Research with their ability to help our mutual clients rapidly find and create new partnerships and lessen the complexity associated with sourcing, establishing and managing service provider contracts."   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Strike Balance Between Science And Humanities Subjects: Assam Governor Tells Varsity Teachers

[Tue 17:03] Assam Governor Jagdish Mukhi on Tuesday said Assam University should champion the cause of basic science research and promote the interests of pure and applied sciences in the students of higher education. Technology and its applications are changing lives every moment with space travel no longer a distant dream or artificial intelligence and robotics being no longer science fiction, the Governor told a programme to celebrate the 27th foundation day of the University at Silchar. "This development should not divert our attention from basic science research and the University should motivate its students into basic science research and make fundamental changes in the lives of the people living in the state," he said. Mr Mukhi also urged upon the university faculty members to strike a proper balance between science and humanities.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Doom Eternal: Aggression solves every problem

[Tue 16:05] We just had much more time to polish the game from every possible angle. Martin: Being aggressive is the solution to every problem in Doom. The movement capabilities of the player character in other games might not be as varied as they are in Doom Eternal. That kind of respect that the players had for every component of the original Doom game really kept them engaged.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

The Nokia 2.3 offers smart camera features at an affordable price

[Tue 16:05] Nokia hasn't disclosed a full spec list for the phone, instead emphasizing interesting features. Nokia focused a little on improving camera quality, ensuring that you'll get decent shots even in a cheap phone. The phone features a dual 13-megapixel and 2-megapixel camera. Perhaps the best thing about the phone is the price - you'll be able to pre-order the Nokia 2.3 for $130 starting on January 21 at Best Buy, with pre-sales on Amazon set to begin the week after that.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Doom Eternal hands-on preview: A fast-paced, bloody ballet

[Tue 16:05] Hell was razed in New York City as Bethesda and id Software invited members of the press to try their hand at the upcoming sequel, Doom Eternal. With additions like Dash, the ability to warp around the battlefield, and power-ups that allowed me to close the distance faster when activating glory kills, I found myself thinking three steps ahead. Movement speed is always fast in a Doom game, but combat in Doom Eternal has become a fast-paced, bloody ballet. Ripping and tearing across the world of Doom Eternal doesn't just feel good. Though Doom Eternal is built using the same tech as Doom 2016, the devs have done an incredible job of pushing the tools to the limit.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Super Science Saturday to be held February 1

[Tue 16:03] Super Science Saturday is back at Jefferson Community College! A celebration of math and science and an exploration of science careers, SSS will take place on February 1, 2020 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Although designed for students in grades 5-8, all family members are welcome to attend. Students will see how much fun science can be when they explore the inside of a computer, observe dancing fire as sound waves travel through a Ruben's Tube, and how heart function and breathing are evaluated in an emergency. JCC faculty, assisted by current students, will give demonstrations in zoo keeping, chemistry, biology, geology, math, engineering and health-related careers. SSS will take place at JCC in the Jules Center, McVean Student Center, Guthrie Science Building and the Gregor Building.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Dr. Jitendra Singh inaugurates “Vigyan Samagam” at National Science Centre, Delhi

[Tue 16:03] Under the aegis of Department of Atomic Energy, Department of Science and Technology and the National Council of Science Museums,this prestigious science exhibition Vigyan Samagam is being jointly organised. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Jitendra said, "I congratulate Department of Atomic Energy, Department of Science & Technology and National Council for Science Museums for organising this mega science Exhibition. With over 5.50 lakhs visitors at Vigyan Samagam in Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata, it is in New Delhi now, it will provide students, academia and industry a great opportunity for cross-fertilisation of ideas. Exposure about different aspects of these projects will help students to choose science as a carrier option; academia in carrying out science runs and deriving innovative results." Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, Department of Science and Technology said, "India is diligently preparing to be well versed in the area of innovations and experiments, the new generation is focused and will stop at nothing to secure a respectable position for India in world Science domain. The programmes at Vigyan Samagam will popularise science and technology among students and the people." Mr D. Rama Sarma, Director, National Science Centre said, "It is anopportunity for us to host Vigyan Samagam. Organisation of such high-tech science exhibitions will help in stimulating creativity and innovation among students and generateinterest for these subjects. Having knowledge and understanding of advancement in science and technology will not only help the enthusiasts but also the people at large in various other professions to to excel in their field of activity or profession."   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Clinical decision support tools: Clinical asset or technology crutch?

[Tue 16:03] It is for such reasons, in my opinion, that clinical decision support systems can offer enormous value to physicians. CDSSs are like a library of encyclopaedias with indexed, high-quality medical content and comprise several enablers that help to strengthen decision-making in the clinical workflow. A person is more likely to get injured while receiving healthcare support than while travelling by air and in India, 5.2 million injuries occur annually because of medical errors and adverse events. There was a time when conferences and workshops were the only opportunity for physicians to discuss and ask for their peers' views on clinical cases that were challenging to diagnose or treat.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Berkshire Grey raises $263 million for industrial robots

[Tue 15:05] Industrial robots and warehouse automation are lucrative intermingling markets, and one needn't look further for evidence than Lexington, Massachusetts-based Berkshire Grey. The company, which combines AI and robotics to automate omnichannel fulfillment for retailers, ecommerce, and logistics enterprises, today announced that it secured a mammoth $263 million in series B funding financing from SoftBank with participation from Khosla Ventures, New Enterprise Associates, and Canaan. Berkshire Grey says that its products are used by Fortune 50 customers to reduce picking costs in break pack and ecommerce operations by 70- 80%, and that typical retail and logistics customers see improvements in throughput of 25% to 35%. "Our customers from leading enterprises in retail, ecommerce, and logistics are selecting Berkshire Grey as a competitive differentiator," added Wagner. Among the startups presenting solutions to the fulfillment challenge are Brain Corp, which develops a proprietary operating system - BrainOS - and off-the-shelf hardware and sensors that let companies build custom robotics, and Osaro, a San Francisco startup developing AI-based platform for industrial robots.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

The best duvet 2020: best goose down and hypoallergenic duvets for winter and all year round

[Tue 15:05] Having the best duvet can make a huge difference to your quality of sleep: it's almost as important as having the best mattress. With winter starting to bite, having the best duvet becomes ever more essential. The idea is that you'll never need a separate summer duvet and winter duvet again. We'd take a down duvet over this, on the whole, but the Simba Hybrid Duvet is the best synthetic alternative out there.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

OnePlus 8 Pro leak shows off amazing 120Hz screen. Your move, Samsung

[Tue 15:05] It even contains proof the OnePlus 8 Pro will pack some technology that not even the biggest smartphones taking flight this year, such as the Samsung Galaxy S11 range, are due to sport. A new image leaked on the Twitter account of technology news site TrueTech shows a real handset claimed to be the OnePlus 8 Pro. While the S20 Plus and S20 Ultra are expected to have 120Hz-capable screens, they're rumoured to be restricted: the better-quality QHD+ resolution, which the screens are said to be capable of delivering, are restricted to 60Hz. Top-end Samsung users might have to choose between a great resolution or a smoother refresh rate, while the OnePlus menu on the snapshot above shows no such choice. During our review, we tested the OnePlus 7T Pro on a series of games "Without even a hint of lag", so we can only imagine how crisp and smooth the motion will feel with a 120Hz refresh rate.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Honors Computer Science Major Garners National Attention for Research into Baby Cries

[Tue 15:03] Nadim was searching for a clip that wouldn't be too upsetting to play during his presentation at the sixth National Workshop for REU Research in Networking and Systems in Monterey, Calif. Nadim's research, titled "Using Transfer Learning, SVM, and Ensemble Classification to Classify Baby Cries Based on Their Spectrogram Images" used a machine learning algorithm to predict what infant wails and sobs meant with about 91 percent accuracy. Nadim, who is majoring in computer science, and his research partner converted audio files of baby cries to spectrograms, which are essentially images of the sound waves. Nadim's project, which was sparked by a 2019 Research Experiences for Undergraduate sponsored by the National Science Foundation and hosted by Georgia State University, resulted in a published paper. "It was very eye-opening for me and I got to experience how university research works and learn from experts," said Nadim, who was encouraged by his professor to participate in the REU. Nadim later received Emeriti-sponsored Just-in-Time funding to present his research paper at the national conference in California-something he had never done before.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Akerna Completes Acquisition of Majority Interest in Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Leader solo sciences

[Tue 15:03] DENVER, Jan. 21, 2020 - Akerna, a leading cannabis compliance technology provider and developer of the cannabis industry's first seed-to-sale enterprise resource planning software technology, has completed its acquisition of a majority interest in privately-held solo sciences inc. Solo sciences tech platform is also complementary to Akerna's MJ Platform ERP system and is driving consumer safety through its anti-counterfeiting technology and alert functionality. Akerna is a global regulatory compliance technology company in the cannabis space. Akerna's service offerings include MJ Platform®, Leaf Data Systems®, and solo sciences tech platform.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Intezer raises $15 million to identify malware by analyzing reused code

[Tue 14:05] Intezer, a cybersecurity startup that detects and classifies cyber threats by analyzing the code in malware, has raised $15 million in a series B round of funding from OpenView, Intel Capital, Samsung Next, USAA, and Intezer cofounder and chair Alon Cohen. Intezer is therefore setting out to identify new forms of malware by comparing code to previously seen threats. Intezer basically dissects any file or hash into smaller pieces of binary code - which it refers to as "Genes" - and compares them to other code in its genome database. Both a Microsoft software and a notorious malware can use the OpenSSL code library. Indexing trusted software allows us to distinguish between code that has only malicious genetic origins and code that is common among software in general. Knowing what's good is as important as knowing what's bad - this is a huge value we provide to organizations, making sure their servers are running 100% trusted code."   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Samsung's next Galaxy smartwatch codename hints at Apple Watch beating update

[Tue 14:05] Now, thanks to a leak from Galaxy Club, we also know Samsung's next smartwatch is codenamed Noblesse. Back to the watch, and this all makes us think Samsung is working on a classically designed timepiece to replace the two-year-old Galaxy Watch, instead of being a sporty successor to the newer Galaxy Watch Active 2. It's an interesting move, and one that could see Samsung carve out a bit of a niche for itself, by aiming at fashion-conscious buyers, instead of the health and fitness crowd who buy the Apple Watch. Given we only have a model number and code name to go on for now, we doubt the new watch will be revealed at Samsung's Unpacked event, which takes place on 11 February and is where we expect to see the new Galaxy S20 smartphone family, and new Galaxy Z Flip folding phone.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Eye-popping video sizzle reel of Sony PS5 game Godfall leaks online

[Tue 14:05] The flow of leaks and rumours surrounding launch PS5 games has also rapidly escalated over the past few months and now today, mere hours ago, PlayStation 5 launch game Godfall has just had a gameplay sizzle reel video leak online. The thing is the game shown off in this trailer already looks pretty darn impressive, so hopefully the finished game, which is slated to launch alongside the PS5 in October 2020 will look and run even better. Partner a PS5 with a Sony Bravia Z8H TV, which has been designed to prioritise "Fast response time via HDMI outputs", and we're sure Godfall will look stunning. Hopefully we will see more of Godfall at the heavily rumoured PlayStation Meeting event in February, along with our first proper look at the PS5 console gamers across the world are desperate for.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

The best duvet 2020: best duvets for winter, summer and all year round

[Tue 14:05] Having the best duvet can make a huge difference to your quality of sleep: it's almost as important as having the best mattress. With winter starting to bite, having the best duvet becomes ever more essential. The idea is that you'll never need a separate summer duvet and winter duvet again. We'd take a down duvet over this, on the whole, but the Simba Hybrid Duvet is the best synthetic alternative out there.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Collaboration aims to speed AI technology in supply chain

[Tue 14:03] Plotly Technologies, Montreal-based developer of a data science platform for creating analytic applications, announced it has received a $1.7 million contribution from Scale AI, the innovation hub investing in the development of AI and supply chain technology in Canada. "Today, Dash is helping companies operationalize these investments so that business teams and data science teams are working in lock step. With the added investment from Scale AI, Plotly will be able to quickly extend these capabilities and make them even more beneficial for the development of AI and supply chain technology." The investment from Scale AI will support development collaborations between Plotly and several Canadian companies, such as Hydro-Québec and Dex Clothing, to develop AI supply chain analytics solutions with Dash. "Scale AI's mission is to enhance productivity across industries in Canada through the integration of AI in supply chains and to support the emergence of a Canadian AI ecosystem," said Julien Billot, CEO at Scale AI. "We're excited to invest in this project with Plotly, a company that is already an established provider of innovative open source and enterprise analytic solutions. Plotly's commitment to partnering with Canadian businesses and other organizations to speed the development of the most advanced AI solutions will help lift the profile of Québec businesses and continue to distinguish Canadian leadership in AI.".   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

OncoHost and RayBiotech Awarded $1 Million Grant From the BIRD Foundation to Advance Precision Oncology for Patients Receiving Immunotherapy

[Tue 14:03] PRNewswire/ - OncoHost, global leader in host response profiling for improved personalized cancer therapy, together with its partner RayBiotech, a leading life sciences company developing high-throughput protein detection technologies for biomarker discovery initiatives, announced today the companies have been awarded a $1 million. The grant will support OncoHost and RayBiotech's combined development and clinical validation of host response testing for the early prediction of treatment responsiveness in non-small-cell lung carcinoma patients undergoing immunotherapy. "The BIRD Foundation Board of Governors selected to support the project between OncoHost and RayBiotech on their mission to counteract therapy resistance in order to improve cancer treatment response," said Dr. Eitan Yudilevich. "We are committed to develop a system for the early identification of resistance to cancer therapy in patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors, as well as a discovery tool for new drug targets. Our unique approach of host response analysis represents a significant step forward for precision oncology and personalized cancer treatment."   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

AppsFlyer raises $210 million to measure mobile marketing's impact

[Tue 13:05] AppsFlyer has raised $210 million in funding to accurately measure mobile ad spending and become a "Democratizer" of mobile marketing. Mobile attribution companies like AppsFlyer are important because they can figure out whether that spending was effective or not. Once these customers implement the AppsFlyer software development kit , they can work on marketing campaigns with a wide variety of social media and ad networks, and use AppsFlyer to measure the results. One of the tasks that AppsFlyer has to do is root out ad fraud, so it can figure out exactly how effective a mobile ad spend with a particular ad network is.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Big data Samsung Galaxy S10 deal delivers FREE phone and Galaxy Watch Active

[Tue 13:05] has just gone and unleashed an awesome new Samsung Galaxy S10 deal, one that not only delivers the fantastic Android flagship phone for free upfront, but also throws in a free Galaxy Watch Active smartwatch and a BIG data, unlimited minutes and texts SIM plan. The really attractive thing about this Samsung Galaxy S10 deal is that it costs only £36 per month, too, meaning you get all that top tech, with a quality, allowance-stuffed SIM plan, but don't have to spend massive money each month for the privilege. In our official Samsung Galaxy S10 review we said the phone "Gets just about everything right, and is a stunning all-round package". Like the idea of a quality Samsung Galaxy S10 deal but would prefer to be with a different mobile network? Then be sure to check out today's very best prices on the handset below.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra images reveal incredible five-camera setup

[Tue 13:05] The baseline model, Samsung Galaxy S20, will be joined by two bigger siblings, the S20 Plus and the top-of-the-line S20 Ultra. Although we've seen quite a lot of information and leaks regarding the previous two devices, other than a few 3D-printed models we've seen comparatively little of the largest phone, the S20 Ultra. Render artist Concept Creator has provided their take on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Five cameras for the new, top-end Galaxy models is a rumour that refuses to die, so even if the S20 Plus doesn't see all five, we're pretty confident the Ultra will come packing some serious camera credentials.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Rheology in Green Technology

[Tue 13:03] One of the least sustainable industries must necessarily be a part of any green technology solution to environmental damage. The green technology development of phase change materials introduced mortars for walls that would better retain thermal energy inside the building. Computational field dynamics - which draws from classical rheology and advanced computer modeling - is poised to remove these barriers to improved aircraft technology. NASA's vision outlines the techniques of classical and computer-assisted rheology that will play a key part in the development of green technology for the aerospace industry in the coming years.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Circonus Raises $6.8 Million Series A1 Investment; Appoints Serial Technology Entrepreneur, Bob Moul, as CEO

[Tue 13:03] PRNewswire/ - Circonus, provider of the first machine data intelligence platform built to handle the volume and frequency of data seen in today's global IT infrastructure and IoT deployments, today announced a $6.8 million. Series A1 investment to continue advancing its machine data intelligence platform and meet market demand for machine data intelligence across multiple industries. Earlier in 2019, Circonus also brought on serial technology entrepreneur Bob Moul. "As more of our world becomes digitized and virtualized, machines, and the data that we are able to gather from them, have become not just instrumental, but indispensable," said Moul.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Huzzah! Disney Plus UK is launching early and it is remarkably cheap, too

[Tue 12:05] The news, which is reported by The Verge, confirms that instead of launching on March 31st, 2020, as was originally announced, Disney Plus UK will actually now launch on Tuesday, March 24 in the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. In terms of pricing for Disney Plus UK, it has also been officially confirmed that users will have two options at launch, pay either £5.99 per month, or £59.99 per year. In more good news for future Disney Plus UK subscribers, despite a few days of technical issues right at the start of the U.S. launch, since then Disney+ has been a massive mega hit, exceeding expectations with an estimated 24-million U.S. subscribers signed up by the end of November last year. In the meantime, if you're thinking of signing up to Disney Plus UK when it launches, then it is enjoyed to the fullest on one of the best 4K TVs or best 8K TVs connected to a quality sound system like the Sonos Beam..   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Dr Jitendra Singh inaugurates India’s first global Mega Science Exhibition “Vigyan Samagam” in Delhi

[Tue 12:03] He was addressing at the inauguration of India's first global Mega Science Exhibition "Vigyan Samagam" at National Science Centre, here today. Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, Department of Science and Technology said that India is diligently preparing to be well versed in the area of innovations and experiments, the new generation is focused and will stop at nothing to secure a respectable position for India in world Science domain. During the exhibition, Science & Technology enthusiasts will witness the world-renowned Mega Science projects and listen to eminent scientists at the National Science Centre Delhi. Projects are being showcased by CERN, FAIR, INO, ITER, LIGO, MACE, SKA and TMT. Under the aegis of Department of Atomic Energy, Department of Science and Technology and the National Council of Science Museums, this prestigious science exhibition Vigyan Samagam is being jointly organised.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Greta Thunberg at Davos 2020: 'I'm being heard all the time – but science needs to be at the centre of the conversation'

[Tue 12:03] The climate activist urged attendees at Davos to treat the climate emergency as 'a real crisis' that must be addressed urgently. Speaking to the world's political and business leaders at the the 50th World Economic Forum on Tuesday, Ms Thunberg said the struggle against climate change will require more than just general awareness, adding that science needs to be at the "Centre" of the conversation. Beginning with a short film about the new movement of young climate campaigners from around the world, Ms Thunberg began proceedings by reflecting on the incredible 18 months since she began her climate strike. "When the 17-year-old was asked if she felt activists are being heard enough, Ms Thunberg said:"I can't complain about being heard, I'm being heard all the time.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Taboola partners with Integral Ad Science to ensure brand safety

[Tue 12:03] Content discovery platform Taboola has announced the launch of custom brand safety tools powered by Integral Ad Science. To help solve this issue, Taboola turned to IAS, a leader in the brand safety industry. Now, using its integration with IAS's Brand Safety Segment API, marketers can take full advantage of pre-bid blocking on Taboola, powered by IAS. Taboola is also launching the ability for IAS customers to use post-bid campaign monitoring pixels on their Taboola campaigns. Taboola customers can now use IAS brand safety segments on its entire network of premium publisher sites.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Women constitute over 60% of the science fields in the Arab world, lectures Dr. Dajani

[Tue 12:03] Abu Dhabi: UNESCO International Literacy Prize winner, and 12th out of 100 most influential Arab women, Dr. Rana Dajani was recently hosted at Zayed University Abu Dhabi campus to lecture students about the five roles she plays in life. "Women in STEM was never a problem in the Arab world and how Arab women are strong and have deep confidence and that the west can learn from the experience of Arab countries where women constitute more than 60% of the science fields," she said. Dr. Dajani also shared a mentoring Program that she started for female scientists across the Arab world and running the society for the advancement of science and technology in the Arab world. Most influential women scientists in Islamic World, 12 among100 most influential Arab women 2015, women in science hall of fame 2015, King Hussein Cancer Institute for cancer and biotechnology award 2009 and 2016 Global Changemaker Award for celebrating 70 years of the Fulbright program.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Budget 2020: Allocation for agriculture must signal change in favour of science, tech, private investments

[Tue 12:03] In the first five years, importance was given to parampara or traditional agriculture and organic farming. The private corporate sector's share of agricultural investments is less than 2.5 percent. The restrictions on agricultural marketing and the difficulty of doing business have had a chilling effect on corporate investments in agriculture. Budget 2020: Seed industry body demands govt to restore 200% IT deductions for R&D.Union Budget 2020-21: Corporate India pitches for job creation, higher infra spending, policies for agricultural sector.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Snyk raises $150 million at $1 billion valuation for AI that protects open source code

[Tue 11:05] Snyk, a cybersecurity platform that helps developers find vulnerabilities in their open source applications, has raised $150 million in a round of funding led by New York-based private equity firm Stripes, with participation from Salesforce Ventures, Coatue, Tiger Global, BoldStart, Trend Forward, and Amity. A Snyk spokesperson said that the company is now worth more than $1 billion, which is at least double the $500 million it was valued at back in September. The developer connects Snyk to a code repository in the likes of GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket, and Snyk then scans for vulnerabilities, providing a description of the problem, noting where the flaw lies in the code, issuing a severity rating, and even suggesting a fix. Shape Security also recently entered the much-coveted unicorn fraternity with a $1 billion-plus valuation as it prepares its own IPO. And it's against that backdrop that Snyk is looking to carve its niche, with a focus on using AI and and ML to help developer teams directly.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Sky Mobile SIM only deal is super cheap, but it ends really soon

[Tue 11:05] Which is exactly what Sky Mobile are offering in this limited time SIM only deal - the plan delivers 10GB of data, as well as unlimited minutes and texts, for just £10 per month. We think this a great SIM only deal from Sky Mobile that should suit medium to light data users down to the ground. Like the idea of upgrading your phone plan with a great SIM only deal but consider yourself a heavy data user? Well, in that case, it may be worth scoping out Three's epic unlimited everything deal. For even more great SIM only deals, from Sky Mobile as well as every other UK mobile network in the UK, be sure to take a look at T3's awesome SIM only deal comparison tool below, which allows you to filter deals by price, allowances, network and much more.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Best Android Auto head unit 2020: improve your in-car entertainment

[Tue 11:05] If you fancy ditching that crackly FM radio and installing kit that happily chats to your Android Phone, you need to check out the best car stereos and head units that money can currently buy. As previously mentioned, there is a new car stereo or head unit to suit most budgets and to fit most vehicles. So long as you have the existing wiring for some sort of stereo device, prices range from around £200 for the most basic unit with Android Auto compatibility, while the most expensive can easily tickle the £1k mark if you opt for built-in maps and other jazzy features. The clear 6.8-inch screen is fast and responsive to touch, while the list of features is truly impressive, boasting DAB+ Digital Radio, both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as well as entertainment features such as Spotify, Bluetooth streaming, WebLink, FLAC file playback and much more.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Graph Database Market Manufacturers, Industry Size, Challenges, Drivers, Countries, and Technology Forecast to 2026

[Tue 11:03] A graph database is an online database management system where connected elements are linked together. Factors such as surge in adoption for graph database software in the healthcare sector, increase in application areas of graph database, increase in need for better response time & accuracy to discover new data correlations, and upsurge in penetration of connected data to optimize marketing performance fuel the growth of the graph database market. On the contrary, increase in use of virtualization for big data analytics and technological advancements in graph database technology are expected to provide lucrative opportunities for the market. The global graph database market is segmented into component, deployment model, type of databases, analysis type, application, organization size, industry vertical, and region.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Greta Thunberg calls on world leaders to heed global heating science

[Tue 11:03] The climate crisis activist Greta Thunberg has challenged political leaders and the media to listen to the science as she warned time was running out to tackle global heating. Speaking on a panel of young environmentalists in Davos, Thunberg said the increase in global temperature could not be kept below 1.5 degrees centigrade if the world continued to use up its limited carbon budget at its current rate. The 2018 IPCC report said that the world had 420 gigatons of carbon to emit if there was to be a 67% chance of keeping the increase in global temperatures to 1.5 degrees. Thunberg was speaking hours before Donald Trump - a global heating sceptic - was due to make a keynote address to the World Economic Forum.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Greta Thunberg tells leaders at Davos to heed global heating science

[Tue 11:03] Greta Thunberg has challenged political leaders and the media to listen to the science as she warned time was running out to tackle global heating. Speaking on a panel of young environmentalists in Davos, Thunberg said the increase in global temperature could not be kept below 1.5C if the world continued to use up its limited carbon budget at its current rate. Thunberg was speaking hours before Donald Trump - a global heating sceptic - was due to make a keynote address to the World Economic Forum. After a year in which her first appearance at Davos catapulted her to international fame, Thunberg said she could not complain about her voice being heard.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Vodafone fibre broadband deal is the cheapest super-fast fibre package going

[Tue 09:05] This Vodafone fibre broadband deal is definitely worth checking out by anyone currently looking to upgrade their home internet. That's because Vodafone is currently running an offer whereby it is charging the same price for its Superfast fibre 2 package as it costs for its cheaper fibre 1 deal, resulting in a package that delivers 63Mb average downloard speeds for just £23 per month. This is how we know that Vodafone is leading the market in terms of fibre broadband deals with this cracking offer. For even more great broadband deals be sure to check out T3's awesome deals comparison tool below, which lets you search for the very best broadband package available today based on your postcode.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

How mega science projects could help India become a $5 trillion economy

[Tue 09:03] Geneva: Prime Minister Modi has set a goal of making India a $5 trillion economy by 2024-25. Industries based on physics and mega science projects generate over 16 per cent of the total turnover in Europe, topping contributions from financial services and retail sectors, according to a report. India has an opportunity to combine its existing expertise in different areas of mega science projects with intellectual property that rests in premier labs around the world to intensify the contributions of each field to the country's economic dream. India is participating and is heavily committed in several mega science projects at international laboratories and institutions that are at the leading edge of R&D. Examples include LIGO-India for furthering gravitational-wave research, the Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research, which will have an accelerator for particle physics, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, and, of course, CERN. The technologies exploited in these large collaborations also offer significant commercial potential, forming the base to involve Indian industry for product development initiatives.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Uber offloads Indian food delivery business to Zomato in all-stock deal

[Tue 08:05] Uber has offloaded its Indian Uber Eats business to local rival Zomato, one month after reports first emerged that the U.S. company was in advanced talks to move away from food delivery in India after failing to gain sufficient traction. Uber faces significant competition both domestically and abroad. Since its Indian debut back in May, 2017, Uber Eats has struggled against local players including well-funded Swiggy and Zomato - just last week, Gurgaon-based Zomato raised a fresh $150 million in financing from Alibaba's Ant Financial at a $3 billion valuation. The Zomato transaction is one of several similar deals Uber has pursued in recent years as it has sought to turnaround its business. From today, Uber Eats in India is effectively no more, and all restaurants, delivery drivers, and Uber Eats customers will be directed toward Zomato's platform.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

State grant will support UF computer science students

[Tue 08:03] New scholarships will be available to support students pursuing computer science degrees at the University of Findlay through a $347,655 Choose Ohio First grant. Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted and Ohio Department of Higher Education Chancellor Randy Gardner announced that the state's Choose Ohio First initiative will support 35 colleges and universities across Ohio with $20 million in scholarships for students in technology over the next five years. The latest Choose Ohio First awards are designed to strengthen the state's workforce in computer science-related fields such as cybersecurity and coding. "The Choose Ohio First program is one of our state's best tools to increase the number of students preparing to work in STEMM-related fields," Husted said.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

PS5 news: God Of War developer confirms PlayStation 5 will be unveiled in February

[Tue 07:05] A few days ago, an anonymous poster on 4chan's gaming forums claimed to know an awful lot about the PS5. The poster said the PS5 would have a February 5 reveal date, it would be held at Sony Hall in New York City, the PS5 would be backwards compatible with all PlayStation games to date, and the PS5's new slogan would be "It's Time To Play". Game designer and developer David Scott Jaffe, who has previously worked on PlayStation exclusives like Twisted Metal and God Of War, said in a tweet the coveted PS5 reveal is "Less than four weeks away". The news lines up with something we already suspected: currently, Sony Square is running a month-long celebration of the PlayStation brand called "Experience PlayStation". As part of that series of events, it's not unfeasible to believe that PlayStation 5 will get a first-look reveal at Sony Hall-which, coincidentally, does not have a headline booking on February 5.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Hublot's first Big Bang with an integrated bracelet is a seriously impressive watch

[Tue 07:05] Some 15 years after the launch of the eminent Big Bang watch, Hublot has revealed a version complete with a bracelet for the first time. Called the Big Bang Integral, the watch was unveiled at the inaugural LVMH Watch Week, and is available in titanium, black ceramic, and Hublot's own 'King Gold'. The only question we have is, what took Hublot so long?! It's clear from the images that the Hublot Big Bang looks amazing on a bracelet, and we can't wait to get one on our wrist. The bracelet mirrors the angular design Hublot's Big Bang range is known for, thanks to intricate bevelling and chamfering to every link.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Belarus-Pakistan commission on science to meet in H1 2020

[Tue 07:03] MINSK, 21 January - Belarus and Pakistan will hold a meeting of its joint commission on cooperation in science and technology in the first half of 2020, BelTA learned from the press service of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The issue was discussed at a meeting between Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to Pakistan Andrei Yermolovich and Federal Minister for Science and Technology of Pakistan Fawad Hussain Chaudhry. The Belarusian diplomat handed over an invitation to the Pakistani minister from the State Science and Technology Committee to pay a working visit to Minsk to take part in a meeting of the joint Belarusian-Pakistani commission. The parties also discussed Belarus-Pakistan cooperation in science and technology, including joint projects suggested following the competition held by the Belarusian State Science and Technology Committee and the Ministry for Science and Technology of Pakistan in 2019.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Data Science Platform Market Insights, Trends, Developments and Future Outlook Till 2026

[Tue 07:03] Jan 21, 2020 - This Data Science Platform Market study offers an inclusive, 360 degree analytical research on the global market, bringing to fore insights that can help stakeholders identify the opportunities as well as challenges. The Data Science Platform Market analysis is provided for the international markets including development trends, competitive landscape analysis, and key regions development status. North America is expected to hold the largest share of the market of data science platform, because of the presence of large companies, technical experts, and the increased demand for the data science platform in this region. Favorable impression inside vital technological and market latest trends striking the Data Science Platform market.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Google and Microsoft spar over EU plan to ban facial recognition

[Tue 06:05] The EU's proposal for a temporary ban on facial recognition technology won backing from Alphabet Chief Executive Sundar Pichai on Monday but got a cool response from Microsoft President Brad Smith. While Pichai cited the possibility that the technology could be used for nefarious purposes as a reason for a moratorium, Smith said a ban was akin to using a meat cleaver instead of a scalpel to solve potential problems. Smith, who is also Microsoft's chief legal officer, however cited the benefits of facial recognition technology in some instances such as NGOs using it to find missing children. Part of this includes a moratorium of up to five years on using facial recognition technology in public areas, to give the EU time to work out how to prevent abuses, the paper said.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Global Science, Technology, Engineering and...

[Tue 05:03] The report offers an up-to-date analysis regarding the current market scenario, latest trends and drivers, and the overall market environment. Growth of collaborative environment in educational institutions has been instrumental in driving the growth of the market. Detailed information on factors that will assist science, technology, engineering and mathematics toys market growth during the next five years. Comprehensive details of factors that will challenge the growth of science, technology, engineering and mathematics toys market vendors.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Technology, innovation fundamental to economic success: NAVTTC chief

[Tue 04:03] ISLAMABAD: National Vocational & Technical Training Commission Executive Director Dr Nasir Khan technology and innovation were fundamental to economic success in the modern competitive world. He was chairing a meeting of heads of education departments from Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and officials of Federal Directorate of Education at the NAVTTC headquarters on Monday. Matric-Tech is a flagship project of NAVTTC that is being launched as third stream of education alongside matriculation in general science and arts, and it aims to integrate technical and vocational education and training with formal education. The scheme will provide opportunities to the youth to choose their career path by giving them options to select between higher education and skill education according to their aptitude.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Academy supports more labs for frontier science

[Tue 04:03] The Chinese Academy of Sciences will support more labs and major projects in frontier sciences, expand international collaboration with other countries and share its data and solutions via more robust and open cloud-based platforms this year, senior scientists said on Friday. In 2013, President Xi Jinping asked the academy to be a pioneer in four major areas-making great scientific and technological progress, producing more innovative talent and becoming an influential scientific think tank for China as well as a world-class research institution. The Alliance of International Science Organizations, a global scientific organization launched by the academy in 2018 to promote research collaboration and sustainable development, gained 15 new members last year, reaching a total of 52 research institutions and organizations, Zhang said. The Academy of Sciences Leopoldina in Germany signed a declaration with CAS, its first supporting basic scientific research with a foreign academy since its founding in 1652.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Tesla strongly rejects claims of acceleration issue with its cars

[Tue 03:05] Tesla has strongly rejected claims that some of its cars are prone to sudden and unexpected acceleration. In a strongly worded statement issued on Monday, January 20, the Elon Musk-owned company insisted "There is no 'unintended acceleration' in Tesla vehicles," and described the petition as "Completely false." The Tesla owners who signed the petition have asked the NHTSA to recall 500,000 cars built between 2012 and 2019, which covers most of the vehicles Tesla has manufactured to date. Whatever the true cause of the unexpected accelerations, Tesla will be keen to clear up the issue as soon as possible.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Children celebrate MLK holiday with science

[Tue 02:03] GREENVILLE, S.C. - Organizations in the Upstate gathered together to celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. The Rainbow PUSH Coalition along with volunteers from black Greek letter organizations all joined forces to live out Martin Luther King, Jr.'s vision for a better future. He says he has bigger plans for his future: he wants to be a business owner, exactly what King envisioned for the future. It has only been 20 years since the state of South Carolina passed legislation that recognizes Martin Luther King Day as an official holiday, something Fountain Inn City Councilman Anthony Cunningham says was a tough battle. As Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, "The time is always right to do what's right."   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

The First Trial of Gene Editing of Babies: Science and Technology Are Never Allowed to Develop Without Control or to Overstep Ethical Bounds

[Tue 02:03] He Jiankui, a former associate professor of Southern University of Science and Technology, and two other defendants were found guilty of "Illegal medical practices" due to the joint illegal implementation of gene editing of human embryos and reproductive medical activities for the purpose of reproduction. This is the world's first gene-editing babies immunized against AIDS, which also means that China has made a historic breakthrough in the application of gene editing technology in disease prevention. Humans reedit the gene without permission, which means new genes are added to the human gene pool after relevant technology is becoming more and more mature. Mr. Hu Jiaqi said, "For a long time, numb people did not consider the negative effects of science and technology, or doubted the justice of the development. They always move forward and advance science and technology. We don't have enough confidence that we can really control the development of science and technology in the future."   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Jeffrey Frankel: Technology won’t fix climate change. Only a carbon tax will

[Tue 01:03] Innovation will play its part, but the answer is to raise the price of emitting carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases, says Jeffrey Frankel. The price of carbon can be raised via one of two policies: a carbon tax or cap-and-trade. In theory, the two approaches are equivalent: the quantity of carbon permits is calculated carefully, so that the resulting price, when they are traded, is the same as the price that would be achieved by the tax. In any case, putting the price of carbon on an upward path, whether via a carbon tax or cap-and-trade, is the right tool for the job.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Fleet Readiness Center East Pilots New Use for Cold-Spray Technology

[Tue 01:03] MARINE CORPS AIR STATION CHERRY POINT, North Carolina - Fleet Readiness Center East recently hosted the first-ever U.S. trials for a new cold spray technology application and saw promising results, program officials said. If approved, the new cold spray technology would help reduce turnaround times and decrease costs for repairs that were previously not possible using existing, approved cold spray systems. Challenges like these are the driving force behind development of the mobile, autonomous cold spray unit, but the system was also used earlier in 2019 to demonstrate repair of small-scale components during a Navy-wide cold spray event at Marine Corps Base Hawaii. The Navy has employed cold spray technology for years, but this mobile, autonomous system could make that existing technology available in new and different ways.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Arizona Technology Council Applauds STEM Investments in Governor Ducey’s Executive Budget

[Tue 01:03] The Arizona Technology Council applauds Governor Doug Ducey on his proposed FY 2021 executive budget, especially with its emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math. "With Arizona's technology sector growing at a pace 40% faster than the rest of the nation, we are increasingly pleased with the Governor's leadership in investing in K12, higher education and specifically in STEM," said Steven G. Zylstra, the Council's president and CEO. "The Council is advocating for STEM ecosystem investment and cultivation as one of its 2020 legislative priorities, and we look forward to working with the Governor on making our vision a reality." The Arizona Technology Council is Arizona's premier trade association for science and technology companies. Recognized as having a diverse professional business community, Council members work towards furthering the advancement of technology in Arizona through leadership, education, legislation and social action.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Arizona Technology Council Applauds STEM Investments in Governor Ducey's Executive Budget

[Tue 00:03] The Arizona Technology Council applauds Governor Doug Ducey on his proposed FY 2021 executive budget, especially with its emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math. "With Arizona's technology sector growing at a pace 40% faster than the rest of the nation, we are increasingly pleased with the Governor's leadership in investing in K12, higher education and specifically in STEM," said Steven G. Zylstra, the Council's president and CEO. "The Council is advocating for STEM ecosystem investment and cultivation as one of its 2020 legislative priorities, and we look forward to working with the Governor on making our vision a reality." The Arizona Technology Council is Arizona's premier trade association for science and technology companies. Recognized as having a diverse professional business community, Council members work towards furthering the advancement of technology in Arizona through leadership, education, legislation and social action.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Visa buys financial technology company Plaid for $5.3B

[Mon 23:03] NEW YORK - Visa is purchasing the financial technology company Plaid for $5.3 billion, a major push by the payment processing giant into other types of money transfer systems outside of Visa's traditional credit and debit card business. Visa is the world's largest payment processing company, but it makes almost entirely all of its money from swipe fees it earns from merchants whenever its cards are accepted. The San Francisco company was already an investor in Plaid, and so is Visa's biggest competitor, Mastercard. In a conference call with investors, Visa's Chief Executive Executive Al Kerry said the seven-month-old investment gave Visa more than enough information to decide to buy the company outright.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Amartya Sen Confers Infosys Science Awards, One Indian American Professor Among Honorees

[Mon 23:03] BANGALORE - The Infosys Science Foundation Jan. 7 awarded six winners, including Indian American Anand Pandian, with the Infosys Science Prize 2019 for research and academic excellence. The awards were doled out in the fields of engineering and computer science, humanities, life sciences, mathematical sciences, physical sciences and social sciences. Amartya Sen, the 1998 economics Nobel laureate and Harvard University economics and philosophy professor, felicitated the winners with a citation, gold medal and a purse of $1 lakh. Set up in 2009 as a nonprofit organization by Infosys co-founders N.R. Narayana Murthy, Nanda Nilekani, S. Gopalakrishnan, S.D. Shibulal and Dinesh, the foundation promotes interest in science and research in the country.   Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

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