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Liechtenstein Regulators Approve Ethereum-Based Real Estate Fund

[Thu 11:03] Wealth Ahead plans to tokenize a real estate fund after securing approval from Financial Market Authority in Lichtenstein. A fully-regulated tokenized real estate fund has been approved by officials in Liechtenstein. The AARGOS Global Real Estate Fund was approved as an alternative investment fund by Liechtenstein's Financial Market Authority, the company announced. The fund provides exposure to a global real estate portfolio through AARGO security tokens - built on the ethereum blockchain - with each token representing one share in the fund.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Josip Heit On The Future Of Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies

[Thu 09:03] According to Josip Heit, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have a promising and compelling future. The blockchain space has massively advanced through the likes of Karatbars International GmbH. Thanks to Karatbars and Josip Heit, who is Chairman of the Board at Karatbars, the world can now experience the first-ever blockchain smartphone that uses Voice Over Blockchain Protocol and is famously known as the K-impulse. In addition to being the Chairman of the Board at Karatbars, Josip Heit also co-founded the Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG. While speaking on the future of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies industry in relation to the extractive industry, Heit said that "Blockchain is currently one of the leading innovations ever to be implemented in extraction and mining. Mines and their final industries will have to consider blockchain and cryptocurrencies for the future." He further added that "The blockchain's future is looking promising and, from the year 2020, blockchain-enabled businesses are likely to gain an estimated 35 percent more income quarterly. To fully implement blockchain into businesses, cryptocurrencies will have to be used for transactions."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

First regulated Real Estate Fund tokenized

[Thu 06:03] In March 2019, Token Factory in Zug became the first blockchain provider to tokenize a property in Switzerland, using its blockimmo platform. This first real estate fund in token form has already been authorized by the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority. "As the preferred point of contact for Blockchain Banking, we were again able to demonstrate the possibilities of Blockchain technology with the tokenization of a regulated investment fund. The issuance of digital, Blockchain-based fund shares leads to greater efficiency and a higher degree of automation in the transmission process." About Token Factory Switzerland Ltd. Token Factory Switzerland Ltd is a Blockchain-based start-up that is on the verge of becoming the preferred provider for asset tokenization.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

CVB Financial Corp. Reports Earnings for the Fourth Quarter and the Year Ended 2019

[Thu 01:03] CVB Financial Corp. and its subsidiary, Citizens Business Bank, announced earnings for the quarter and record earnings for the year ended December 31, 2019.CVB Financial Corp. reported net income of $51.3 million for the quarter ended December 31, 2019, compared with $50.4 million for the third quarter of 2019 and $43.2 million for the fourth quarter of 2018. The efficiency ratio for the fourth quarter of 2019 was 41.01%, compared to 39.60% for the third quarter of 2019 and 49.15% for the fourth quarter of 2018.Net income totaled $207.8 million for the year ended December 31, 2019. As a percentage of average assets, noninterest expense was 1.71% for the fourth quarter of 2019, compared to 1.68% for the third quarter of 2019 and 2.10% for the fourth quarter of 2018.Noninterest expense of $198.7 million for the year ended December 31, 2019 was $18.8 million higher than the prior year. Investment securities increased on average by $47.4 million from the third quarter and decreased by $213.0 million compared to the fourth quarter of 2018.Total cost of funds declined to 0.22% for the fourth quarter of 2019 from 0.23% for the third quarter of 2019.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

BSV Is Firing On All Cylinders, but Can This Momentum Last?

[Wed 23:03] It's exciting to see so many developers, entrepreneurs and now some enterprises see the advantages of bitcoin SV. In the BSV ecosystem, we focus on building applications with utility, so we grow real value rather than just waiting for the price of a cryptocurrency to magically go up for no reason. In 2020, the Bitcoin Association will accelerate our global work to support even faster growth of development projects and ventures on the BSV blockchain. For one thing, many believe the hard fork of bitcoin cash - which gave rise to BSV during the last months of 2018 - is what caused bitcoin's price to drop so drastically to approximately $3,500 by the time Thanksgiving rolled in. There is a massive lawsuit between Craig Wright - the alleged creator and instigator of BSV - and Ira Kleiman.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

SEC Depositions Shed Light on Telegram’s $1.7B Token Sale

[Wed 22:03] Telegram CEO Pavel Durov pushed back against a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission attorney's speculation that his company's 2018 token sale was meant to refill its cash reserves. The newly released transcripts of the SEC's depositions of Durov, Telegram Vice President Ilia Perekopsky and financial services specialist Shyam Parekh offer a rare window into the logic and the mechanics behind the $1.7 billion token sale. According to Durov's deposition, Telegram has reached about 300 million monthly active users, with the large user base acting as TON's main selling point at the time of the billion token sale. Telegram did not make efforts to make sure investors in the token sale would be the blockchain's validators as well, but there was interest from a number of investors in doing so, Durov said.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Families in Asia shifting towards wealth preservation

[Wed 21:03] In 2019, the primary industries in which families generated their wealth were finance and insurance, manufacturing, and real estate, shows Global Family Office Report 2019. Family offices' portfolios tend to lean more towards direct investing, with 11% of the average family office portfolio being put towards direct investing and 7.7% towards private equity funds. Families in Asia shifted towards greater wealth preservation. Half of families in Asia Pacific have succession plans.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Ways On How Blockchain Is Preventing Property Or Land Registry Fraud

[Wed 20:03] The decentralized ledger technology of blockchain in real estate can help to bring more secure land or property registry procedures and prevent land or property fraud. One of the major issues that are caused due to the inefficiency of land or property registration is property fraud. Once the land or property is taken over, then a person or company who took over the land can build any real estate property like a farm or a home on it and register the land or property on their name. Everyone who is even partly connected to technology would know that blockchain can help increase data security, but here, the question arises that how blockchain in real estate can help to prevent land or property fraud.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

IOTAS hires James Johnson, former VP of RealPage, to lead Engineering, Product, and Partnerships

[Wed 20:03] Smart Property provider IOTAS has hired James Conrad Johnson, a well-respected multifamily and technology industry veteran to enhance its Internet-of-Things-as-a-Service platform and on-board channel and enterprise partners while still supporting the increasing demands of the Real Estate Industry. Johnson will be part of the IOTAS executive leadership team as EVP of Technology and will oversee product strategy and roadmap, engineering, data strategy, security, plus enterprise and channel partnerships, all while continuing to push for user experience innovations that made IOTAS a leader in the PropTech space. "We're honored to have James join our team to lead our engineering efforts and technology partnerships," says Sce Pike, CEO and Co-Founder of IOTAS. "His experience with data security and blockchain at MoneyGram plus his vast knowledge of the Multi-family industry as the former VP of Engineering at RealPage makes him the ideal leader to forge new partnerships and develop new technologies that will be at the forefront of IoT and Smart Properties. James joining our team further validates IOTAS for the scale and operational fidelity that our partners and customers demand of us." About IOTAS. IOTAS provides residents with a Smart Home solution that works right when they move-in and gives them the ability to control and monitor entry into their apartment units, cool/heat their home remotely, detect leaks, set routines & scenes, control lighting all through the IOTAS app or via voice using Amazon Alexa or Google Home.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Tokenisation holds promise for real estate in funds, finds University of Oxford report

[Wed 18:03] Tokenisation in real estate is most likely to deliver the greatest value in funds and finance rather than single commercial assets, according to a new report by the University of Oxford. In recent years, numerous start-ups have created platforms to fractionalise the value of an asset, debt and funds into digital tokens using blockchain technology. The report from the Oxford Future of Real Estate Initiative at Saïd Business School found 15 examples of successful real estate tokenisations and a larger number of failures. "The mass market for the tokenisation of single commercial real estate assets may be some way down the road," he said, pointing out that a more realistic vision of the future is the tokenisation of real estate funds that are made up of diversified properties with fractionalised investors fall under established law.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Blockchain could be used in South Africa to prevent corruption – WEF’s Sheila Warren

[Wed 17:03] The Head of Blockchain and Distribution Ledger Technology at the World Economic Forum, Sheila Warren told Biznews that Africa was generally not burdened by "Tech debt" and it would be easy to leapfrog the developing world in deploying blockchain and it could used to make systems more efficient. There actually is quite a vibrant and thriving blockchain awareness in certain parts of the continent - particularly in southern Africa and Eastern Africa. I'm fortunate enough to have a woman from South Africa on my team who has worked with 100 different companies from around the world and because she's a South African herself, she has a deep knowledge of the South African community and business community there. At the Forum, are engaging in a pilot with the country of Colombia - that is focusing on reducing corruption in public procurement - and we have spoken to South Africa, about potentially bringing this pilot to Africa if it proves to be successful.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Japanese firms increase investments in advanced tech in Vietnam

[Wed 15:03] HCM City - Japanese investment in Vietnam has strongly developed in both quality and quantity as investors are applying the most advanced technologies in production, experts have said. Japan's Daikin Vietnam factory, for example, illustrates the trend in which the Japanese are investing more in highly advanced technology in Vietnam. Compared to factories of Daikin Global, the factory in Vietnam has the most advanced technologies as it is the first factory to use AGV, an automatic machine that delivers supply components to production lines. In addition to using sensors, Daikin Vietnam uses many other technologies such as FDI technology and cameras from which the company can obtain inspection data and production data.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Thailand’s and Hong Kong’s central banks join up to study CBDCs

[Wed 15:03] Even their rush to regulate the sector can barely compare to the interest in crypto that central banks have developed. The fact that the banks would still remain in charge of the money served as an incentive to many other regulators and central banks to start looking at the concept in a more positive light. The People's Bank of China, China's central bank, is taking the lead, and it might become the first bank to launch its own coin. Multiple Asian and European central banks are also joining forces an initiating a joint study of digital currencies in order to try and stay ahead of Facebook, turning 2020 into the year of CBDCs along the way.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

US SEC makes a move against another ICO

[Wed 13:03] The US Securities and Exchange Commission continues its campaign against ICOs in 2020 as well. Recently, the regulator made another move against supposedly fraudulent Initial Coin Offerings which sold unregistered securities in an attempt to raise funds back when ICOs were at their peak. This is only the last one in a long string of lawsuits that the SEC has filed against fraudulent ICOs that have sold securities, without previously registering them with the authorities. While the ICO sector is still far from being resolved, the SEC also started looking into IEOs, which became popular in early 2019, starting with Binance's sale of BitTorrent token.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

UPDATE 1-Hong Kong, Thai central banks closer to using digital currencies for cross-border payments

[Wed 13:03] HONG KONG, Jan 22 - The Hong Kong and Thai central banks have moved a step closer to being able to use central bank digital currencies to make payments between the two countries more efficient, the banks said on Wednesday. The Asian banks' work, part of a project begun in July, comes a day after the central banks of Britain, the euro zone, Japan, Sweden and Switzerland said they would jointly study the case for digital currencies. The two banks said they had successfully built a prototype system that allowed banks in the two countries to use a CBDC to transfer funds and make payments between themselves, potentially cutting layers out of typical existing processes. The two central banks worked with commercial banks including HSBC and ZA Bank, a new online bank run by online insurer Zhong An, as well as Bangkok Bank.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

JLL appoints Kathleen Stubbs as chief information officer for Australia, NZ

[Wed 12:03] SINGAPORE - JLL has appointed Kathleen Stubbs as chief information officer for Australia and New Zealand. Previously, Stubbs was serving as global head of infrastructure and service delivery for Knight Frank's global head office in London. "Kathleen's global and Australian experience is impressive and spans blockchain for property, IoT, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation solutions," says Stephen Conry, CEO of JLL Australia & New Zealand. Silicon Valley veterans Mihir Shah and Yishai Lerner have been named to oversee JLL Technologies and will join the company's global executive board.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

The Accra Digital Centre: Ghana’s business, technology and innovation hub

[Wed 11:03] The Accra Digital Centre is a Business Process Outsourcing or Information Communication Technology Centre established by the Government of Ghana under the administration of then President John Dramani Mahama in 2016. Over all, The Accra Digital Centre, which is adjacent the State Housing Company, Ring Road West, near the Kwame Nkrumah interchange in Accra, is managed by the Ghana Digital Centres Limited - which is its parent company under the Communications Ministry. The Ghana Innovation Hub believes in the power of businesses as well as that of technology in improving business operations. Kofi Ofosu Nkansah heads the Accra Digital Centre as its Managing Director, with David Antwi Ofori serving as the Head of Operations for the Centre.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

DWS snaps up Canberra hotel for European fund

[Wed 07:03] Opened in June 2019 following an extensive refurbishment, the 4.5 star hotel comprises 144 brand new, apartment-style hotel rooms over ten floors. The hotel will be operated by Pro-invest Group under the Sebel flag. James Bartlett, Head of Real Estate, Australia at DWS said the attractive outlook for Canberra Hotel market fundamentals, combined with the asset's prime location, make for a compelling investment proposition. He added: "We are pleased to have secured this off-market opportunity, and we look forward to working with Pro-invest Group to enhance the Hotel's operational performance."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Hutsy, the Global Real Estate Investment Platform, Raises $60K Pre-Seed Round

[Wed 03:03] Toronto - January 21, 2020 - Hutsy, the start-up for global real estate crowdfunding investment, has disclosed raising $60,000 60K in a pre-seed round. The start-up is a global real estate crowdfunding investment platform utilizing the lease and rent strategy, a very unique and different approach. The investment can be as little as $100. The almost universal access to global real estate investment for everyone is precisely the mission it has been founded. "Our goal is to become a global standard for real estate investment using the blockchain technology. We want to create an ecosystem where blockchain and real estate will thrive side by side to create an avenue of wealth creation for everybody," says Hutsy Founder and CEO, Tefari Bailey.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

JLL appoints CIO for Australia and New Zealand

[Wed 02:03] "CEO of JLL Australia & New Zealand, Stephen Conry said,"Kathleen's global and Australian experience is impressive and spans Blockchain for property, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation solutions. "JLL has been at the forefront of investing in our people, innovative technology and systems to deliver new technology-driven real estate offerings for our clients," said Mr Conry. JLL announced in September this year the formation of JLL Technologies, a new business division that will align and expand its technology and digital initiatives, and accelerate innovation in commercial real estate for its investor and occupier clients. Longtime Silicon Valley veterans Mihir Shah and Yishai Lerner, who have led JLL Spark since 2017, have been named to oversee JLL Technologies and will join the company's Global Executive Board.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

New CIO for JLL in Australia and New Zealand

[Wed 02:03] Kathleen Stubbs brings experience across blockchain for property, IoT, AI and RPA. Kathleen Stubbs, the new CIO for JLL across Australia and New Zealand, came from Knight Frank's global head office in London, where she was global head of infrastructure and service delivery, or the deputy global CIO. JLL is a professional services firm specialising in real estate and investment management. Stubbs' global experience is impressive and spans blockchain for property, IoT, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, says Stephen Conry, CEO of JLL Australia and New Zealand. He says JLL has been at the forefront of investing in people, innovative technology and systems to deliver new technology-driven real estate offerings for their clients. JLL has earlier formed JLL Technologies, a business division that will align and expand its technology and digital initiatives, and accelerate innovation in commercial real estate for its investor and occupier clients.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Schulte Roth & Zabel Presents Its 29th Annual Private Investment Funds Seminar

[Wed 01:03] Renowned for its market-leading funds practice, SRZ is the most sought-after law firm for the world's leading private investment funds. "We are excited to present today's program, which covers many interesting developments. Among them, we will discuss the issues faced when traditionally liquid-focused firms expand their offerings to include private investments. We will discuss the different approaches taken to address this expansion, including use of side pockets, creation of hybrid funds and launch of standalone private equity funds," commented Stephanie Breslow, SRZ partner and co-head of the Investment Management Group. "Our conference is an annual gathering of recognized leaders in the asset management space. We are very pleased to present our 29th Annual Private Investment Funds Seminar," commented Alan Waldenberg, chair of SRZ's Executive Committee. With a great depth of practice, SRZ advises on the formation and operation of a wide array of funds with varying investment strategies, including hedge funds, private equity funds, credit funds, distressed funds, real estate funds, activist funds and hybrid funds, among others.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

A $134 Million Building in Zurich Has Sold Via Cryptocurrency

[Wed 01:03] Last week, as Swiss outlet SWI reported, Zurich real estate investment firm BrickMark bought a majority stake in Bahnhofstrasse 52, a property on "One of the world's exclusive and most prestigious luxury shopping boulevards," according to a press statement. To complete the deal with real estate investment group RFR Holding, known for purchasing the Chrysler Building in 2019, BrickMark partially completed the sale by creating and issuing proprietary BrickMark tokens based on the Ethereum, a type of cryptocurrency blockchain protocol. With these tokens representing a reported 20% of the roughly $134 million transaction, BrickMark's acquisition of the property now registers as the largest blockchain token-based real estate transaction in history. If the owner of the Chrysler Building sees the merits of dealing in digital tokens, you can bet that at least some of the big shots in charge of real estate portfolios have already put in a call to their IT team.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Signature Bank (SBNY) CEO Joseph DePaolo on Q4 2019 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

[Tue 22:03] Good morning and thank you for joining us today for the Signature Bank 2019 fourth quarter and year-end results conference call. For the 2019 fourth quarter, we had net charge-offs of 2.5 million or 3 basis points compared with 2.9 million for the 2019 third quarter. The provision for loan losses for the 2019 fourth quarter were 9.8 million compared with 1.2 million for the 2019 third quarter and 6.4 million for the 2018 fourth quarter. The Bank's efficiency ratio was 39.9% for the 2019 fourth quarter versus 34.9% for the comparable period last year and 40.2% for the 2019 third quarter.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

A $134 Million Building in Zurich Has Sold Via Blockchain

[Tue 20:03] Last week, as Swiss outlet SWI reported, Zurich real estate investment firm BrickMark bought a majority stake in Bahnhofstrasse 52, a property on "One of the world's exclusive and most prestigious luxury shopping boulevards," according to a press statement. To complete the deal with real estate investment group RFR Holding, known for purchasing the Chrysler Building in 2019, BrickMark partially completed the sale by creating and issuing proprietary BrickMark tokens based on the Ethereum, a type of cryptocurrency blockchain protocol. With these tokens representing a reported 20% of the roughly $134 million transaction, BrickMark's acquisition of the property now registers as the largest blockchain token-based real estate transaction in history. If the owner of the Chrysler Building sees the merits of dealing in digital tokens, you can bet that at least some of the big shots in charge of real estate portfolios have already put in a call to their IT team.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

How families can make positive impact investments and get results

[Tue 18:03] With family next-gens responding to impact over traditional philanthropy and 81% of impact investments exceeding yield expectations, the sector has firmly gone mainstream. 33% of families surveyed for the Campden Wealth Global Family Office Report 2019 said there was a lack of well-known companies with short track records in the impact space, when asked about their barriers to impact investing. Only two years later, Clear Genetics was acquired by Invitae, a US publicly-traded company, for $50M. How would you rate the professional expertise available to families interested in impact investing? Ideally the positive impact overcomes the negative, providing the opportunity for a net positive impact investment but as you can see it's not always black and white.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

WEF 2020: Accenture study says most companies facing limited growth due to innovation achievement gap

[Tue 12:03] The global study by Accenture, released here at the World Economic Forum, showed that companies that invest in scaling technology and innovation across their organisation witnessed significant growth in revenue generation. "The survey, with data from more than 8,300 organisations across 20 countries and 885 CEOs, analysed the adoption of both mature and emerging technologies - such as artificial intelligence, cloud, blockchain, and extended reality. It found that just 10 per cent of companies are making optimal technology investment and adoption decisions and realising the full value of those investments."It goes without doubt that the technology path chosen by companies today will determine their financial success in the future. "Most companies are risking significant future revenue growth because of the gap between the potential and realised value of their technology investments," said Paul Daugherty, Accenture's chief technology and innovation officer. Daugherty further added that "Our report offers CEOs a new roadmap to help make strategic investments that narrow this innovation achievement gap and fuel higher growth."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Bahrain poised to become major hub for technology and innovation

[Tue 10:03] MANAMA: Bahrain is poised to become a major hub for technology, innovation and finance through its bold regulatory reforms and by attracting global talent, according to a new report. "With its skilled population, low cost of living and continued investment in technology infrastructure, Bahrain is positioned to continue to achieve positive outcomes." "Foreign direct investment in Bahrain has increased from 0.2pc of GDP in 2015 to 4pc in 2018 with major non-oil related global investors such as Amazon, Ariston Thermo, Mondeléz International and Wonder News Technology having chosen Bahrain as their regional base," said the report. "Bahrain's ambition goes beyond fintech, as it wants to become a technology and innovation hub," stated the report.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Dahua Technology secures Astana’s BI-City Tokyo residential complex with Smart Residential Solution

[Tue 09:03] Meeting all the above requirements, Dahua smart residential solution was chosen to be the security solution provider of BI-City Tokyo. Dahua smart residential solution provides an integrated management platform for the personnel of BI-City Tokyo. Dahua smart residential solution provides an integrated management platform for the management personnel of BI-City Tokyo. "We adopted analog solution in the first phase. From the second phase, we replaced all of analog system with Dahua's IP video intercom solution. We hope that Dahua will help us complete the solution planning of the three, four, five, and six phases," said Arman Lesbekov, General Manager of BI Group.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Orthogonal Thinker Welcomes New CEO as Company Opens Investment Platform Alkaloid Accelerator Enrollment

[Tue 07:03] KIHEI, HAWAII, Jan. 21, 2020 - via NEWMEDIAWIRE - Orthogonal Thinker Inc., a holding company focused on health and well-being through clean-label, whole plant products as well as psychoactive compounds, announced the appointment of Company Co-Founder Jason Hobson as Chief Executive Officer. The Alkaloid Accelerator is a first-of-its-kind investment platform that embodies Orthogonal Thinker's forward-thinking approach to the nutrition and wellness industry. Orthogonal Thinker invites visionaries, founders, and entrepreneurs that have built businesses aligned with he Company's mission of individual empowerment through health and wellness to apply to the Alkaloid Accelerator. About Orthogonal Thinker Inc. Orthogonal is a platform company focused on health and well-being through clean-label, whole plant products, and prodrugs, including psychoactive compounds.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Leading Decentralized Investment Banking Group - Coinstreet Partners, Awarded Asia Futurist Leadership Award

[Tue 07:03] Asia Futurist Leadership Awards recognize family offices, family enterprises, industry professionals, private banks, institutions, funds and new ventures around the world that are creating a positive environment, promoting sustainability and making social impact, ultimately contributing to the creation of a better world. "We are very pleased to see Coinstreet Partners win this award and look forward to their continuous effort to make digital assets widely available, and bring value to investors and to economic development." "Congratulations to Coinstreet for winning the Asia Futurist Leadership High Flyer Award, it recognizes them as an outstanding deal originator in Asia., and their vision to crossover Finance, Media and Technology is an exciting future trend,." said Ms. Mercedes Ho., Executive Director of Forbes Global Alliance, and the presenter of the award. "We are very honored to be the recipient of the Asia Futurist Leadership Award. It represents a significant recognition of our efforts and vision of the convergence between the traditional financial eco-system and the digital assets system."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

It’s Looking Up For This ‘Risky’ 9% Yielder

[Tue 06:03] As we discussed back in October, Colony sold its entire portfolio of industrial warehouses to Blackstone Group. Last quarter, it acquired Digital Bridge, one of the nation's premier institutional managers of digital real estate. A few weeks ago, Colony made its first-ever direct investment in digital properties, spending $185 million for a 20% stake in DataBank. CEO Tom Barrack explained the pivot into digital infrastructure with an enlightening perspective, saying that the age-old real estate mantra of "Location, location, location" was giving way to "Connect, connect, connect."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Kathleen Stubbs new JLL CIO

[Tue 06:03] Former Knight Frank exec, Kathleen Stubbs has joined large property group, JLL as its new chief information officer. "JLL has been at the forefront of investing in our people, innovative technology and systems to deliver new technology-driven real estate offerings for our clients," he said. In September last year, the company created JLL Technologies, a new business division that will align and expand its technology and digital initiatives and accelerate innovation in commercial real estate for its investor and occupier clients. Silicon Valley veterans Mihir Shah and Yishai Lerner, who have led JLL Spark since 2017, have been named to oversee JLL Technologies and will join the company's global executive board.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Three Big Investment Opportunities in the Retail Carnage

[Tue 04:03] The fact is Australia is blessed with all manner of minerals, and for the savvy, speculative investor, I see big opportunities here in the year ahead. In infrastructure metals, in battery materials, and in mining technology. Much ink has been spilled on the death of retail over the years. Here are three areas set to thrive in the new retail reality of spots and stripes. There are investment opportunities here for you in sensor tech, AI stocks, and innovative retailers like Amazon.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Top Real Estate Investors To Keep Track of in 2020

[Tue 03:03] Craig Martinez is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, CEO of Now Home Buyers, Wholesale Florida Homes and founder of Flip Boss Inc. a Real Estate Investing Academy. He spent $60,000 in his first year of investing on coaches and courses and positioned himself around the top Real Estate investors in the Canadian Real Estate industry. His company, Real Estate Worldwide is considered to be one of the premier real estate education companies in the country and they continue to help thousands of entrepreneurs each year with innovative solutions for lead generation, automation, and scaling. Chris Bustos is the CEO and owner of Bellator Real Estate LLC. He was inspired to pursue a career in real estate by his father, who was a successful real estate investor in Houston.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

VIP-Media: Top Real Estate Investors To Keep Track of in 2020

[Tue 03:03] Craig Martinez is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, CEO of Now Home Buyers, Wholesale Florida Homes and founder of Flip Boss Inc. a Real Estate Investing Academy. He spent $60,000 in his first year of investing on coaches and courses and positioned himself around the top Real Estate investors in the Canadian Real Estate industry. His company, Real Estate Worldwide is considered to be one of the premier real estate education companies in the country and they continue to help thousands of entrepreneurs each year with innovative solutions for lead generation, automation, and scaling. Chris Bustos is the CEO and owner of Bellator Real Estate LLC. He was inspired to pursue a career in real estate by his father, who was a successful real estate investor in Houston.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Best Real Estate Technology Trends in 2020

[Tue 01:03] Today, the real estate industry is connecting their ways towards technology that is going to be very helpful for Buyers, Sellers, as well as Investors. The development of a website or an app can be done with the help of a real estate development management software, which is developed by real estate software development company, that provides services like real estate development design, CRM software for real estate developers and lot more related to the real estate software industry. So how can we forget real estate? Like autopilot in the airplane, there is automation in applications and websites also. Investment Purpose Knowledge: From a Brick To a Home.Websites and applications of real estate companies have their separate page to give knowledge about the property, investment and gives an idea about which property to choose.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Tokenizing Real World Assets the FinNexus Way: Part 2 — How to Tokenize?

[Mon 23:03] The formalized binding of the token and its individual real world asset is where RealT's innovation truly shines. Once the market for digital assets diversifies further and cements its status as a fundamental layer in the blockchain economy, we will see increasingly innovative combinations of tokenized real world assets from similar regions with similar risks being tokenized into a diversified fund. The economic benefits of the underlying real estate assets are all set to accrue to token holders. Referring to assets with relative fixed future cash flows, one may take the groups of assets out of the legal entity and package them into asset-backed tokens using a structured mechanism.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Inel: Investments real estate blockchain

[Mon 23:03] One of the most reliable and profitable investments is the purchase of real estate abroad. Firstly, this type of real estate is considered a source of regular income, and secondly, having real estate abroad, you always have the opportunity to break out of the daily rush. Transferring ownership of the blockchain book, dividing it into small fractions, and ensuring the availability of digital fractions in the form of tokens creates a new way for investing in real estate. Project ManagementWhen we think about the transition of the real estate investment market to the digital realm and the codification of agreements in smart contracts, the first question we ask is land ownership and transfer agreements. Tokenization of real estate allows property owners to distribute tokens through the blockchain platform.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

The Sandbox Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem Inks Deal with

[Mon 20:03], the largest database of blockchain gaming and crypto collectible markets, has inked a partnership deal with The Sandbox, an upcoming decentralized voxel game world. For the uninitiated, LAND, in The Sandbox, is simply a digital piece of real estate in The Sandbox metaverse that allows players to build unique games and assets on top of it. The team says The Sandbox metaverse contains a total of 166,464 LANDs, out of which only a total of 123, 840 LANDS will be sold over the course of its multi-round presale. In December 2019, The Sandbox completed the first round of its LAND NFT presale, selling a total of 3,096 LANDS to participants, within just four hours of the event.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Blockchain game SKG entertainment competitive value sharing

[Mon 19:03] Recently, Star King Group Entertainment International released a strategic plan for 2020, which will expand the digital entertainment value sharing platform based on the original resources. The advantages of the SKG digital entertainment value sharing platform are highlighted, and it will provide the best user experience in the fastest way. Realize the digital financial value circulation in the entertainment competitive ecosystem, ultimately achieve user data security, and increase profits for users. The development direction of SKG will be combined with the entertainment value system to provide global users with digital asset storage, exchange and settlement services for entertainment betting.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Top 15 Big Data Development Companies In India & USA | 2020

[Mon 15:03] As the year started with Cloudera and Hortonworks merger, there has been a massive upsurge in Big Data landscape across the globe, with firms flocking to harness the advantages and importance of Big Data Development solutions and it's an arrangement for the business success. The Big Data industry worth is predicted at $189 billion, almost around $20 billion more than 2018, and is forecasted to reach $247 Billion by 2022.As rapidly the year started, it's nearly over, which means it's the high time for everyone to wear their thinking caps and make predictions for 2020.As we step in the next phase, getting ready for 2020 Big Data Trends is the essence of the time to see how Big Data Analytics companies in India handle the landscape. Indium Software is a technology solutions, especially known among the best Big Data Development company committed to gratify exceptional, customer-centric solutions across Big Data Engineering & Analytics, Blockchain Development, independent QA and Gaming. ThirdEye Data is a Silicon Valley-based one-stop-shop for Data Sciences, Analytics, and Engineering Services, which over the years crafts them as one of the reliable choice for Big Data consulting services.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Former Turner Sports COO Matt Hong to Join Liquefy Advisory Board

[Mon 13:03] Liquefy today announced that Matt Hong, former Chief Operating Officer of leading US sports media company Turner Sports, will be joining the FinTech company as the inaugural member of its new advisory board. Well-established in the real estate industry for its platform that facilitates blockchain tokenization of assets, Liquefy will tap Hong to bring his extensive experience in the sports industry to advise Liquefy on its expansion toward the tokenization of sports-related assets. "I'm thrilled to join the advisory board of Liquefy and help the company establish a beachhead in the sports marketplace," said Matt Hong. In his previous role as COO of Turner Sports, Hong was a leading figure in Turner's league partnerships and rights deals with the NBA, NCAA, MLB, UEFA, the PGA of America, NASCAR, and the PGA TOUR. Also during his time with Turner, Hong led the acquisition of Bleacher Report, the #1 digital destination for millennial and Gen Z sports fans, and served on the board of directors of iStreamPlanet, WarnerMedia's industry-leading OTT streaming platform.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Worldwide: PropTech: Housing

[Mon 12:03] The waves of change, particularly from digital technologies and platform models, that have ruptured banking, insurance, manufacturing, as well as earlier industries such as retail and the music industry, have so far had little impact on the real estate industry. Real estate players would do well to remember that organisational and personnel changes are as key as technology in unlocking new opportunities, but that said the emergence of proptech is one that the industry cannot afford to ignore. Boston Consulting group suggests that '...industry stakeholders will need to respond to the challenges that demand for new housing forms will create through planning, ingenuity, investing in R&D, and collaborating with value chain partners17. Demand for new forms of housing will require an assembly of skills, aptitudes and partnerships not currently found in the industry.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Eyeplus Online Co. Ltd. Adds New Job Listings At Tim Viec For Quick ...

[Mon 08:03] Eyeplus Online Co., Ltd. has recently added the list of attractive vacancies for job seekers in different industries at its big online platform - Tim Viec. HANOI, VIETNAM / ACCESSWIRE / January 20, 2020 / Tim Viec, one of the biggest job portals for quick job search and recruitment, states that it has recently updated the new options in its job listings. Created by Eyeplus Online Co., Ltd. for candidates and recruiters, Tim Viec gets better jobs for all people seeking a growing career. The company has created a no.1 job site - Tim Viec, where job seekers can apply to millions of job opportunities across various industries, companies, and locations.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Crypto Today: Bitcoin bulls lick wounds after a sharp sell-off

[Mon 08:03] Among the 100 most important cryptocurrencies, the best of the day are Seele $0.1154, Bitcoin SV $268 and MaidSafeCoin $0.0779, The day's losers are, Nervos Network $0.0049, Steem $0.1636 and Bitcoin Diamond $0.5924. Prominent economist and Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff lost access to his Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin hit a new 2020 high at $9,184 on Sunday only to crash below $8,500 in a matter of hours. The market experts blame the sharp sell-off on a massive longs liquidation on BitMEX. The cryptocurrency BitMEX is the biggest trading platform for cryptocurrency derivatives that allows trading Bitcoins on margin.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Three Innovations That Will Help Shape Smart Cities in 2020 (And Beyond)

[Mon 04:03] As more businesses seek to achieve economic prosperity and build an improved quality of life for citizens, breakthrough solutions in areas such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and disruptive internet of things use cases, like drones as a service, are coming to the fore as the emerging technologies that will define smart city ecosystems. A smart city is considered to be a city that demonstrates cutting-edge master-planning and integrates this with data-generated insights, technological innovation, and thought leadership to deliver refined solutions for the urbanization of world-class living and business environments. The formal smart city innovation goals in the UAE are well-cemented with initiatives like Dubai Vision 2021 and UAE AI Strategy 2031, as well as premier events like the recent Abu Dhabi Smart City Summit. Du is blazing a trail for AI with a number of machine learningenabled e-health innovations to increase accessibility, affordability, and efficiency for patients in the smart city future.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

“Railways 2.0”: A Coming Bonanza?

[Sat 17:03] "One thing we have learned from Trump City and New York's Hudson Yards project: There is gold buried in old rail yards. Once combined with advanced technology like AI and automation, you could be seeing the next great infrastructure boom in America. The amazing thing is that"Railways 1.0" has quietly had a huge impact-but a much bigger one is coming. Donald Trump survived his bankruptcies mainly because he owned the rights to the former New York Central/Penn Central freight rail yards, which were used until the 1970s, when Penn Central declared bankruptcy and its Manhattan properties were put up for sale. Related Companies turned property property into an EB-5 zone by connecting it to a housing project in Harlem, and then essentially sold green cards along with shares to the tune of $1.2 billion. Once the prospect of mini-cities emerge and the possibility of using the underlying rail lines to service them grows, the game shifts to the better player-and that may not be the rail industry.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Manatt Fintech: What to Expect in 2020

[Sat 02:03] Established banks swallowing smaller fintech fish and digesting their tech or high-profile banks partnering with fintech. The consensus now is that a recession may come in late 2020 or beyond, light years away in the fintech world of short- and ultra-short-term maturity products. We expect Superintendent Lacewell will stay the course against the OCC Fintech charter that began under Superintendent Vullo. The ability to exclude deposits means that Fintech banks are not required to obtain deposit insurance from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which for better or worse has been a primary source of federal oversight for the Fintech industry through the examination of banking partners such as WebBank and Cross River Bank.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Sena's brand ambassador

[Sat 01:03] Mrs Kessara, 45, was an academic lecturer in Chulalongkorn University's Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy before beginning her career at Sena. Mrs Kessara says her first lesson came when Sena launched a low-rise project. Sena Solar Energy Co was set up as a wholly owned subsidiary in 2016 with expectations to install solar rooftops and farms totalling 100 megawatts at Sena's residential projects within three years. Mrs Kessara says Sena sees huge potential from the solar rooftop programme for households once the government lets the grid buy electricity from participating owners.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Frost & Sullivan CES 2020 Roundup—A Roadmap for Mobility Packed with a Pinch of Realism, Disruption and Extraordinary Opportunities

[Sat 00:03] As the Frost & Sullivan team clocked several miles to unearth how the industry perceives the evolution of the CASE/ACES world for the upcoming decade, the three most important themes we expect to shape the future of mobility are:.5G - We believe 5G will propel innovations that will redefine consumer experiences and spearhead the digital transformation across the automotive industry. As the industry traverses from a vehicle-centric to service-centric path, Frost & Sullivan analysis expects OEMs will be forced to develop or license new digital platforms to prepare for the future of CASE convergence. Bosch showcased their IoT shuttle highlighting how it can support both networked mobility services and on-demand mobility where as Rinspeed's demoed their modular pod system where modular body-styles will be used for modular on-demand business. This article was authored with support from the Frost & Sullivan CES team, and we will soon be publishing an exhaustive report capturing the key trends and showcases emerging from CES 2020.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

4 Ways Tech Can Improve Your Investment Strategy

[Fri 22:03] From new fintech innovations like blockchain to apps that help people make myriad investment decisions, you can now proceed with full confidence that there are several tech aids to help you navigate the markets and come out unscathed and with a fuller pocket. While that's a great thing that makes life and investment much more convenient, it also exposes you to attacks by hackers and other security breaches that could lead to financial loss if you don't protect yourself well enough. In all, the potential of technological innovation in revolutionizing investment is great and will probably have markets looking completely different a few years down the line. There are a variety of tools in the categories above that can help you get ahead of the curve and reward your investment strategy.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Advantages Of Using A Blockchain Platform For Researchers

[Fri 21:03] How exactly can the blockchain technology, like this blockchain platform from ARTiFACTS, be advantageous for researchers? You can learn everything in this post. Blockchain As A Service - The blockchain technology can be challenging to find and use in the past. There are now platforms for blockchain as a service that allows different institutions and organizations to obtain a template for implementing blockchain in their operations. Now that you've already understood what blockchain is, its different types, the current trends around it, and the industries that can benefit from it, it's time to delve into the main concern of this article, that is, what is the advantages of using a blockchain platform for researchers?  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Tips for investing in cryptocurrency

[Fri 19:03] Are you looking forward to investing in cryptocurrencies? If so, you must consider some points in mind otherwise all your investment might go in vain. Go through this blog and understand various tips to make your first investment in cryptocurrency. Check whether the person who is telling you about cryptocurrency is genuine or not and then wisely invest. If you want some more tips about investment strategies and other practices in cryptocurrency trading space, then you can join various BitMEX Trading Signal groups on Telegram.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Puerto Rico Incentives Code (Act No. 60) Now Officially in Effect

[Fri 15:03] PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - The former Governor of Puerto Rico., Ricardo Rosselló, signed Act 60-2019, commonly known as the Puerto Rico Incentives Code, into law on July 1, 2019., which came into effect on January 1, 2020. The Incentives Code consolidates various tax decrees, incentives, subsidies, and benefits, including Act 20, the Promotion of Export Services Act, and Act 22, the Act to Promote the Relocation of Individual Investors to Puerto Rico. Act 60 replaces Acts 20 and 22, meaning they are no longer in effect, and all applicants must instead comply with the requirements of Act 60.Chapter 3 of the Incentives Code, formerly Act 20, governs the exportation of goods and services. While the consolidation of the decrees, incentives, subsidies, and benefits governing taxation in Puerto Rico.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Property Management Trends for 2020

[Fri 14:03] Property management software systems are a real deal. Let's look at how the latest trends in property management software solutions have shaped the real estate market. Cloud-based property management tools are built for housing market investors and property managers. Post-2017, many properties were sold using Blockchain technology, which led to the emergence of several property management companies.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Predictions: Lewis Silkin's 2020 Tech Predictions

[Fri 12:03] The team at Lewis Silkin round off our series of Predictions for the year with a set of 20 predictions for 2020 touching on folding phones, 5G, AI in sports, 3D bio-printing and more. Whether you embrace new tech with gusto or are more cautious about society's dependency on tech, it is certain that technological innovation will always be with us and what really matters is what technology we choose to deploy, how it is deployed, and how we adapt to the exciting changes. With inboxes becoming ever more cluttered and projects involving complex chains of stakeholders, more businesses are recognising ways of working beyond e-mail. The more interaction a chatbot encounters, the smarter it becomes, and so it seems chatbots will become more integral in allowing businesses to help address customer queries in a cost-efficient manner.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Video Storage Solutions to showcase IP video recording and storage at Intersec 2020

[Fri 12:03] Access control is a system which provides discriminating authentication Access control provides a discriminating authentication process and comprises the software or hardware that defines the criteria for acceptance or denial Used to describe a system which performs identification of users and authentication of their credentials access control is an incredibly broad term. Entrance control is the hardware responsible for keeping people honest If access control verifies authorised personnel using their credentials - their face, fingerprints, PIN number, fob, key card etc - and decides whether or not they are permitted access, entrance control is the hardware which enforces that decision by making users present their credentials in the correct way, either opening to allow pedestrian access or remaining closed to bar entry and potentially raising an alarm. State of the art access control integrations have been installed for award-winning complex, The Bower It's also possible to capture video footage of any incidents, allowing security personnel to identify users failing to abide by the access control system's rules, using It's also possible to capture video footage of incidents, allowing security personnel to identify users failing to abide by access control system rules the footage to decide on the level of response required. Entrance control and access control working together For optimum security, access control and entrance control should work together, with the entrance control system enhancing the use of the access control system, making it more efficient and better value for money.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Another Milestone After Another Trade Deal

[Fri 07:03] The market's got trade-deal fever now that two agreements have passed in as many days! The major indices responded on Thursday with a fresh round of all-time highs, including a new milestone for the S&P. The USMCA trade deal, which is the U.S./Mexico/Canada agreement that replaces NAFTA, passed the Senate today with 89 votes. The market gave back most of its gain yesterday once the deal was done, but today it rallied right into the close! Today's Portfolio Highlights:Surprise Trader: You don't often see companies that deal in real estate AND natural resources, which makes Forestar Group a unique company. Kevin had already been eyeing this premier diagnostic duo and was hoping to buy shares in the mid-$80s. He advised members of Healthcare Innovators to start a position today as the company plans to launch its next big test for liver cancer.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

A Swiss building has been tokenized and sold on blockchain

[Fri 06:03] The building buyer issued bond-backed crypto tokens, which figuratively represent "Shares" of building ownership. Recently, a building located in Zurich, Switzerland, has been tokenized and sold on the blockchain successfully. A Swiss real estate investment firm BrickMarket is the new owner of the building. The building was previously owned by a company called RFR Holding, which will still retain a version of the building ownership after the sale.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Blockchain-based real estate firm makes token-based purchase

[Fri 01:03] BrickMark has signed a purchase agreement for the prime commercial property on Zurich's prestigious Bahnhofstrasse in a deal worth over CHF130 million. Around 20% of the purchase price will be paid to current owner RFR Holdings in BrickMark's BMT security token. "BrickMark has set out to establish an additional form of capital in the institutional real estate market using blockchain technology," says Stephan Rind, CEO, BrickMark. Alexander Koblischek, MD, RFR Management, adds: "We gladly accepted the BrickMark tokens as part of the purchase price. We assume that digital financial instruments will also significantly gain in importance in the real estate sector in the future."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Top 20 Real Estate Investors to Watch in 2020

[Thu 23:03] Craig Martinez is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, CEO of Now Home Buyers, Wholesale Florida Homes and founder of Flip Boss Inc. a Real Estate Investing Academy. Rod Khleif is the host of the largest commercial real estate podcast on iTunes titled "Lifetime Cash Flow through Real Estate Investing", which has been downloaded over seven million times. His company, Real Estate Worldwide is considered to be one of the premier real estate education companies in the country and they continue to help thousands of entrepreneurs each year with innovative solutions for lead generation, automation, and scaling. Chris Bustos is the CEO and owner of Bellator Real Estate LLC. He was inspired to pursue a career in real estate by his father, who was a successful real estate investor in Houston.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Top Story: DC United extend Leidos shirt deal

[Thu 18:03] Major League Soccer's DC United have extended their shirt sponsorship deal with science and technology firm Leidos through the 2021 season. The deal sees Leidos continue to enjoy prime branding on the front of the team's playing shirts and at DC United's stadium, Audi Field, as well as across other club marketing assets. The value of the contract has not been made public but a 2018 report in the Athletic placed DC United's previous deal with Leidos as being worth US$3 million a year. "With the opening of Segra Field for the Black-and-Red's new USL Championship affiliate, Loudoun United FC, and the scheduled opening of DC United's new training facility in Leesburg, Virgina, in fall 2020, DC United and Leidos will have additional touchpoints to engage with local communities and fans."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Armanino Adds 11 New Partners for 2020

[Thu 18:03] SAN RAMON, Calif., Jan. 16, 2020 - Armanino LLP, one of the 25 largest accounting and business consulting firms in the U.S., today announced the promotion of nine new firm partners effective Jan. 1, 2020, as well as two new partners joining the firm. Nearly all the new partners participated in the firm's Partner Track program, part of Armanino's initiative to identify, educate and mentor potential partners internally at the firm. "The new partners are a phenomenal group of people who always find new ways to drive value for clients and serve as effective team leaders," said Matt Armanino, CEO of Armanino LLP. "They truly embody the firm's core values of innovation, entrepreneurism and positive energy. Most exciting is that they represent the firm's growth in a variety of geographies and service lines where they have created opportunities and made an impact on the firm." Armanino's ability to continually add and promote partners is a result of opportunities generated by the firm's strategic investment in new geographies, service lines and solutions.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Blockchain Expo: The Leading Blockchain Expo World Series Has Announced Dates for Its 2020 World Series.

[Thu 17:03] The leading Blockchain Expo World Series has announced dates for its 2020 world series. Dale Chrystie, business fellow and blockchain strategist at FedEx, and who spoke at Blockchain Expo North America, explains that blockchain is 'not only a technology discussion' for the almost 50-year-old company. As the leading enterprise event across IoT, 5G, Blockchain, AI, Big Data, Cyber Security and Cloud we offer different ticket types to cater for every delegate experience, you can join us with a Free Expo Pass which gives access to the co-located exhibition floor and the sessions taking place on the expo floor stages, Gold Pass which gives exclusive access to the entire Blockchain conference and networking opportunities and our Ultimate Pass which provides full access to all 5 expos! To find out more and register follow this link. We hope to see you at the Blockchain Expo Global event and make sure not to miss out Blockchain Expo Europe taking place at RAI, Amsterdam on 1-2 July 2020 and the Blockchain Expo North America will take place on the 4-5 November 2020.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Chrysler Building Owner Sells Stake in Zurich Property for ERC-20 Tokens and Cash

[Thu 16:03] The new owner of the Chrysler Building is selling a property worth $135 million to a blockchain real-estate company, taking a fifth of the purchase price in tokenized securities. New York-based RFR Holdings, which purchased the Chrysler Building in a joint agreement in March 2019, agreed to sell its majority stake in a commercial property in Zurich to BrickMark, a Switzerland-based real estate agency. BrickMark's ethereum-based tokens are hybrid digital securities - tokenized perpetual bonds that will be backed by property in the BrickMark portfolio. Discussing the Bahnhofstrasse deal, Dr Alexander Koblischek, managing director of RFR Germany, said: "We gladly accepted the Brickmark tokens as part of the purchase price. We assume that digital financial instruments will also significantly gain in importance in the real estate sector in the future."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

National Lacrosse League Partners With Greenfly to Enhance Content Distribution

[Thu 15:03] The National Lacrosse League has announced a partnership with Greenfly, a social media content distribution platform co-founded by former Major League Baseball All-Star Shawn Green. "We are thrilled to partner with Greenfly to streamline and facilitate content sharing for our athletes across social media and collaboratively contribute to the growth of the NLL" Nick Sakiewicz, National Lacrosse League commissioner, said in a press release. Online sports betting brand BetMGM has signed a deal to become the exclusive gaming partner of the National Lacrosse League. "When we bet on a multi-platform model last season, we intended to distribute NBB Caixa content to as many fans as possible. Partnering with Twitch fully meets this strategy, adding one of the world's largest streaming services to our list of media partners and seeking to reach and engage with a new audience," Kouros Monadjemi, president of Brazil's National Basketball League, told Sport Business.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

A simple plan: Invest today and earn rent tomorrow

[Thu 14:03] RealT is a system for tokenizing property ownership in the United States by putting each property in a unique LLC and then selling shares of the company to anyone who purchases a token. "The company acts as a wrapper for a property. That's how we turn a single deed into 1,000 digital tokens. Each token represents a share of a company and that's how we got the price of our token down to $63.75. This way, we reduce the costs of owning property and make it accessible on the internet," said David Hoffman, chief operating officer at RealT. Another unique element of this investment opportunity is that token holders collect rent on a daily basis. RealT hires property management companies that are responsible for sourcing tenants, collecting rent and managing repairs. Property management companies are paid a 5% cash fee from rent collected.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Dahua Smart Residential Solution helps upgrade BI-City Tokyo

[Thu 12:03] Meeting all the above requirements, Dahua smart residential solution was chosen to be the security solution provider of BI-City Tokyo. The complete solution deployed more than 300 pieces of Dahua equipment, including Indoor Monitor, Apartment Outdoor Station, IP Camera, Access ANPR Camera, Video Recorder, etc. As for vehicles, Dahua access ANPR camera ITC237-PW1B-IRZ is designed for extreme temperature environments. "We adopted analog solution in the first phase. From the second phase, we replaced all of analogue system with Dahua's IP video intercom solution. We hope that Dahua will help us complete the solution planning of the three, four, five, and six phases", said Arman, General Manager of BI Group.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

New Shore Invest launches a new shipfinance platform

[Thu 12:03] New Shore Invest launches a new shipfinance platform that offers equity based limited partnership shares to retail investors. "There is a market among investors as well as appetite from ship owners for fresh equity", says Hanno Tamminga, one of the founders of New Shore Invest. What is new with New Shore is that for every share investors get a Token, that is being generated on Ethereum blockchain and held in the investor's wallet. New Shore Invest hopes to offer retail investors a good alternative to real estate or stock markets and to fill a painful gap of equity for the shipowners.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Thierry Delvaux, CEO, JLL MEA: Reshaping the UAE's property market

[Thu 12:03] The pace of technological change continues to increase so look out for more ways that PropTech will shape the UAE real estate market in 2020. "Among the cyclical issues that will influence the market in 2020 will be the continued emergence of Saudi Arabia as the largest economy in the region, which has both positive and negative implications for the UAE real estate market". 2020 may well prove to be the year when flexible offices come of age in the UAE. Serviced apartments have been a feature of the UAE market for some time, blurring the previous distinction between residential and hospitality products. Among the cyclical issues that will influence the market in 2020 will be the continued emergence of Saudi Arabia as the largest economy in the region, which has both positive and negative implications for the UAE real estate market.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Genea announces takeover of cloud-based physical access control company, Sequr, Inc.

[Thu 10:03] Genea has announced that it has acquired cloud-based physical access control company, Sequr, Inc., thereby further expanding its portfolio of commercial real estate technology solutions. Sequr addresses the limitations and pain points related to using on-premise access control software with a cloud-based offering that improves convenience, transparency, security and safety. "Since its inception in 2014, Sequr was designed to automate physical access control to reduce the cost and time associated with managing access to your facilities," said Mike Maxsenti, co-founder of Sequr. Mike further states, "When we evaluated strategic alternatives to accelerate our growth, Genea immediately stood out. Our similar customer-centric values and product alignment made us confident that this partnership would best position us as a leader in the fast-growing cloud-based physical access control market. The Genea team has earned the trust of its property management and engineering customers which make it an outstanding platform for Sequr."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

ATMs, Cards, Phones, Crypto…What’s Next in This Sequence?

[Thu 06:03] Research from 2016 showed 59% of Australians had used contactless payment cards. While the rest of the world forges ahead with digital payments, innovation in payments and payment technology in Australia is stuck in the mud. We've gone from cash, ATMs to debit and credit cards, to contactless payments and mobile wallet transactions over the last 50 years. Sides will be chosen between the changing traditional system and the cryptocurrency system.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Exponential Change: Q&A With IBM General Manager Strategy & Market Development—Industry Platforms Shanker Ramamurthy

[Thu 03:03] Shanker Ramamurthy, General Manager Strategy & Market Development-Industry Platforms at IBM, talks with Global Finance about the breathtaking speed of today's technologies and what it means for financial services and businesses generally. Global Finance: One hears a lot these days about exponential technologies, technologies that are not just growing fast, but exponentially fast. Today, there are at least four technologies which by virtue of their exponential growth are having a material business effect. Successful executives in financial services today need to be ambidextrous in the sense of understanding their industry, but also grasping how technology is changing the industry landscape and business models.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Key Team Members

[Thu 02:03] Robin has more than 30 years of experience as a financial and business journalist and has worked across all media forms, including print, online, broadcast, radio and TV, as a thought-leader, presenter, producer and guest. This experience is global with a significant portion of it across European and Middle East markets. His experience involves brainstorming and executing a variety of B2B market research projects in global markets with a strong focus on frameworks, data, and primary information. He comes with 10 prior years of business-insight, data and analytics experience via his time at Standard & Poors Global Market Intelligence.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

What is blockchain?

[Thu 01:03] Blockchain solved the problem of 'double spending', recording what transactions had taken place on the network and preventing users from using the same digital token more than once. While a physical file room may have once been a fixture of such operations, a blockchain network can enable one to transmit data far quicker, and more accurately. Public blockchains operate a shared network that allows anyone to maintain the ledger and participate in the execution of blockchain protocol - in other words, authorise the creation of blocks. The frequency at which blockchain and distributed ledger are used interchangeably has created confusion over the technology as a whole, leading many to dismiss blockchain as simply a tool for Bitcoin.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Cisco Taps Six Golfers to Be Global Brand Ambassadors

[Thu 01:03] As part of the new policy, any player in the field who takes more than 120 seconds will be assigned an "Excessive shot time." Players who receive a second excessive shot time in a season will be fined $10,000. Top players can now earn $500,000 per year, more than triple the maximum compensation assigned under the prior CBA. Players will earn just under $130,000 per year on average, meaning average cash compensation for players will exceed six figures for the first time in WNBA history. The new CBA will also see the WNBA work with its affiliated leagues, teams and sponsors to provide current players with off-season job opportunities that are designed to prepare players for their post-playing careers. All 3ICE players will come from a professional hockey background and games will be played in a full-sized rink.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Nerd Street Gamers Partners With High School Esports Company PlayVS

[Thu 01:03] Esports infrastructure company Nerd Street Gamers has partnered with high school esports company PlayVS to provide coverage of the 2020 PlayVS High School Esports Championships on Twitch. The company will use its 18,000 square-foot Localhost Denver esports facility to host the Colorado League of Legends high school championship. Nerd Street is best known for building esports facilities dubbed "Localhosts" that host esports leagues, tournaments and training camps aimed at amateur gamers. Top players can now earn $500,000 per year, more than triple the maximum compensation assigned under the prior CBA. Players will earn just under $130,000 per year on average, meaning average cash compensation for players will exceed six figures for the first time in WNBA history.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

BrickMark Signs Record $135M Tokenized Real Estate Deal

[Thu 01:03] Law360 - BrickMark has signed a deal to buy a majority stake in a commercial property in Zurich for 130 million Swiss francs in what is the largest ever real estate deal funded by tokens, according to the Switzerland-based, blockchain-focused investment firm's announcement on Wednesday. BrickMark AG said on Wednesday that it's buying 80% of Bahnhofstrasse 52, an office and retail building, and will have an option to purchase the remaining 20% of the property within nine months. The seller is RFR Holding GmbH, and BrickMark said that "a considerable part of" that purchase price will be funded with tokens.... Stay ahead of the curve. Law360 provides the intelligence you need to remain an expert and beat the competition.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

The future of mortgages; as simple as buying car insurance

[Thu 00:03] Over the next decade, many borrowers will find making a mortgage application is as simple as buying car insurance, as the housing sector undergoes a technological revolution, according to a fintech expert. Pete Mugleston, of Online Mortgage Advisor, believes that the improvements to finance-based technological processes will soon mean that most borrowers will be able to find mortgages to suit their needs with ease. Mugleston claims: "We are on the verge of some real breakthroughs with APIs and automation, and I can see, in another ten years, the mortgage application being as simple as car insurance for many borrowers." Mojo Mortgages launched a 'white label' plug-in for third parties and has processed £140 million in home loan referrals in just one year.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Is this olive oil fake? IBM will let you check using blockchain

[Thu 00:03] To show its bona fides, Tunisian olive oil producer CHO has teamed up with IBM, using blockchain-an encrypted, decentralized database used to track transactions-to document key steps in a shipment's lifetime. Because a blockchain database has multiple copies, held by different parties, any change to the record has to be agreed upon by everyone involved-which means a single party can't manipulate the records and fool you into thinking you're buying legit olive oil when you're not. While Italian olive oil may be the most famous, it's not inherently the best, and Italy is not the top producer of olive oil. Using blockchain to document the steps in producing, testing, and shipping olive oil, or any other product, helps support its legitimacy.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Digital transformation success stories

[Wed 20:03] It is about transforming the business using technology - "Not adopting technology for the sake of technology," he said. Lennon built out new data centres that would enable Barings to benefit from modern technologies while supporting regulatory requirements for managing data. At a time when many companies are centralising analytics teams to serve their broader business, Dummann is pursuing a "Hub-and-spoke" model where McKesson's tech team strengthens its ability to provide analytics around the business. Hiring more data scientists, data engineers and other such positions is always a must, but in 2020 Dummann is focused on cultivating "Analytics translators" who possess both the analytics chops and domain knowledge to explain data science to the business.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

What Smart Contracts Mean for Real Estate Companies Sponsored Feature

[Wed 16:03] In the real estate industry, a classic example of where a smart contract could be implemented would be for transfer of a property title. While the potential savings are attractive to property industry professionals, in most jurisdictions the transfer of ownership is represented by a piece of paper and a smart contract needs a human to confirm the existence and authenticity of that piece of paper before it can execute - thus limiting the utility of smart contracts for these cases. In addition to purchase and sale agreements for properties, other examples in the real estate industry where smart contracts could increase certainty of execution, streamline processes and reduce costs include rental agreements; service agreements involving multiple activities, complex levels of service or service credits; commission agreements where certainty of payment is required; as well as service guarantees and warranties. In our view, while there are potential benefits to the real estate industry from smart contracts, at least initially, they may even cause legal costs to go up, due to the need for lawyers who can understand and test these high tech agreements.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

'We're just scratching the surface': EXp CEO on living in a virtual world

[Tue 18:03] EXp World Holdings CEO Glenn Sanford will be giving attendees at Inman Connect in New York a peek into that virtual world at the end of the month. Is this as far generally as you think this technology can be taken just in terms of helping the real estate industry? Or have we not scratched the surface of what existing in a virtual world could mean for the real estate industry yet? Yeah, I think we're just scratching the surface. One of the things that we're contemplating and we'll see if we get it done before Inman Connect we're thinking about the idea of actually creating an open campus specifically for real estate and real estate technology companies, giving them a place to work and for people to be able to drop in, have conversation with them, see their technology and sort of have an always on place for the real estate industry.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

What It Takes to Get a Crypto-Friendly Bank Charter in Wyoming

[Tue 18:03] The Wyoming Division of Banking would be the SPDI bank's primary regulator, not the risk-averse U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. The bank would also gain a master account at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, which would potentially allow it to deposit funds at the Federal Reserve as well as have access to the global payments system. These capital requirements are designed not to prevent a run on a leveraged bank - SPDI banks are required to keep all of customers' fiat demand deposits as liquid assets and cannot lend - but to be in effect in case the SPDI bank fails. While SPDI banks don't have to deal with the FDIC, the Wyoming Division of Banking will now have to play the FDIC's role in case of bank liquidation. SPDI banks may also have opportunities to bank other high-risk industries that were affected by Operation Choke Point like the firearm industry and coal industry, said David Pope, president of the DPACPA group of accounting firms and a volunteer advocate for the Wyoming Blockchain Taskforce.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Reputed Mobile App Development Company, Appinventiv Unveils the Cost and Time to Developing Apps

[Tue 16:03] Appinventiv, a Noida-based web and mobile app development company, recently published a blog to help everyone find a relevant answer to the question, 'How much does it cost to build an app'? In the past few years, various startups and establishments embraced the idea of having their own business app to make a better presence in the market, while many others invested to recreate their charm. One issue that is still preventing companies from bringing their business on mobile with the help of the right app development agency is that they are failing to get an exact value of app development cost. Seeing this, Appinventiv - a web and mobile application development company that has experience in building 900+ apps for clients globally - has shared a blog on app development cost. The team of 500 mobile app strategists, designers, coders, and quality analysts disclosed that the changing market trends and user preferences also play a pivotal role in making the right choices for your app development plan.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Liao Wang Introduced ATOSHI to Former Italian Prime Minister Renzi

[Tue 13:03] Atoshi CEO Liao Wang had dinner with Prime Minister Renzi and others at the magnificent Kunlun Hotel in Beijing. In addition to listening closely to Prime Minister Renzi's wonderful sharing, Atoshi CEO Liao Wang responded positively to the President's expectations. During the meeting, Prime Minister Renzi and Atoshi CEO Liao Wang had a cordial discussion and exchange on the culture between China and the West, and reached a preliminary intention, which paved the way for ATOSHI Project to speed up its layout and enter the next international market strategy. CEO Liao Wang even told Prime Minister Renzi, "We will expand into international markets in the future, especially in Italy, Spain and Latin America. If one day you see ATOSHI in Italy, it means I'm here. The chain of blocks can change the world, and we are working hard for it." Prime Minister Renzi was very optimistic about the application of block chain technology.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Huobi Exchange Partners With UAE Real Estate Firm to Enable Crypto Payments

[Tue 13:03] Major cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has partnered with a real estate firm in the United Arab Emirates to allow real estate investors to pay in cryptocurrencies. The Singapore-based crypto exchange has entered a partnership with fäm Properties, a tech-driven real estate agency based in Dubai, to offer crypto payment options for its real estate investors, UAE-based business publication reports Jan. 12.Crypto to enable more stability and liquidity in the real estate market. The cooperation will purportedly enable more stability and liquidity in the real estate market. The real estate market in the UAE has been actively embracing emerging technologies like blockchain and associated digital assets.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Signature Bank to Host 2019 Fourth Quarter and Year-end Results Conference Call

[Tue 11:03] Signature Bank, a New York-based full-service commercial bank, announced today that management will host a conference call to review results of its 2019 fourth quarter and year ended December 31, 2019 on Tuesday, January 21, 2020 at 10:00 AM ET. Signature Bank's financial results will be released prior to market open on Tuesday, January 21. Signature Bank, member FDIC, is a New York-based full-service commercial bank with 31 private client offices throughout the New York metropolitan area and Connecticut as well as San Francisco. Signature Bank is the first FDIC-insured bank to launch a blockchain-based digital payments platform, and Signet is the first such platform to be approved for use by the NYS Department of Financial Services. The Bank recently earned several third-party recognitions, including: appeared on Forbes' Best Banks in America list for the ninth consecutive year in 2019; and, named number one in the Business Bank, Private Bank and Attorney Escrow Services categories by the New York Law Journal in the publication's annual "Best of" survey for 2019, earning it a place in the New York Law Journal's Hall of Fame.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Blockchain Tech, Ethics, & Enterprise with Cryptographer Ben Fisch

[Tue 11:03] Blockchain researchers also hold a rather advantageous position in today's blockchain industry because of the fact that so many individuals working on the business side of blockchain are also creators and researchers of blockchain technology; unlike many other industries, the academic side of blockchain is not so far removed from the enterprise side. Ben also broke down some key technical concepts in blockchain and cryptographic research, as well as some of the ethics behind blockchain innovation, and the connection between academia and enterprise in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Before we got into the nitty-gritty of blockchain ethics and tech, we asked Ben a simple question-why the world really needs blockchain-based financial systems, including Findora? How well-connected are these two hemispheres of the blockchain brain? "I would say that especially within the blockchain engineering world, there is really a good relationship between academia and the business side of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry-in fact, I would say that there's really a grey line in between researchers and practitioners."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Top 20 Upcoming Fintech Events in Singapore in 2020

[Tue 10:03] Home to 39% of all fintechs in ASEAN, Singapore is the fintech leader in Asia Pacific and the fourth top fintech city in the world, according to the inaugural Global Fintech Index City Rankings 2020 report. Like previous years, Singapore will be hosting some of the region's biggest fintech events in 2020. Singapore Expo, 1 Expo Dr. The Singapore Fintech Festival is the world's largest fintech festival and a global platform for the fintech community. Like in 2019, SFF will be combined with the Singapore Week of Innovation and TeCHnology in 2020 to present SFF x SWITCH. SFF x SWITCH will return from November 9 - 13, 2020, and will build on the energy, ideas and partnerships established in 2019 to further strengthen the ecosystem for fintech and deep tech in Singapore and the region.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Zeptagram Will Empower Musicians by Allowing Them to OWN Their Publishing Rights

[Tue 10:03] That's exactly what Zeptagram is now trying to do via an innovative trading platform that allows buyers and sellers to exchange music rights like shares of stock on NASDAQ. The prime audience is musicians who might want to monetize their work by selling, say, a partial ownership stake in a composition while retaining majority interest - and, thus, creative control. On the Zeptagram platform, which launched on Oct. 1., artists can also do crowdfunding and share royalties proportionally with partial rights holders via smart contracts. On the "Buy-side" of the market, as Wall Streeters would say, Zeptagram is meant to be attractive to music lovers and non-musician investors, including many who are effectively shut out of the existing proprietary system for trading music rights. Png The Zeptagram App The Zeptagram app helps artists monetize publishing rights using distributed ledger technology.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Can Blockchain revolutionise real estate transactions?

[Tue 10:03] How might blockchain influence real estate transactions? Answer. There is considerable discussion about how blockchain could 'revolutionise' the client experience in a real estate transaction. There are three key stages of a typical real estate transaction which could effectively incorporate blockchain technology. Arguably, the ease of access to blockchain networks could make it easier for clients to carry out certain elements of a transaction themselves, or at least reduce the necessary workload of a traditional transactional real estate lawyer.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Organizations across the Middle East unlock growth with cloud company Oracle NetSuite

[Tue 09:03] "In the last year alone, we have seen more and more organizations that are operating in this region rethink their traditional business systems as they seek to increase operational efficiency and unlock new growth opportunities. At NetSuite, we are committed to helping organizations across the Middle East. take advantage of the cloud to elevate their business to the next level." Representing 105 member organizations across the globe, the ICC plays an integral role in the global growth of cricket. With an aggressive franchise growth strategy across the Middle East. About Oracle NetSuiteFor more than 20 years, Oracle NetSuite has helped organizations grow, scale and adapt to change.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Affordable Housing: How to unlock funding

[Tue 08:03] The word cryptographic is crucial since we do have many digital assets that are not cryptographically protected. Whereas the number of participants and the amount raised remains below expectation, M-Akiba has broken new ground and proven the concept of digital assets. The tweaking would require the use of Blockchain-based system to enhance transparency and accountability - hence the need for having cryptographically protected tokens or digital assets. Each county housing project would then be costed and issued with a fixed number of cryptographically signed digital tokens.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) Market...

[Tue 08:03] Pune, Jan. 14, 2020 - The global unified communication as a service market size is projected to reach USD 36.45 billion by 2026, thereby exhibiting a CAGR of 10.5% during the forecast period. This information is given in a recently published report by Fortune Business Insights™, titled, "Unified Communication as a Service Market Size, Share & Industry Analysis, By Component, By Organization Size, By End-User, IT and Telecommunications, Consumer Goods and Retail, Healthcare, Travel and Transportation, Public Sector and Utilities, and Others) and Regional Forecast, 2019-2026." The report further states that the market was worth USD 16.73 billion in 2018. Lastly, the increasing adoption of tablets and smartphones, coupled with the persistent development of 5G infrastructure, are expected to propel the UCaaS market growth during the forthcoming period. Out of these, North America had generated USD 6.68 billion UCaaS market revenue in 2018 and is expected to dominate the market in the coming years by reaching USD 13.34 billion.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Bancassurance Market 2019 by Manufacturers, Types, Regions and Applications Research Report Forecast to 2025

[Tue 08:03] Extensive research carried out on the Bancassurance market related to its business and service shows that the growth rate of the market would rise considerably. 1.The report Research provides key statistics on the market status of the Bancassurance manufacturers and is a valuable source of guidance and direction for companies and individuals interested in the industry. 5.The report Research estimates 2019-2025 market development trends of Bancassurance industry. To view the original version on ABNewswire visit: Bancassurance Market 2019 by Manufacturers, Types, Regions and Applications Research Report Forecast to 2025.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

The Best Podcasts For Saving Money

[Tue 05:03] Imagine you had access to some of Australia's best property, finance and investment professionals - you'd make better money decisions, don't you think? That's where podcasts come in. There are some outstanding local podcasts that can help you understand the economy, master investing and get on top of all the latest finance news. We've found the 14 best money podcasts in Australia for you to devour during your daily commute or exercise session. Two of Australia's leading buyer's agents, Ben Kingsley and Bryce Holdaway, share all their best property advice and chat with some of Australia's best property and finance professionals.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Sovereign wealth fund mowed down

[Tue 01:03] Finance Minister Uttama Savanayana has ruled out the private sector's request that policymakers to set up a sovereign wealth fund to curb the baht's strength. The government has no plans to establish a sovereign wealth fund because the incorporation would require the consideration of multiple issues including the laws and scope of investment, he said. Several countries including Singapore have set up sovereign wealth funds as their laws allow them to do so, said Mr Uttama. Calls for the Bank of Thailand to earmark some foreign reserves to invest through a sovereign wealth fund to generate higher returns and tame the baht's rise have been made from time to time.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Musician Akon confirms he is building his own city in Senegal, Africa

[Tue 01:03] Grammy-nominated singer Akon is confirmed to be building a futuristic city in Senegal - described as a "Real life Wakanda" - and base its economy around a new virtual currency named after himself. The well-known rapper finalised the agreement for 'Akon City' in Senegal this morning, with a post on Instagram, saying "Looking forward to hosting you there in the future". The new city will be created on 2,000 acres of land granted by Senegal president Macky Sall, according to the Akoin website. The site says that the city is 'within five minutes of the new international airport, close to the coast and a short drive from Dakar, the capital city of Senegal'.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

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