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Why Millennials Would Rather Buy Crypto Than Stocks

[Tue 04:03] Stocks have not only lost their luster with Millennials, who are expected to be the driving investment force in the next decade, but they are also facing competition in the form of cryptocurrencies. For millennials born January 1980, the stock market yields factoring in dividends produced flat returns for the 12-year period from age 18 to 30. 25 percent of affluent millennials reportedly are using or holding cryptocurrency and 31 percent are interested in using cryptocurrency. A 2019 survey from Bankrate indicated that 9% of millennials selected cryptocurrency as the preferred long-term investment, further confirming demand for virtual currencies is growing among the millennial demographic.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Ledger Vault, Coinstreet Partners And Global...

[Tue 04:03] These services are built on Ledger Vault's digital asset custody solution, which will be integrated with STO Global-X's digital asset tokenization and trading platform. "Professional investors and fund managers investing in STOs may not want to manage the private keys in-house. As STOs gain traction, there is a strong demand for 3rd party independent digital asset custody services," said Chan Heng Fai., Chairman of Coinstreet Partners. "By using Ledger Vault, BMI Coinstreet Digital and Global Intelligent Trust will reassure customers that their assets are safe and fully secure. For long term growth, a proper infrastructure must be in place. People take security and governance very seriously and we're delighted to support the consortium in their mission to provide this to their users," said Pascal Gauthier. Coinstreet Partners is a leading decentralized investment banking group and FinTech consultancy firm, focusing on four business segments including Token Finance Consultancy, Digital Asset & Wealth Management, Digital Asset Tokenization & Trading Platform, and Decentralized Finance & DLT Solutions.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Blockchain & the Changing Face of Frontier Markets

[Tue 00:03] One of the places that my Gucci-loafer-wearing peers aren't looking are frontier markets. Frontier markets are those countries that are less established and poorer than even emerging markets. Frontier markets generally have small, undeveloped stock exchanges and currency markets. Here's why you should consider investing in frontier markets.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Radix Engine: An Asset-Oriented Smart Contract Alternative

[Mon 23:03] As we discussed in a previous post, Radix is made of two layers: the Radix Engine and the Radix Ledger. The native language of development on top of the Radix Engine , and development on Radix starts not with smart contract code, but with defining the assets of the desired transactional system - in short, clearly defining the business need. These building-block style components are packaged into the Radix Engine Library that runs within the Radix Engine on Radix network nodes. Defining, issuing, managing, and transacting Radix Engine assets are all provided through the Radix API. Radix libraries in commonly-used languages like Java and Javascript make it as easy as possible to use the Radix API. No smart contract code is required.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Three simple steps to becoming a successful ecosystem player

[Mon 23:03] Digital business ecosystems, networks of organisations that provide integrated services to consumers in a way they could not have done on their own, provide a win-win scenario for customer and business alike. There are many examples of companies building and participating in expanding business ecosystems. 3*. Considering the disruption ecosystems are generating, and the seemingly unlimited business value they are unlocking, ecosystem engagement should be on every organisation's agenda. Building out, investing in or joining greater ecosystems allows you to capitalise on the offerings that other organisations provide, and this combination of products and services - that could never be achieved by one company alone - becomes a welcome differentiator.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Lewitinn named managing editor at CoinDesk

[Mon 22:03] Business journalist Lawrence Lewitinn has been hired as managing editor of markets at CoinDesk. He previously was editor in chief of Modern Consensus, a new website covering the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets. Lewitinn was deputy editor of the New York Observer as well as its business and tech editor. Lewitinn spent two decades in finance before reporting on it.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Top Funded Home Equity Startups

[Mon 20:03] The renter then builds equity in the home with every rent payment. UnisonUnison buys a portion of the home, whether directly from someone who already owns the home or by co-investing the downpayment. EasyKnockEasyKnock buys 70% of the homes in cash and rents it to the homeowner for up to five years. While startups focusing on home equity approach proptech from the transaction perspective, there are multiple other parts of the real estate value chain that is in the process of being disrupted.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Alleged Blockchain Funds Announced at 2018 Blockland Conference Never Materialized

[Mon 20:03] At last year's inaugural Blockland Solutions Conference in Cleveland, local leaders in the economic development and high-tech startup space announced significant forthcoming investments for area blockchain companies. FlashStarts, the local startup accelerator and micro venture capital firm which announced last week that it would pivot into corporate consulting, announced at the 2018 conference that it would create a $6 million pot to provide seed funding for blockchain startups. In addition to FlashStarts, the local accelerator JumpStart announced that it would devote serious resources to blockchain. The Blockland project manager hired in the fall of 2018 is no longer with JumpStart; a joint "Digital futures" think tank at Cleveland State and Case still has the same level of funding and physical plans that it did when it was first announced; and no one seems willing to hazard a guess about the current number of blockchain coders working in the region.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Sir Anthony Ritossa's Highly Acclaimed 10th Global Family Office Investment Summit Concludes in Dubai

[Mon 13:03] Chairman of Ritossa Family Office, a family business dating back 600 years to the Venetian Empire in Europe. "I am especially humbled that it was our most well-attended Summit to date and that so many family offices continue to return year after year so as to become like family to one another. In addition to doing business together we are truly united as a community of like-minded family offices committed to fostering peace and global cooperation." Founding Partner of Circle 7 Capital Family Office, led a riveting discussion of family dynamics with H.R.H. Prince Michel de Yougoslavie, Grandson of King Umberto. Justin Rockefeller, Co-founder of The ImPact and Director of Family Offices & Foundations at Addepar, Rockefeller Brothers Fund shared his family's strategies for keeping the family united, which include educational events, strong communications, family meetings, and more.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

South Korea: Gov’t Seeks to Tax Crypto Transactions as Capital Gains

[Mon 12:03] The South Korean government plans to tax capital gains on cryptocurrency transactions. While the government's capital gains bill will reportedly go ahead regardless of related legislation, The Korea Times notes that a more adequate definition of cryptocurrencies and digital assets will be required to provide clarity for the government's interventions. Among the matters to be clarified is the question of whether crypto-related gains are to be deemed similar to gains in stock trading or real estate transactions. As Cointelegraph reported, South Korea's proposed Act on Reporting and Use of Certain Financial Transaction Information will, if passed, stipulate that banks must issue real-name accounts to crypto exchanges.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

5 emerging trends that may reshape real estate sector in 2020

[Mon 07:03] Given the way the economy is moving forward and the sector's performance over the last 18 months, some trends are becoming prominent in the Indian real estate industry and are being embraced with the spirit of endurance. Technology has been playing a pivotal role in the growth of the real estate sector in India and has led to gains not only for buyers but also the sellers. India could potentially become a hub for blockchain technology in the real estate sector as it will bring the necessary confidence back in the system. The commercial real estate sector has been a big draw for foreign investors in the past five years owing to the steady demand and rising rentals.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

When Will Blockchain Technology Be a Game-Changer?

[Sun 12:03] This article from The Motley Fool describes the many benefits of blockchain technology and the companies who have blockchain patents. "Although there has been some experimentation with blockchain at the local level, the experts agree that the significant amount of challenges around implementation are preventing the technology from gaining traction in local government. 'Perhaps the largest challenge with blockchain is the data itself,' said Truell. 'Local governments still have structured data that will have to be moved into a digital platform before blockchain could be used.' Truell also emphasizes that major changes to the law would be needed to make blockchain a viable option." Despite the enormous amount of research into uses for blockchain technology and the large number of pilot projects using blockchain technology, many questions still remain. If not, we will certainly see tremendous progress, and some organization will release a true game-changing app based on blockchain technology in the early 20s. What is your view? Please share your thoughts on blockchain and this article on LinkedIn in our online discussion.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Business Direction Events UK holds successful seminar on recognising Cyprus as an investment destination

[Sun 01:03] "In this respect, we are promoting a number of various reforms, aiming to further improve the business and investment environment, including a tax incentives package for investment to innovative companies, a new law to fast-track licensing procedures for large investments, reforming of the judiciary system, implementing a National Strategy for blockchain technology, as well as significant reforms in the public sector, the welfare system and the health care system. "Furthermore, new and substantial investments have been materialized in the fields of banking, energy, shipping, telecommunications, retail, real estate and tourism, new sea ports, marinas and the largest integrated casino resort in Europe. In addition, over the last few years we have seen an increasing number of shipping management companies establishing a base in our country or expanding their existing operations."Besides the aforementioned sectors," Mrs Anastassiadou added, "there are significant investment opportunities in Renewable Energy Sources, technology, education, research and innovation, while a series of tax incentives are also provided for the growing start-up industry. "The commercialisation of the Limassol port in 2016 is one example, through which Cyprus' biggest deep-sea port is being developed into one of the most modern and efficient ports in the region. A negotiation process is in progress for Cyprus' second largest port, located in Larnaca, the commercialisation of which is expected to give a further boost to the tourism industry, an already booming sector of the economy."The industrial port at Vasilikos will be expanded to facilitate the support of the companies engaged with offshore exploration. The panels of experts gave their expert views and discussed the advantages and disadvantages in a variety of areas including the Cyprus investment programme, banking and tax benefits, the real return on investment in the construction and real estate sector and the final panel discussed the potential of doing business in Cyprus as a strategic investment choice.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

UAE at the forefront of blockchain adoption

[Sat 18:03] Marwan Al Zarouni, CEO of Dubai Blockchain Centre and member of the Dubai Future Council for Blockchain Technology, said: "The adoption of blockchain is so far very impressive we currently have 40 projects in the pipeline in different sectors from both the government and private sectors. The new projects are piloted in new areas using artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things." Tobias Young, head of product development and strategy, at the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange, said: "In 2020 I think we are going to see greater adoption of blockchain technology within the UAE, leading to a stronger and ever more inclusive ecosystem. We are already seeing a number of blockchain companies set up in the UAE and this is likely to continue to grow as regulatory frameworks in both the blockchain infrastructure and digital asset sectors become more established." Mark Balovnev, partner at Accelliance, said: "Since being invited to the UAE in 2017 we have worked on a number of implementations for public and private organisations and have gone live with several, particularly in the education sector. This year we published a report with the Smart Dubai Office on how to navigate blockchain implementation with a detailed analysis of common challenges and learnings from projects with recommendations for successful implementation. As part of our ongoing work we have surveyed over 100 stakeholders from over 60 organisations exploring blockchain in the UAE and have positive visibility over ongoing initiatives in the country." "The UAE can be a prime example to other nations that want to leverage blockchain to achieve economic success. There is no doubt that the UAE is at the forefront of blockchain adoption. Dubai has a very active business technology ecosystem in that the country is already probing the purpose and significance of blockchain and every emerging technology in the market," said Mohammed Saleem, founder and CEO of Trescon, which hosted its flagship event World Blockchain Summit in the UAE. "The UAE is turning out to be a popular destination for blockchain as the government has already set a target or an index to bring 100 per cent of government transactions on to the blockchain by 2020," added Saleem.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Buy a Monet instead of a Treasury? Art has shown long-term returns that rival bonds

[Sat 13:03] Impressionist art averaged 5.0%, while the art market as a whole returned 5.3% annually. Art can be a wildly volatile market - among other things it's subject to the whim of consumer tastes - but Citi said that it's becoming an increasingly popular way for investors to diversify their portfolio since art's return isn't correlated with any other major asset class. Contemporary art has been the top performer, returning an average of 7.4% annually, while art from the Impressionist period has returned 5%. The return on art most closely matches that of fixed income. After crunching the numbers from 13,000 works of art sold since July of 2016, the firm found a few key takeaways, including that holding art for longer typically lowers the risk of future returns, and that higher returns are typically given to more liquid artists.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Point72 Asset Management L.P. Buys 20,250 Shares of Xenia Hotels & Resorts Inc (NYSE:XHR)

[Sat 11:03] Point72 Asset Management L.P. lifted its stake in Xenia Hotels & Resorts Inc by 778.8% in the 3rd quarter, according to the company in its most recent 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Point72 Asset Management L.P.'s holdings in Xenia Hotels & Resorts were worth $483,000 as of its most recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. BMO Capital Markets restated a "Hold" rating and issued a $21.00 price objective on shares of Xenia Hotels & Resorts in a report on Monday, November 4th. Jefferies Financial Group cut Xenia Hotels & Resorts from a "Buy" rating to a "Hold" rating and lowered their price objective for the company from $26.00 to $22.00 in a research report on Thursday, October 17th. They noted that the move was a valuation call. The ex-dividend date is Monday, December 30th. This represents a $1.10 annualized dividend and a dividend yield of 5.12%. Xenia Hotels & Resorts's payout ratio is 49.55%. Xenia Hotels & Resorts Company Profile.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Medical Properties Trust, Inc. (NYSE:MPW) Position Boosted by Pictet Asset Management Ltd.

[Sat 11:03] Pictet Asset Management Ltd. grew its holdings in Medical Properties Trust, Inc. by 19.5% during the third quarter, according to its most recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Pictet Asset Management Ltd.'s holdings in Medical Properties Trust were worth $1,713,000 as of its most recent SEC filing. Finally, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Inc. lifted its position in shares of Medical Properties Trust by 87.0% in the second quarter. SunTrust Banks increased their price target on Medical Properties Trust from $20.00 to $21.00 and gave the company a "Buy" rating in a report on Tuesday, August 27th. Finally, Barclays set a $22.00 price target on shares of Medical Properties Trust and gave the company a "Buy" rating in a research report on Monday, October 21st. Four research analysts have rated the stock with a hold rating and eight have assigned a buy rating to the stock.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

BitFlyer’s New ‘Instant Buy’ Feature Lets Users Buy Crypto With Cards or Transfers

[Sat 03:03] BitFlyer launched its latest feature Instant Buy on Dec. 5 to provide its European users with the ability to buy cryptocurrency using a credit card, debit card and local instant transfer methods like Sofort, iDeal and GiroPay. Cointelegraph contacted bitFlyer regarding the launch of Instant Buy but had yet to receive a response as of press time. In September, bitFlyer announced that it was adding five new altcoins to its European trading platform: Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Lisk and Monacoin. All of these altcoins were available immediately to its European customers, while bitFlyer U.S. customers had immediate access to only three of these coins: BCH, ETC, and LTC.A month prior to that, bitFlyer and technology services company Tpoint Japan joined forces to allow local customers to exchange loyalty program points for Bitcoin and earn rewards for paying in crypto.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Xinyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. (XIN) Q3 2019 Earnings Call Transcript

[Fri 21:03] Good morning, and thank you for joining our third quarter 2019 earnings conference call. Hello everyone, and welcome to Xinyuan's third quarter 2019 earnings conference call. For the quarter, the net income was $5.4 million compared to $23.9 million for the quarter - for the prior quarter - for the same quarter of the 2019. In terms of the dividend, we announced our cash dividend for the third quarter of 2019 of the $0.10 per ADS, which will be paid before January 16, 2020, to shareholder of record as of December 18, 2019.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Xinyuan Real Estate Company Limited (XIN) CEO Yong Zhang on Q3 2019 - Earnings Call Transcript

[Fri 20:03] For the quarter, net income was only - what was 5.4 million compared to 23.9 million for the quarter in the - for the prior quarter - for the same quarter of 2019. SG&A expense were about 57.6 million for the third quarter of 2019 comparing to 47.7 million for the third quarter of 2018 and 63 million for prior quarter this year, which is actually a 9% reduction in terms of the absolute dollar amount. The balance of the company's real estate property under development at the end of this quarter was about 3.6 billion compared to about 3.8 billion at the end of the second quarter of the year. In terms of the dividend, we announced a cash dividend for the third quarter of 2019 or the $0.10 per ADS which will be paid before January 16, 2020 to shareholders of record as of December 18, 2019.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

State Street: 38% of Clients Will Put More Money into Digital Assets in 2020

[Fri 19:03] The majority of asset managers that bank with State Street are interested in digital assets such as bitcoin, but none have asked the global custodian to store them yet. According to a survey to be released next week, 94 percent of State Street clients hold digital assets or related products and 38 percent of them said they will increase their allocation of digital assets in 2020. State Street is embracing digital assets as it retrenches from an effort to retrofit its plumbing using distributed ledger technology, a sign that Wall Street is moving away from the mid-decade mantra of "Blockchain not bitcoin." "They were parallel paths. We can continue to pursue digital assets and go into that business should we need to without having to have a number of DLT engineers. We still have the expertise on staff, but we put less emphasis on the infrastructure piece and more emphasis on the digital asset piece."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Boerse Stuttgart’s Crypto Platform Goes Live at Full Capacity

[Fri 18:03] Germany's second-largest stock exchange, Boerse Stuttgart Group, has gone live in full capacity with its trading venue for digital assets. As of today, the newly launched Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange is available to all users in Germany and also for residents in the European Economic Area. Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange GmbH, a joint venture of Boerse Stuttgart GmbH, Axel Springer, and, is the technical operator of BSDEX. blocknox GmbH, another subsidiary of Boerse Stuttgart Digital Ventures GmbH, takes care of the custody of the crypto holdings on an escrow basis, free of charge for BSDEX users. "Trading at BSDEX is almost 24 hours, seven days a week. Orders are executed directly against each other according to fixed rules. Open order books provide information about existing orders and the current market situation. In addition, financial services provider EUWAX AG, a subsidiary of Boerse Stuttgart GmbH, increases liquidity by providing buying and selling prices. At BSDEX, there are transaction fees based on the type of order," the exchange further explains its technical specifications.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Robots, Colliers, VTS push tech into spotlight at TREF

[Fri 18:03] If there was one takeaway from a couple of days in Toronto for the Real Estate Forum it is that tech has begun its reign in commercial real estate. While including its usual panel discussions about each commercial real estate sector, the Real Estate Forum also gave a huge nod to tech. Other speakers alluded to the universe of "3,000 companies" competing in the real estate and prop tech spaces, noting there will be winners and losers, consolidation and disruption - even among the disruptors themselves. Panels focused on the impacts of tech transformation, innovation in the building sector, changing work environments, the emergence of the data centre sector, and building smarter buildings.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

11 Innovative Startups from Surat

[Fri 15:03] In 2019, we are increasingly coming across Startup Success stories from the Tier-2 cities like Surat contributing to solving problems through innovative means in sectors ranging across healthcare, Education, agriculture, Fin-tech, Blockchain technology etc. To give you an idea about which kind of Startups in Surat are leveraging the power of this scheme, we have compiled and curated the data relating to DIPP recognized Startups from Surat. iKoVerk Studios LLP. iKoVerk is a Vibrant "Co-working Space" in Surat that converges people from different Professional Backgrounds which may include Startups, Freelancers, Consultants, and Young Entrepreneurs. STAR. Space Technology and Aeronautical Rocketry, also known as STAR is a research-based startup that aims to make space travel commercial and to develop a culture of space research in India.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

HSBC’s plan to move $20bn in assets to blockchain could be a watershed moment

[Fri 15:03] Investment bank HSBC Holdings is using a blockchain distributed ledger technology to digitise transaction records of private investments, enabling clients globally to access the details of their assets online in near real-time. Even as HSBC and other financial firms are increasing their use of blockchain, Boston-based State Street Bank reportedly slashed more than 100 blockchain-related developer positions in a move away from the technology. State Street is by no means abandoning blockchain, but it is curtailing in-house development of the technology based on the Hyperledger open source platform. To create its own blockchain digital ledger, HSBC must have done a lot of "Heavy lifting," given the technology and its supporting middleware components that connect to legacy systems, are still "Relatively immature," Litan said.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

BUSINESS WIRE: Horizon8 Opens European Headquarters in Cork with Plans for up to 50 Jobs

[Fri 13:03] Horizon8, an innovative, technology solutions company today opens its European headquarters in Cork, Ireland. An Tánaiste, Simon Coveney, T.D. commenting on the opening said: "This announcement is great news for Cork and indeed Ireland. With up to 50 jobs planned, Horizon8 is placing a significant vote of confidence in the Irish Market and further demonstrates our competitive position in attracting Foreign Direct Investment. All of these roles will be for high-skilled workers, including engineers, developers and business consultants. As a Government, we have been committed to making sure that there is a strong pipeline of job opportunities outside of Dublin and today's announcement reaffirms this." Robert Williams, Chairman of Horizon8 said: "We are delighted to launch our European headquarters in Cork. The re-branding of HengTian to Horizon8 as well as the new office opening marks the next step in the evolution of our global business. Through our presence in Ireland we are ideally placed to serve a growing international client base, building on the successful work we have carried out over the past 15 years." Commenting on the opening, Patrick Horgan, Managing Director of Horizon8 in Europe, said: "For Horizon8, Cork offers us access to a deep talent pool, European connectivity and most importantly a location which is surrounded by best in class academic institutions. Through our collaboration with University College Cork, we are committed to driving R&D innovation in Ireland. We look forward to building our presence here in the coming years and creating jobs but also new, cutting-edge solutions for our customers around the world."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

HSBC’s plan to move $20B in assets to blockchain could be a watershed moment

[Fri 12:03] Investment bank HSBC Holdings is using a blockchain distributed ledger technology to digitize transaction records of private investments, enabling clients globally to access the details of their assets online in near real-time. By getting investors to interact with this data on the blockchain through decentralized applications supported by friendly user interfaces, HSBC is helping build the on-ramps and infrastructure needed to take blockchain DLT mainstream, according to Avivah Litan, a Gartner vice president of research. The bank has been involved with enterprise DLT firm R3 since at least 2015, so it has had time to research and test various blockchain ideas, according to Michela Menting, digital security & blockchain research director at ABI Research. Blockchain is not middleware meant to tie into existing legacy systems, but there are methods for automating the flow of data from ERP systems to blockchain networks.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Blockchain Market Size, Growth Opportunities, Trends by Manufacturers, Regions, Application & Forecast to 2025

[Fri 09:03] The digital identity management is estimated to register as the fastest-growing application in the blockchain market. Adoption of blockchain technology, increasing importance for communication service providers as well as a new breed of programmable blockchain platforms is expected to create beneficial market opportunities. The global blockchain market size is widely expanding to the greater s and is majorly segmented to providers, applications, industry verticals, organizational size and geography. The application segment for the blockchain market is sub-segmented into supply chain management, exchanges, risk, governance, documentation, compliance management, payments, contracts, and more others.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Why are Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Shaping up for the Future?

[Fri 06:03] User Name User name should have minimum 6 characters. Please enter alpha-numeric characters/dot/underscore. Email confirmation Please enter a valid email confirmation. Password confirmation Please enter confirm password.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Are These the Most Important Companies of the Next Decade?

[Fri 04:03] The Aussie government is pushing to ensure tech companies maintain open access. The government wants to access everything you say and not let you know about it. There are plenty of companies out there delivering products and services to help out. They just might become the most important companies of the next decade.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Don't stop to smell the roses: Grant Cardone

[Fri 04:03] From a job at McDonald's at 16 to working on an offshore rig in Louisiana a year later, Cardone says his high school and university education "Inhibited his ability to create a life he wanted". Even with an accounting degree from McNeese State University, Cardone did not know how to balance a chequebook and he certainly did not know how to "Get" money. Discussing money could be a taboo for many, but not for Cardone who was in town recently as part of the 10X movement. Interestingly, Cardone - whose foundation mentors children without fathers - recommends looking for the right person to work for not the right company or industry or even profession.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

FINNOSUMMIT Miami by LendIt Fintech – Highlights From Our First Latin American Event

[Fri 00:03] There are many reasons why Latin America is the hottest region on the planet right now for fintech innovation. LendIt Fintech partnered with Finnovista, who have been doing Latin American fintech events for several years, to bring the first ever LendIt event dedicated to this region. One of the most interesting sessions of the event was the investor panel, where we heard from the people making the decisions on the ground on whether to invest in Latin American fintech companies. It used to be very different for Latin American fintechs to obtain growth capital, it usually meant traveling to the U.S. or Europe.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

CBL & Associates Properties (NYSE:CBL) Shares Gap Down to $1.35

[Thu 20:03] Shares of CBL & Associates Properties, Inc. gapped down prior to trading on Tuesday. CBL & Associates Properties shares last traded at $1.02, with a volume of 15,427,212 shares changing hands. A number of brokerages recently issued reports on CBL. ValuEngine upgraded shares of CBL & Associates Properties from a "Hold" rating to a "Buy" rating in a report on Friday, November 1st. Zacks Investment Research upgraded CBL & Associates Properties from a "Sell" rating to a "Hold" rating in a report on Wednesday, November 20th. Three investment analysts have rated the stock with a sell rating, four have issued a hold rating and one has assigned a buy rating to the stock. First Republic Investment Management Inc. raised its position in shares of CBL & Associates Properties by 8.2% during the second quarter.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Blockchain-Backed Housinet is a Modern and Practical Solution to Problems Faced by Landlords and Tenants

[Thu 20:03] Despite such huge market size, there is a lack of adequate and efficient property management software that works for both the property owners as well as tenants. "Housinet" is a modern and practical property management software that aims to efficiently resolve all the common problems faced in the property rental market. There are 11 different modules to choose from, including the "Rental & Property History" module and other modules that focus on efficient property management. With Housinet, rental property owners no longer have to hire property managers to find tenants and look after the property, thus saving them thousands of dollars each year.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Second year of Blockland Solutions conference to draw 1,500, even as blockchain hype cools

[Thu 20:03] CLEVELAND, Ohio - The first year of Cleveland's Blockland Solutions conference explained the hype around blockchain. Moreno said even when he's talking to potential customers about his new blockchain company, Ownum, he focuses more on what the technology can do, not what it is. Blockland Solutions absorbed McPc's BusinessTECH conference, which had been held around the same time. will be covering the Blockland Solutions conference next week.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

How technology drives sales in property sector

[Thu 19:03] Imagine how much time real estate brokers can save, and how much more productive they become, if for instance, they invite prospects to their offices and take them on a virtual journey. "Most developers or real estate firms do have one mockup for one of the typical units in a project. The role of a mockup is to give that real insight of how the unit will look like after it is completed. To increase their chances in converting sales, showcasing one out of several products, might limit the impact of the experience. Having all the relevant units and key areas will boost the chances of getting more business. For any developer, it is not only a game changer in terms of sales tools but improves substantially the overall customer experience," added Fedin. Vivek Agarwal, co-founder and CTO of Square Yards, said: "Despite being the world's largest and most valuable asset class, the real estate sector has been a late adopter of technology. New technologies in real estate faced many headwinds as incumbents were slow to embrace them. Introducing technological change or adopting a new software into an organisation presents a different set of challenges." "A real estate software is a useful tool and a great way to manage lead generation or management, listings, appointments. notices, open houses etc. As technology develops, new features and more innovative ideas are added. Virtual staging, AI and chatbots are some of these. AI is changing how we do business and certainly will influence the real estate software market. There are companies that use AI to streamline processes for both tenants and landlords," he added.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Tech Talent's Migration to the CRE Sector

[Thu 13:03] CHICAGO, IL-As the CRE industry continues to lure senior tech talent from tech giants such as Google, IBM, and GE, even more senior executives are becoming intrigued with the possibility that CRE is the industry with the most potential to make a lasting impact. As the digital era continues to flourish, the CRE sector has now embraced technology and is deeply steeped in research and innovations. Most CRE companies are utilizing technology to improve revenues, implement cost-cutting measures, and improve efficiency. "There is so much technology that our company is working on that it is wise to jump into the technology game and overall improve your business," says Van Dyke.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

ChromaWay Doubles Down on Gaming With Antler Interactive Acquistion

[Thu 11:03] Blockchain startup ChromaWay acquired Antler Interactive, a European immersive game studio in a bid to build out its existing game catalog. Antler will remain a separate company, though one that will now work closely with ChromaWay to develop more blockchain games. Chromia Studios, ChromaWay's game unit, launched earlier this year, partnering with game designer Workinman Interactive to develop games on top of the blockchain network. "Antler Interactive has continuously been pioneering gaming for new technologies. Partnering with them allows us to expand ChromaWay's mission to build the underlying framework for a decentralized society." Henrik Hjelte, ChromaWay's CEO, said in a statement.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Clear Catalysts for Crypto’s Huge Future

[Thu 06:03] The smart lights stayed off at my place, because they were all now in the 'off' position at the switch. There are no streetlights or traffic lights when there's no electricity. While there may still be doubters about the power of blockchain, these are clear catalysts for its huge future. In protecting the power, crypto networks like Factom also inadvertently protect themselves.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Legends Investment Network for Athletes and Entertainers to Launch in Miami

[Thu 01:03] The Legends Investment Network, a private investment club for professional athletes and entertainers, will be hosting its premier launch event on December 3rd at Nikki Beach Miami during Art Week.NEW YORK NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 3, 2019 / The Legends Investment Network, a private investment club for professional athletes and entertainers, will be hosting its premier launch event on December 3rd at Nikki Beach Miami during Miami Art Week.Iconic Funds, a global asset management firm based in Germany, will be the headline sponsor for the launch event. Lavonne Idlette, Olympic Hurdler and Legends Investment Network member, added: "I'm excited to collaborate and build with more people who have similar backgrounds to myself and who participate in the alternative investment space." Part of Legends Investment Network's mission is to educate the worlds' legends on alternative market opportunities and allow them to leverage their social capital and social influence to bring added value to different brands and companies which can, in turn, maximize their return on investment. Founded in 2019 Legends Investment Network, a private investment club, provides financial literacy on alternative investment opportunities for professional athletes and entertainers.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Blockchain Development Company In Dubai, UAE

[Wed 23:03] Bitdeal a reputed blockchain development company in Dubai, UAE expands its blockchain development services in and around Dubai, to favor the key industries like real estate, IT, Construction, Oil and Gas, Consultancies, Automotive, Healthcare, Transportation and more. The UAE government has proposed and launched the Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2021, which is to fulfill the vision of making dubai as the first blockchain powered smart city by 2020. What We Serve In Dubai, UAE?The true mark of our quality blockchain development services all around the world has motivated us to make a strong presence in "Dubai move towards blockchain technology" after the launch of blockchain strategy 2021.We expand our primary blockchain development services in Dubai, UAE to give warm hands to the clients who just want to leverage the country's free space for blockchain startups. Our en-voyage to the goal full Blockchain conference in Dubai, has given wider vision and promising opportunities for us to serve the best in blockchain technology for the clients who reside in UAE.Our Blockchain Development Services In Dubai, UAE.Private Blockchain Development.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>


[Wed 21:03] Barter intends to create a blockchain platform for barter transactions, the objects of which can be any tokenized assets and liquid currencies. 5.5% of the tokens are reserved to attract important partners to the Barter platform, which have a positive impact on the development of the network and the promotion of the smartplace application. Develop a core product, increased marketing, Initial Exchange Offering of token Barter platform at top-cryptocurrency exchanges to attract additional investments. Launch of the beta version of Barter: Smartplace and blockchain test-net token platform, new partners to expand the ecosystem, integration with banking institutions and registers of owners of real and movable assets.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

BARTER — Confidential Ecosystem of Barter Trading on Blockchain

[Wed 21:03] Barter Smartplace is a confidential digital asset exchange platform based on a legal smart contract, but as the main element of the platform ecosystem, a service of tokenization of a real valuable asset is provided, which can then be placed on the smartplace. Attracted funding from stakeholders in the development of the Barter platform will be aimed at the development of the blockchain platform, smartplace applications and maintaining their performance. Develop a core product, increased marketing, Initial Exchange Offering of token Barter platform at top-cryptocurrency exchanges to attract additional investments. Launch of the beta version of Barter: Smartplace and blockchain test-net token platform, new partners to expand the ecosystem, integration with banking institutions and registers of owners of real and movable assets.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

A super project IAT

[Wed 21:03] The IA Tokens concept aims to revolutionize the real estate industry using Blockchain technology through the development of the IAT Platform. The team will make sure that IAT tokens will be of use. IAT's IEO has been moved to November 21! More chances for everyone to save off and buy more IAT tokens. Most unique features is that IAT is now listed on CRYPTOTOTEM! We look forward on getting listed in many great listing sites and ofcourse in best exchanges in the future.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Words on Tokenization, @GbtTechnologies

[Wed 19:03] What is a Token: A token is a tradable digital representation of an asset on top of a blockchain. If a tokenized piece of art is worth 200,000 tokens, and the opportunity to invest is open, you may have the opportunity to buy as many tokens as you like/can; securing your FIAT money, gold, silver or even stock using them as currency to purchase those tokens. Tokens can be saved for future use with the company, and if the future use is good, such as an effective promotion or long-standing discount, the customer rewards are preserved and sustainable. A token rewards customers by justifying the faith the buyer has placed in your product in buying the token-so reward them well, with a token that is creative, engaging and generous.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Java and JavaScript dominated software development in the 2010s

[Wed 17:03] Developers favored a few other languages briefly during the 2010s, including Ruby, Swift, and PHP. Java and JavaScript had the biggest impact. JavaScript 70%.HTML/CSS 63%.SQL 57%.Python 39%.Java 39%. The same five languages ruled the top four spots from 2013 to 2017: Javascript, SQL, Java, and C#. In 2018, HTML and CSS pushed out C# and Python. The company's VP of Engineering Zach van Schouwen said that Java and Python are the most popular languages for candidates in technical interviews, in part because these languages are most frequently taught in university computer science classes. Alexandre Rebert, co-founder and developer at ForAllSecure, a cybersecurity company, said that an important development in the last decade has been an even stronger focus on security and a push to replace memory unsafe languages like C and C++. "This explains, in part, the rise of memory safe languages, like Python, Java, C# or the rise of Go in infrastructure tooling," he said.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Skycoin Project Releases Affordable High-Security Hardware Wallet

[Wed 12:03] Skycoin is the first cryptocurrency to issue its own hardware wallet. SHANGHAI, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / December 4, 2019 / Skycoin is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Skywallet, a sleek and sophisticated cryptocurrency hardware wallet designed specifically with Skycoin in mind. "We wanted everyone to have an affordable option for securely protecting their Skycoin investment," said a spokesperson for the project. Founded in 2011 by early developers of Bitcoin and Ethereum, Skycoin quickly grew into an ecosystem of exciting and ambitious projects, including Skywire, the new decentralized Internet; CX, a revolutionary fully-featured blockchain application programming language; and the cryptocurrency itself, Skycoin - simple to use, with virtually-free transactions that execute almost instantly.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Under Pressure From All Sides, Law Firms Are Responding by Scaling Up

[Wed 11:03] "It's not only about specialization. It's also about global footprint and technology and other drivers that are changing the industry. Larger law firms and middle-market law firms around the country are going to have to change in the next few years in order to respond to those market forces." As companies consolidate, they're looking to reduce the roster of law firms they go to for legal help, driving firms to scale up by expanding head count, particularly in the form of lawyers who can offer the types of specialized services that companies themselves cannot handle in-house. Managing partners at both firms say they're growing in response to clients that want a small list of firms on demand, rather than partnerships with multiple law firms in multiple regions. Dentons Global CEO Elliott Portnoy has been warning law firms for almost a year now not to fall for the "Myth of legal exceptionalism"-that the work law firms do is so specialized that the Big Four could never compete.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Blackstone Gets $182M to Improve San Diego Office Campus

[Wed 10:03] The office investor sings five new tenants at Centerside, a large office campus in the Mission Valley area of San Diego. The market fundamentals are still strong and the DCBID expects some big leases in 2020. The estimated $400-million Tidewater Landing project in an opportunity zone on Pawtucket's waterfront will feature hundreds of thousands of square feet of new development, including a news sports complex that will be home to a professional soccer team.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Why 2020 Will Be The Year of the Blockchain

[Wed 10:03] Several years ago, blockchain was deemed to be the biggest technology since the invention of the Internet, and the real estate market in particular stands to see the most benefits; however, adoption has been slow in the industry. "Blockchain has not better use than the digitalization of real estate. It always comes back to the real estate, and real estate will be the biggest part of the blockchain. It is going to remove a lot of outdated processes and a lot of the third-party intermediaries because of how secure the blockchain is," Jimmy Bingham, SVP at Prime Trust and a certified blockchain professional, tells For investors interested in adopting blockchain technology, education is integral. "Everyone is seeing blockchain as something that will be bigger that the Internet, but you still need to do your due diligence. It is going to be buyer-beware, and people have to educate themselves. They can't just jump in blindly."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Arcology Technical Paper Outlines Breakthroughs on Roadmap to Unsurpassed ...

[Wed 09:03] VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / December 4, 2019 / Codebase Ventures Inc.(FSE:C5B)(OTCQB:BKLLF), an investment company, is providing an update on its portfolio holding Arcology, and its first technical paper for public review. "We have been working to solve the major issues the blockchain world is facing today, including speed, scalability, security and high storage costs; and with Arcology, we have created the world's first blockchain with enterprise-grade transaction speeds and scalability," said Arcology Founder, Mr. Laurent Zhang. In the technical paper, Zhang outlines key technologies that he and his team developed to build a new blockchain concept that unites a few core features in a first-of-its-kind design: including cluster computing, parallel transaction processing, multi-factoring consensus and self-organization. The technical paper represents the next step in Arcology's planned roll-out of its testnet, which will allow third-party programmers to build applications on the Arcology ecosystem.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Tokenization of Business - Secure Blockchain Technologies for Business and Investment

[Wed 09:03] Token blockchain owners can change their tokens every second, while ordinary real estate buyers often need years to buy and sell their asset. A token, in this sense, is not just a digital record or cryptocurrency, but already a full-fledged blockchain action, the value of which is provided by assets. Of course, the main advantages of tokenization are decentralization, transparency and security of transactions that are characteristic of the blockchain. Co-owner of the company Mr. Sulaiman Al Fahim believes that the new era of blockchain will mark a fundamental change in the business processes of companies in any industry.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Malaysia in the thick of 4IR action amid rapid changes

[Wed 08:03] In the age of digitalisation and of smart technology and the 4th Industrial Revolution, things seem to be moving at a rapid pace that soon we may find ourselves overtaken or even "Engulfed" by transformative changes. The Internet of Bodies with neurorobotics technology and the concomitant Hybrid Assistive Limb as cybernics treatment is already well underway even in Malaysia. Malaysia is fast catching up with the build your own network trend initially through the fad of cryptocurrency 1.0, of which there are at present, three registered recognised market operators to establish and operate digital asset exchanges or cryptocurrency exchanges in Malaysia. The three registered DAX operators are Luno Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Sinegy Technologies Sdn Bhd, Tokenize Technology Sdn Bhd. Blockchain or otherwise known as distributed ledger technology not only gives the medium of expression to the decentralised nature of cryptocurrencies but has wide-ranging applications.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

The ‘$150M Men’ - Real Estate Duo Pass Landmark Number With A Unique ...

[Wed 07:03] Real estate duo have passed a landmark number of $150M in deals - with a unique business model - where almost every deal was generated using digital marketing. TORONTO, CANADA / ACCESSWIRE / December 4, 2019 / Hitting a landmark number of deals seems like a normal announcement in real estate - but the combination of Mich Sneddon and Jason Gray have done it in a different way than most other Real Estate Agents. The duo recently announced that they have passed the $150 million mark in real estate and mortgage deals - but there is a unique twist: neither of them have closed many of these deals themselves. Their first flagship product has already been launched and is seeing great success - the Real Estate Listing System - which teaches Real Estate Agents - who have an existing listing - how to market it so much better that they can literally build an entire business from just the one listing.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Rev Group Selects B21 to Provide Crypto Asset Investing Services

[Wed 06:03] The agreement will also see Revollet providing B21 with banking services including IBAN accounts and debit cards. "At Rev Group, we're continually expanding our services by offering the ability to invest in crypto and spend it in the real world," said Yoshikatsu Anzai, CEO of Rev Group. "We're growing our range of services by partnering with industry-leading, regulation focused companies like B21 to deliver an exceptional user experience."With a strong user base in Asia, our partnership with Rev Group helps us service new markets and promote global adoption of the B21 Invest app," said Miles Paschini, co-founder of B21. "We look forward to collaborating with Rev Group to provide Revollet users with easy access to the rapidly expanding range of crypto asset investment opportunities. Rev Capital Fund and Rev Asset Management provide a unique set of investment opportunities such as Hawaii-focused real estate investment and crypto leverage trading for social trading.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Rising startups: rare Taiwanese AI firm, co-working is still hot, and more

[Wed 06:03] The additional funding will allow Tookitaki to further develop its product offerings and invest more in its global expansion efforts, with the US and Asia Pacific as priority markets. The fintech startup plans to use the new funds to extend its reach to more women and families in villages across Indonesia. ADBRO. Adtech company ADBRO, marketed as "The first computer vision-driven marketing platform in Southeast Asia," has received an undisclosed amount of funding from 500 Startups Vietnam. AI and blockchain-focused startup enabler AppWorks has unveiled the startups from the latest run of its accelerator program, AW#19.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Legends Investment Network for Athletes and Entertainers to Launch ...

[Wed 04:03] The Legends Investment Network, a private investment club for professional athletes and entertainers, will be hosting its premier launch event on December 3rd at Nikki Beach Miami during Art Week. NEW YORK NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 3, 2019 / The Legends Investment Network, a private investment club for professional athletes and entertainers, will be hosting its premier launch event on December 3rd at Nikki Beach Miami during Miami Art Week. Part of Legends Investment Network's mission is to educate the worlds' legends on alternative market opportunities and allow them to leverage their social capital and social influence to bring added value to different brands and companies which can, in turn, maximize their return on investment. Founded in 2019 Legends Investment Network, a private investment club, provides financial literacy on alternative investment opportunities for professional athletes and entertainers.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Second Century Ventures Accepting Applications for the 2020 REACH and REACH Commercial Classes

[Tue 18:03] PRNewswire/ - Second Century Ventures, the strategic investment arm of the National Association of Realtors®, is now accepting applications for its 2020 REACH and REACH Commercial accelerators. Applications for both 2020 REACH and REACH Commercial programs will be accepted through January 31, 2020. "2019 was a hallmark year for the NAR REACH program. Not only did we launch REACH Commercial, a track specifically for technology companies serving the commercial real estate marketplace, we also expanded globally with REACH Australia," said NAR CEO and SCV President Bob Goldberg. "We look forward to welcoming those selected for the 2020 REACH and REACH Commercial classes and driving their businesses forward through a rapidly expanding global network."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

The Playboy Club was a chance at redemption for Adam Hochfelder — here’s what went wrong

[Tue 13:03] Adam Hochfelder pulled up to The Real Deal's New York office in his Bentley on a mission in June. Hochfelder's threats came as TRD was investigating his latest hotel and entertainment project, involving the Playboy Club New York. Its New York location on West 42nd Street proved not to be the answer: Playboy cut ties with the club last month after a slew of issues with Hochfelder and his partners. As the Playboy Club struggled to gain traction, Hochfelder was accused of overspending and fraud in court filings.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Talent shortage hampering digital transformation moves of firms, say experts

[Tue 11:03] "Probably 80 percent of Chinese enterprises are adopting the digital transformation concepts, while only 16 percent of the companies will finally succeed in the digital transformation process," said Nancy Wang, head of talent solutions of LinkedIn China. "We found there are very few companies lacking strategies to hire more digital talent. The main reason is that companies cannot attract enough digital talents in the market. All firms are competing for the same small pool of leading talents, such as data scientists and algorithm engineers," Wang said. Today, digital technology impacts not only the IT sector, but a wider range of sectors, creating a huge demand for digital skills. "But now there is a huge demand for them in the job market. Both digital companies and traditional companies are actively embracing the digital transformation, and they are looking for similar digital talents in the job market."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Local Business Owner Ali Akil Named to NSBA Leadership Council

[Tue 11:03] Akil, a recognized leader in the small-business community, joins the NSBA Leadership Council alongside other small-business advocates from across the country as they work to promote the interests of small business to policymakers in Washington, D.C. "As a small-business owner, I see daily the importance of being involved and active when it comes to laws and regulation," stated Akil. Akil joined the NSBA Leadership Council as part of his efforts to tackle the many critical issues facing small business, including tax reform, health care costs, trade, IP/data protection, and transparency in regulatory issues that impact small businesses. The NSBA Leadership Council is focused on providing valuable networking between small-business advocates from across the country while ensuring small business a seat at the table as Congress and regulators take up key small-business proposals. "I am proud to have Ali Akil as part of our Leadership Council," stated NSBA President and CEO Todd McCracken.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Signature Bank to Participate in the Goldman Sachs US Financial Services Conference 2019

[Tue 11:03] Signature Bank, a New York-based full-service commercial bank, announced today that its management plans to present at the upcoming Goldman Sachs US Financial Services Conference 2019. The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm that provides a wide range of financial services. Signature Bank is the first FDIC-insured bank to launch a blockchain-based digital payments platform, and Signet is the first such platform to be approved for use by the NYS Department of Financial Services. The Bank recently earned several third-party recognitions, including: appeared on Forbes' Best Banks in America list for the ninth consecutive year in 2019; and, named number one in the Business Bank, Private Bank and Attorney Escrow Services categories by the New York Law Journal in the publication's annual "Best of" survey for 2019, earning it a place in the New York Law Journal's Hall of Fame.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Why You Still Haven’t Invested in Crypto

[Tue 05:03] Bitcoin is not backed by real assets - just like the USD. Currencies worldwide used to be redeemable for gold at a future point in time. With regards to bitcoin, what can be better than an absolutely scarce and at the same time completely programmable decentralized asset? In 2014 Bloomberg named bitcoin one of its worst investments of the year, while in 2015 bitcoin topped again Bloomberg's currency tables. Compared to gold mining, gold recycling, paper currency, and minting as well as the entire banking system, both the energy used and the gross yearly costs of bitcoin mining are actually significantly lower.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Where is future of innovation headed?

[Tue 02:03] "The world of data, technology and innovation is absolutely here to stay," entrepreneur Stephen Porges said, referring to online banking, digital driver licences and My Health Records as examples. "The potential for data capture with new technologies is actually moving far faster than regulations can. Either you have to understand technology, or you have to be in a position where you can create an organisation that can understand technology for you and adapt to that." Such statistics clearly support predictions that technology will be heavily embedded in businesses in the near future. "Digital optimisation is where you, as a businessperson, are using technology to improve your existing business model, improve performance, reduce costs and improve customer service. Digital transformation on the other hand, is where you're using technology to drive new business models and new revenue streams," Goad explained.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

How Automation in Real Estate Became A $100 Billion Opportunity. Who Will Be Disrupted?

[Mon 23:03] We do not know how drastically technology will shrink the roles of traditional real estate market participants in favor of automation or change their roles. For high-value assets such as real estate, if the exchange could happen automatically, there is no need for trust layers, and then real estate could become a part of the e-commerce marketplace. In a TechCrunch survey, Connie Chan from Andreessen Horowitz expanded on the current real estate tech market and the lack of technology to support the real estate process by questioning, "Yes, we turn to Zillow or Redfin when searching for a home to buy or rent, but what about everything that happens before and after that?" Additionally, Brendan Wallace from Fifth Wall stated, "I would characterize the last five years as being an 'Age of Enlightenment' for major real estate owners, operators, and developers." Indeed, recent investments such as those from Sequoia Capital and Founders Fund for Snapdocs, as well as those from NFX and 500 Startups for Modus, prove that the 'Age of Enlightenment' is here. What is certain is that the real estate industry is becoming more technology-intensive rather than labor-intensive, opening up a $100 billion opportunity for innovators.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Max Property Group Crowdfunds Crowdfunding Platform With Security Tokens

[Mon 22:03] Max Property Group has been operational since 2016 as a real estate business, offering property funds, management services and property sales. The company has been developing the Max Crowdfund platform since late 2017, and the new 2.0 platform is now reaching its final stage of development. The true potential of the Max Crowdfund 2.0 platform will be unlocked when Max Property Group is able to open the system to third party property listings. With an established business, over 7,000,000 of property assets and booming international real estate market, Max Property Group considers itself to be well positioned for an equity based fundraise.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

State Investment in Blockchain

[Mon 19:03] Wireless technologies, VR/AR, quantum technologies, new-type production, IoT, robotics and sensors, neurotechnologies and artificial intelligence are considered the most promising directions. Many largest economies in the world have already recognized the potential of such developments and have launched pilot projects involving distributed registries and managing data arrays, investing in technologies for processing and storing information. Already in 2018, their Ministry of Education, Science and Technology announced large-scale plans concerning the development of various blockchain initiatives - investments of more than $200 million in state and private projects related to blockchain technologies. While a hybrid approach to blockchain, combining features of both closed and public networks, may seem the most popular among government agencies, the future will undoubtedly be with distributed technologies.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Trisura Group (TSE:TSU) Sets New 12-Month High at $40.95

[Mon 19:03] Trisura Group Ltd shares reached a new 52-week high on Monday. Trisura Group last issued its earnings results on Thursday, November 7th. The company reported C$0.29 EPS for the quarter, topping the consensus estimate of C($0.29) by C$0.58. Trisura Group Ltd., a specialty insurance company, operates in the surety, risk solutions, corporate insurance, and reinsurance businesses in Canada and the United States. The company offers contract surety bonds, such as performance, and labor and material payment bonds primarily for the construction industry; commercial surety bonds, including license and permit, tax and excise, and fiduciary bonds to governments, regulatory bodies, or courts to guarantee compliance with legal or fiduciary obligations; and developer surety bonds comprising bonds to secure real estate developers' legislated deposit and warranty obligations on residential projects.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

10 ways the enterprise is using blockchain

[Mon 16:03] Vice President of IBM Blockchain Jerry Cuomo said they have been on the ground floor of innovative financial blockchain solutions across the world. Through the Blockchain Community Initiative, 21 banks in Thailand lend each other money with a letter of guarantee through IBM Blockchain. Kimberly Quinones, executive director of the NYC Blockchain Center, said media companies in New York City were eager to use blockchain for things like copyrights and authentication. NYC Blockchain Center's Quinones said regulations around healthcare data and information have been somewhat of a roadblock, but that hasn't stopped companies from using blockchain to better manage patient diagnostic history and the supply chain of pharmaceutical medicine.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Three Ways Blockchain Is Improving Our Lives Now

[Mon 13:03] From my perspective as a blockchain advisor, I can tell you with certainty that blockchain is precipitously advancing the proficiencies of so many industries, social interests and humanitarian efforts, and is bringing about equally valuable transformation that we can leverage today to improve our lives. Earlier this month at the Global Blockchain Summit in Denver, I had the pleasure of speaking with the leaders of Denver-based health-tech companies Orderly Health and BurstIQ, which are partnering to offer an "Integrated machine learning and blockchain solution for best-in-class provider data management." Tapping into the traceability and immutability of blockchain will enable accurate, trusted provider data management. At the same time, blockchain technologies are forging new and better ways for people and societies to interact more productively. Walmart has been working with IBM to develop a food safety blockchain solution, and recently announced it is now requiring suppliers of certain vegetables for Sam's and Walmart to upload their data to the blockchain.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Understanding crypto: Before you invest, avoid these scams

[Mon 12:03] Cryptocurrencies might be a new form of finance, but the oldest scams in the book work just the same. While investors celebrated the massive money-making opportunity that crypto presented in these last few years, cheers could be heard from the seedier side of the financial world too. "Put simply, an exit scam is a fraudulent operation orchestrated by unethical cryptocurrency promoters who disappear with investors' funds during or in the aftermath of an initial coin offering. To do so, the scammers typically launch a new cryptocurrency based on a promising concept," The Next Web explains. Crypto intelligence firm CipherTrace claims 2019 may be the "Year of the Exit Scam," with $3.1 billion stolen through exits.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Kaspersky Eyes to Tackle Crypto Crimes That Are Costing the Industry Billions

[Mon 07:03] With the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies estimated to be more than US$200 billion, it's evident to industry observers that the crypto industry has been rapidly on the rise in recent times. As early as April, Kaspersky announced the launch of new offerings designed to protect businesses working in the blockchain and crypto industry from cyberattacks and fraud. Even in South East Asia, Kaspersky is beginning to focus their efforts in marketing their cybersecurity offerings to the crypto industry. "At the core of this digital revolution, it is worth remembering that blockchain is all about trust and this is especially relevant given that the industry is still nascent. Cybersecurity can play a key part in helping the industry build up credibility and trust, but we need to address these issues sooner rather than later as the frequency and sophistication of attacks on blockchain applications will intensify and become more advanced."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Will home purchases via blockhain be the future for investment?

[Mon 01:03] Home purchase via blockchain has moved one step closer thanks to the launch of NatWest and Coadjute's mobile project. The main goal of the technology is to speed up and simplify the entire homebuying process - something which all parts of the industry have been attempting to improve of late - and make it available via NatWest's mobile banking app. The ultimate aim of the project is to provide NatWest customers with complete transparency over the entire homebuying process via their app, helping consumers to feel more in control and confident throughout. Previously, Coadjute's technology was used in a ground-breaking trial involving the test sale of a home using blockchain, which involved 40 global organisations including RBS and Clifford Chance.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Sequoia Infuses $5 Mn Into Automobile Repair Startup GoMechanic

[Mon 01:03] Gurugram-based automobile repair and service solution startup GoMechanic has received $5 Mn in Series B from its existing investor Sequoia Capital. The company had raised this $5 Mn funding from Sequoia in January 2019. With this investment, the company's valuation has risen to $44 Mn. In January when GoMechanic raised $5 Mn from Sequoia, Inc42 reported that the funds will be utilised to expand to new cities and bulk up hiring at leadership positions along with expenses on brand-building. Founded in April 2016 by Amit Bhasin, Kushal Karwa, Nitin Rana and Rishabh Karwa, GoMechanic is a tech startup that allows Indian car owners to find automobile repair and maintenance service providers in their areas.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

OYO Raises $6 Mn Debt From SoftBank, Avendus For Indian Hotels

[Mon 01:03] OYO Hotels & Homes has raised INR 50 Cr in debt from MyPreferred Transformation, which is a joint venture between the hotel chain, Japan-based conglomerate SoftBank and non-banking finance company Avendus Finance. Avendus Finance is the first external investor who has invested in OYO in a long time. Hotel chain OYO will use this funding to upscale and upgrade the quality of the living spaces, bringing more affordable housing for the Indian audience. In September 2019, OYO has also reportedly raised $750 Mn to $1 Bn from SoftBank, at a valuation of $13.5 Bn-$15 Bn. However, there were no official confirmation in this regard.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

The Playboy's struggle with notorious investor Adam Hochfelder

[Sun 19:03] Adam Hochfelder pulled up to The Real Deal's New York office in his Bentley on a mission in June. Its New York location on West 42nd Street proved not to be the answer: Playboy cut ties with the club last month after a slew of issues with Hochfelder and his partners. As the Playboy Club struggled to gain traction, Hochfelder was accused of overspending and fraud in court filings. The veteran attorney said he's only spoken to Hochfelder once since his release, when Hochfelder called him for help retaining counsel from Greenberg Traurig.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Small Caps Could Get Selectively Larger

[Sun 19:03] Great things are done by a series of small things brought together ~ Vincent Van Gogh. Having outperformed the benchmark Russell 2000 Index by 318.75% since its inception, the iShares Russell 2000 ETF has almost broken out on the charts and has robust support existing around $157. The open Interest and PCR data as on 29 Nov 19 also suggest strong support between $155 and $158. Of late, small caps have started buzzing around and chances are high that many may break out taking this ETF much higher. Emerging markets are already buzzing around and perhaps now is the time for small caps to break out into new bull territory, benefitting the IWM directly. SUMMING UP. Though the iShares Russell 2000 ETF is the big picture of small caps, there are many uncertainties that can play havoc with it in 2020.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Blockchain Technology Is Already Improving the Stock Trading Experience

[Sun 11:03] As is the case with several other industries, stock markets are turning to blockchain technology to gain an edge and boost efficiency and accuracy. "Blockchain technology has the unprecedented potential to disrupt the stock market in terms of accountability, security, and transparency. Settlement times, a major pain point for traders all over the world, can be reduced to mere seconds by leveraging the decentralized and scalable nature of blockchain networks." Stock markets are only just beginning to see what blockchain technology is capable of, and as time passes, there will be several more integrating the technology to improve the experience for traders. Blockchain technology is poised to revolutionize every aspect of the global finance industry, frp, facilitating cross-border transactions, to improving transparency in the stock market and enabling greater financial inclusion.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Need cash for Christmas? Check out these five crypto lending sites

[Sun 00:03] If you need cash and don't want to sell your crypto, you could take out a crypto loan using your digital assets as collateral. Taking out a crypto loanHow does it work? Depending on the platform you choose, when you take out a crypto loan, you temporarily transfer ownership of your BTC, ETH, or another crypto asset in return for cash. So who holds your crypto when you take a crypto loan with Celsius? BitGo is its custodian. The post Need cash for Christmas? Check out these five crypto lending sites appeared first on Coin Rivet.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

PayPal puts a move to the public cloud on its wishlist; the must-know banking hires and exits of 2019

[Sat 16:03] As Dan DeFrancesco reported, the payments giant is working to move a portion of its services - including parts of transactions - into the public cloud for the first time. Read all the details on PayPal's plans to cut costs with a cloud move. It's a first for the investment banking giant - read here for details on key hires. Carly Doshi, the head of philanthropy and family office governance at HSBC's private bank for the Americas, recently spoke with Business Insider about how she explains the term to ultra-rich families, and what deploying a family office actually looks like in practice.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Starfleet Vol. 3 — Malta Edition: the teams we have selected

[Sat 04:03] The Pan-European project, called Cannomy, is built to unite cannabis entrepreneurs with investors, providing infrastructure for funding, incorporation, and operations of cannabis-related businesses. The team works on the democratization of real estate financing, meaning more and more good real estate projects to be accessible for both developers and investors. The second solid Bulgarian project in the looming Starfleet develops the first decentralized multi-platform infrastructure for lending companies so they can support cryptocurrencies as collateral. The Czech CrowdClick is a super cool decentralized platform whose aim is to permit crypto wallet holders to check interesting projects' URL, view the page from a timer countdown & answer multiple-choice questions.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

What Mobile Apps Idea Can Work in the Year 2020?

[Sat 02:03] Mobile App Idea That Can Work in 2020.It is reported that in the third quarter of 2019, the number of apps available for download on Google Play Store was pegged at 2.47 million. While the number of apps for download on the Apple App Store in the same period, figured at 1.8 million. Innovative an app development idea may be, the success of an app can never be ensured on the uniqueness of that idea alone. So if you are planning to go for mobile app development in 2020, we have come up with a list of mobile app ideas that will help your application stand out from the rest.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Who did we select for the 2nd phase of Starfleet 3?

[Sat 00:03] The idea is to democratize real estate funding, allowing all kind of real estate developers to get accessible funding out of the traditional channels. The user can then provide an address for deposit and the platform sends funds to the users' withdraw address. About 70% of the local businesses shut down within 3 years because of some of the following is missing: the business was not a good fit for this local area, did not promote themselves, lack of funding, not managing to create or maintain loyal customers. So Colocals are creating a platform that connects local businesses directly with local people.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

IAT Use of Instant Tokens for Real Estate

[Fri 22:03] Residential real estate can contain family structures or single families available for residence, work or for non-business purposes. The IA Tokens concept is a form of real estate tokenization and will be released through the Initial Coin Offering or ICO process on the Ethereum network and will be compatible with ERC. The Token also aims to revolutionize the real estate industry using Blockchain technology through the development of the IAT Platform. In further development the IAT Betha will be realized to destroy traditional real estate channels and IAT will develop its own web portal to serve individual owners, agents or brokers, clients and all IA Token holders. The differentiating factor of the IAT is that the target markets we focus on are developing countries with emerging real estate industries displaying high rental returns and high capital growth potential.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

NatWest and a consortium of software providers working to create an end-to-end home buying app

[Fri 18:03] The purpose of this consortium-led project is to speed up and simplify the entire home buying process and bring it to life through a NatWest companion mobile banking app. The consortium has been formed with software providers from each stage of the home buying process - Dezrez Estate Agency Software, Redbrick Solutions Conveyancing Software, eTech Surveyor Software, Search Acumen Property Data, Conveyancing Data Services Property Data and LMS Panel Management Software. NatWest and Coadjute will work together to design a new end-to-end home buying journey for their customers by connecting each software provider's platform to build a decentralised home buying network. The project will ultimately aim to provide NatWest customers with complete transparency over the entire home buying process via a companion app.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Art Week hours, a traffic jam made of sand and Kehinde Wiley: here’s our Basel bible

[Fri 18:03] Dec. 5, 3-8 p.m.; Dec. 6-7, noon to 8 p.m.; Dec. 8, noon to 6 p.m. Part of Art Basel Miami Beach and accessed from within the main exhibition space of the Miami Beach Convention Center, 1901 Convention Center Drive. For its second Art Week Faena Festival, Faena Art Chief Curator Zoe Lukov has arranged new commissions, video installations, performances, sculptures and interactive culinary experiences centered around that daily act of physical and spiritual sustenance that unites us all: taking a meal. Art Week is a transient affair: While the main event has returned to the Miami Beach Convention Center for almost 20 years, others come and go - parties, installations, locations, fairs. TALKS / FORUMS. Art Week bring plenty of flash, but there's substance aplenty at art talks throughout the city at fairs and museums; this year, nearly every fair includes climate change among its topics.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Seattle’s working waterfront offers rare combination of maritime roots and high-tech economy

[Fri 18:03] That kind of daily interaction between Seattle's high-tech economy and its roots as a working port is a rare combination in a 21st century city, and one that has the potential to be mutually reinforcing, according to local maritime industry leaders. Along the West Coast, Tarleton cited the shift in cargo business from the Port of San Diego to Los Angeles and Long Beach, as well as from San Francisco to Oakland, as examples of what she hopes Seattle - with its cheek-by-jowl combination of a major international port, a bustling downtown business district, two professional sports stadiums, and waterfront parks and recreation - will avoid. The Port of Seattle now offers electricity hookups for cruise ships, a growing seasonal presence in Elliott Bay, so that they do not have to run their generators while in port. The Port of Seattle's proposal to renovate the historic Seattle Ship Supply building at Fishermen's Terminal into the Maritime Innovation Center is one concrete effort to deliver on the strategy's goals.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Global Economic Platform Based on Blockchain Technology

[Fri 17:03] Popular types of financial trading: Forex, securities, bonds, cryptocurrencies. Every day thousands of billions of dollars are traded on financial markets such as: Forex, Stock, Bond ... Profits from the financial sector are enormous. Address: The Canute Rd, Southampton, UK. Since 2010, the Group has expanded its operations to the financial field, Recognizing the potential and strong growth potential of the financial industry in the future, the management of EcoFinances Group decided to expand the business market to the financial segment and related financial products. With a huge foundation and support from the skilled financial expert, EcoFinances is confident to thrive in the financial fields in the future when the financial needs are increasing.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Gdpr Compliance Software Market 2019-How the Market Will Witness Substantial Growth in the Upcoming Years

[Fri 16:03] Worldwide Market Reports has announced the addition of the "Global Gdpr Compliance Software Market Size Status and Forecast 2027", The report classifies the global Gdpr Compliance Software Market in a precise manner to offer detailed insights about the aspects responsible for augmenting as well as restraining market growth. The Scope of Global Gdpr Compliance Software Industry: This report assesses the growth rate and the current market value on the grounds of the market dynamics, in addition to the growth facets. The analysis is based on the Gdpr Compliance Software market information, growth potentials, and market trends. 1.4 Main Business/Business Overview10 Gdpr Compliance Software Manufacturing Cost AnalysisContinue .... In the end, Gdpr Compliance Software market report provides valuable information for companies like manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, traders, customers, investors and individuals who have interests in this industry.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Green and Bio Based Solvents

[Fri 16:03] The Green And Bio-Based Solvents market is primarily driven by rising demand from key application segments such as paints and coatings, adhesives, and pharmaceuticals. Global Green And Bio-Based Solvents market competition by top manufacturers, with production, price, revenue and market share for each manufacturer; the top players including Archer Daniels Midland Co., BASF SE, The Dow Chemical Co., Huntsman Corporation, E.I. DuPont De Nemours and Co., BioAmber Inc., Myriant Corporation, Cargill Inc., LyondellBasell, Solvay S.A, AkzoNobel NV, Sigma-Aldrich, Arkema SA, Corbion NV. Key challenges faced by the industry include increasing demand for bio-based raw materials in other end-user industries and misconceptions among consumers regarding cost and performance of bio-based solvents. About Us:Worldwide Market Reports is your one-stop repository of detailed and in-depth market research reports compiled by an extensive list of publishers from across the globe. The in-depth market analysis by some of the most vastly experienced analysts provide our diverse range of clients from across all industries with vital decision making insights to plan and align their market strategies in line with current market trends.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Blockchain: Can Wyo. woo a digital revolution? Should it?

[Fri 13:03] Cryptocurrency - a melding of digital wizardry called blockchain with a quest for decentralized, manipulation-free currency - returned to the Wyoming Legislature in 2018. Will Wyoming spark a tech economy by courting blockchain and cryptocurrency companies? Or are industry players taking advantage of a desperate and uninformed Legislature to treat the state as their sandbox - an easy place to pass laws and experiment, but not a place to stay and build? "Authorizing special purpose depository institutions to be chartered in Wyoming will provide a necessary and valuable service to blockchain innovators, emphasize Wyoming's partnership with the technology and financial industry and safely grow this state's developing financial sector," the findings say. At the panel, called "Breaking the Boom and Bust Cycle in Wyoming," former Gov. David Freudenthal suggested blockchain was the latest "Shiny object" chased by politicians desperate to break Wyoming's dependency on fossil fuels.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Blockchain Technology Market, By Organization Size, By Application, Global Forecast 2023

[Fri 11:03] Few current applications limits the blockchain reconciliation, which hampers the growth of the blockchain technology market. The blockchain technology market is growing at a CAGR of 66.41% during the forecast period. The blockchain technology market on the basis of its service provider is segmented into Application and Solution Provider, Infrastructure & Protocol Provider, Middleware Provider. Our portfolio includes set of market research insights such as market sizing and market forecasting, market share analysis and key positioning of the players, understanding the competitive landscape and their business at a ground level and many more.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Roundup of major Chinese OEMs’ intelligent connectivity strategies

[Fri 10:03] According to the introduction delivered by SAIC Group's former chief engineer Cheng Jinglei in 2016, the Chinese largest automaker set a ten-year plan for its intelligent driving business, which was set to be conducted in five phases. The Protector incorporates the Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences and the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology; the Companion covers a series of service and content platforms such as Meituan, Kuwo Music, Tingban, Ximalaya, iqiyi, iyiou and MOJI. At the signing ceremony, Chery launched the logo of the "CHERYLION", signifying the intelligence brand's integration of five major businesses, namely, autonomous driving, Internet of Vehicles, manufacturing, data operation as well as mobility service. NIO. Unlike most players who choose to go level by level, NIO skips the L3 and directly jumps to L4 from L2. The high-profile startup announced in early November a strategic collaboration with Mobileye, the global leader in the development of vision technology for ADAS and autonomous driving, on the development of highly automated and autonomous vehicles for consumers in China and other major territories. In June, 2018, the Guangzhou-based startup agreed cooperation with Desay SV Automotive, a Huizhou-based Chinese automotive electronics provider, to jointly develop L3 autonomous driving system that would provide diverse smart functions, such as low-speed valet parking, medium-speed traffic jam pilot and high-speed chauffeur services.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

NatWest Sets Up DLT Consortium to Make Life Easier for Home Buyers

[Fri 10:03] NatWest, one of the largest commercial banks in the United Kingdom, is in the process of getting a group software companies to help develop a platform that enables home buyers to go through the entire process from the comfort of their mobile phone. From tokenization of the property itself to making the lengthy process less cumbersome from buyers and sellers, there is a healthy amount of rapid innovation - enough to deem it one of the most disrupted sectors by blockchain and distributed tech. NatWest brings a wealth of customer service and banking expertise to the table, and this will serve as the heart of the platform, potentially attracting a number of buyers and sellers. The rest of the consortium will help build the core software and distributed ledger to coordinate the activities of the various stakeholders involved in the process.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

On its way – game changer for industry ‘will speed up home buying and selling’, claim

[Fri 07:03] A consortium has been formed that aims to speed up the home buying and selling process and improve transparency via mobile banking. It is being hailed as a game changer for the entire industry - and for its home buying and selling customers. Coadjute will work with NatWest to design an end-to-end home buying journey for their customers, by connecting each software provider's platform to build a home buying network. "Richard Price, managing director of Dezrez, said:"One of the biggest stresses in the home buying process is a lack of transparency for consumers - everyone hates not knowing what is going on.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Taxing the world of cryptocurrencies is complicated

[Fri 00:03] The only thing more complicated than the technology behind cryptocurrencies is the taxation of them. There are strong encryption techniques that are used to control how units of cryptocurrencies are created and to verify transactions. Mining is complicated, but basically involves using specialized computers to solve complicated mathematical problems that confirm, or validate, cryptocurrency transactions. Dispositions of cryptocurrencies are important, because they could trigger a taxable event.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

The personal touch: Top Ten Corporate Boutiques

[Thu 20:03] Founded in 1966, DuMoulin Black LLP is a leading boutique business law firm in the heart of Vancouver. DuMoulin Black stays true to its boutique firm values while continuing to innovate and adapt to serve its clients in today's fast-paced business environment. Hansell McLaughlin Advisory provides government relationships and communications advice and, together with Hansell LLP, belongs to the Hansell McLaughlin Advisory Group. Founded in 1997, LaBarge Weinstein is a client-centric business law firm primarily serving knowledge-based companies, technology startups and their investors.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

NatWest leading development of mortgage and home buying app

[Thu 18:03] A consortium of firms, including NatWest, have joined with tech firm Coadjute to develop technology which will allow borrowers to apply for a mortgage and keep track of the entire home buying process through the bank's app. Coadjute's technology was previously used in a trial for a home sale using blockchain, which brought together 40 organisations including Royal Bank of Scotland and Clifford Chance. "He added:"The home buying process is an area ripe for improvement real change can only be brought to bear if we bring all the parties involved together. He continued: "We believe getting simpler levels of connectivity across the entire home buying journey will create benefits for consumers, conveyancers and lenders".  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

EcoFinances – Global Economic Platform Based on Blockchain Technology

[Thu 18:03] The potential of the financial sector involves the participation of many large companies and corporations, including EcoFinances. Address: The Canute Rd, Southampton, UK. Since 2010, the Group has expanded its operations to the financial field, Recognizing the potential and strong growth potential of the financial industry in the future, the management of EcoFinances Group decided to expand the business market to the financial segment and related financial products. With a huge foundation and support from the skilled financial expert , EcoFinances is confident to thrive in the financial fields in the future when the financial needs are increasing. The potential of EcoFinances in the market is enormous, with the desire to become a big boy in the financial field by 2030.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

UBS veteran set to bridge traditional finance and tokenised securities

[Thu 15:03] Stepping away from his role at UBS as Head of Portfolio Advisory for Global ultra-high net worth and institutional clients, Waelchli believes "Digitisation of traditional securities will create exponential growth opportunities for traditional financial markets." Especially the digitalisation of financial and real assets such as debt, equity and real estate, which represent a USD600 billion opportunity, according to The Money Project. In an attempt to bridge both camps, Waelchli who is CEO and Co-Founder of Tokenyz, has joined forces with Benson Samuel, an expert in algorithmic trading systems for crypto and digital assets and Harsh Patel a core blockchain developer with a unique understanding of smart contracts architecture in relation to cyber security issues. Waelchli says: "Over the last few years I have truly grasped the disruptive power of blockchain technology for financial markets and existing business models. By joining forces with distinguished engineers and entrepreneurs in the digital securities space, we have embarked on a mission to build the world's leading digital investment bank. It is our firm belief that the digitisation of traditional securities will create exponential growth opportunities in the years ahead.". We will bridge the gap between traditional securities and blockchain-based asset ownership & investment opportunities.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

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