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Explaining Explainability: DarwinAI Team Publishes Key Explainability Paper, Works to Improve Industry-Wide Trust in AI

[Tue 04:03] The paper, authored by the DarwinAI team, espouses a machine-centric strategy to quantify the performance of explainability algorithms and will be presented at NeurIPS 2019, one of the most prestigious AI conferences in the industry. "Explainability in neural networks has been a core concept for deep learning engineers - a necessary and crucial goal for our industry," said Drew Gray, CTO of Voyage, an autonomous driving company working with DarwinAI. "With this research, the DarwinAI team has introduced concrete performance metrics for explainability that also highlight the benefits of their own approach. Their toolset takes the concept to the next level by translating explainable insights into recommendations for both model design and dataset augmentation. The latter is particularly exciting for us." DarwinAI Research Momentum at NeurIPS.DarwinAI's paper, "Do Explanations Reflect Decisions? A Machine-centric Strategy to Quantify the Performance of Explainability Algorithms," explores a machine-centric strategy for quantifying the performance of explainability methods on deep neural networks. The DarwinAI team, which presented five papers at NeurIPS 2018, will showcase the company's explainability metrics research, along with four additional research papers at NeurIPS 2019.In one study, the team introduced YOLO Nano, a highly compact deep convolutional neural network designed for embedded object detection on edge and mobile devices.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Deltec Bank, Bahamas says Artificial Intelligence will Change the Banking Sector

[Tue 04:03] Artificial intelligence stands poised to change numerous industries with the way it handles data, but the banking sector might see the most transformative outcomes. The most significant impact that artificial intelligence may bring to the banking sector is how it will transform the role of workers. The rapid development of artificial intelligence could have a significant impact on the banking sector. To view the original version on ABNewswire visit: Deltec Bank, Bahamas says Artificial Intelligence will Change the Banking Sector.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Artificial intelligence in marketing - but right!

[Tue 04:03] Artificial intelligence can be outsourcedWhen starting out in Artificial intelligence, the initial investment often seems overwhelming: integrating data silos, acquiring the necessary hardware and software, training and education for your own marketers, or adding to the team of proven data scientists. Artificial intelligence is always the method of choiceThe data scientist, Artificial intelligence specialist and founder Chris Albon will probably not accuse of any technical version. Artificial intelligence provides the best possible decisionAs the Google quote from the introduction shows, Artificial intelligence and machine learning are hyped by some providers as a true promise of salvation. Especially in the field of Artificial intelligence is the old saying: "It's not a bug, it's a feature!" Because the great strength - the explorative learning from diverse data - is also one of the weaknesses of Artificial intelligence.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Stellar Cyber adds a User Behavior Analytics App to its Security App Store

[Tue 03:03] Security provider Stellar Cyber, with the first Open-XDR security platform, added a User Behavior Analytics App to its Security App Store, making it much easier to track threats by specific users. In contrast, the conventional security platforms force security analysts to manually identify events as belonging to one user or another, lacking a user-centric view. With this, coupled with other relevant security events detected with many tightly-integrated security applications such as malware detection, the UBA App can quickly detetct malicious users or compromised users. As an integrated security toolkit and by fusing data from a variety of sources, the Starlight platform works with other apps in its Security App Store to easily enable analysts to cross-check events to elevate a given user's risk score.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

OMRON Returning to the Consumer Electronics Show with Next-Gen FORPHEUS and Expanded Exhibit of Robotics and Automation

[Tue 03:03] PRNewswire/ - Global technology leader OMRON Corporation will return to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. CES robot celebrity, FORPHEUS - the world's first and only AI-equipped robotics table tennis tutor - will return to the OMRON booth for the third consecutive year with new and expanded capabilities to coach and develop human player skills. CES attendees will see a FORPHEUS who rallies faster and better than ever due to OMRON advances in camera frame rate, six-axis arm movement for new returns, improved algorithms for projecting trajectory and more advanced AI. FORPHEUS demonstrates OMRON's core Sensing & Control + Think technology - AI designed to study, learn, assess and improve every day; high-speed vision synchronization; and robotics that operate with precision. About OMRON Corporation OMRON Corporation is a global leader in the field of automation based on its core technology of "Sensing & Control + Think." OMRON's business fields cover a broad spectrum, ranging from industrial automation and electronic components to social infrastructure systems, healthcare, and environmental solutions.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Singapore approves AI for vascular ultrasound scans

[Tue 02:03] Singapore's Health Sciences Authority has approved the use of an artificial intelligence-powered software for the automated analysis and reporting of vascular ultrasound scans. Singapore last month unveiled an ambitious plan to drive the adoption of AI across the city-state and position it as a global platform on which to develop and testbed AI applications. Some 37% of healthcare professionals in the city-state used AI to support administrative work such as staffing and patient scheduling, while a lower 28% turned to the technology for diagnosis, according to the global report, which polled 200 healthcare professionals in Singapore. With the launch of its national artificial intelligence strategy, alongside a slew of initiatives, the Singapore government aims to fuel AI adoption to generate economic value and provide a global platform on which to develop and testbed AI applications.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Microsoft tech expert warns of bias and sexism in artificial intelligence

[Tue 02:03] "The algorithms are learning off data that is saying essentially women can't be CEOs, that is where it becomes concerning," she said. Ms Rich said facial recognition software is 99 per cent accurate for white men but accuracy drops significantly for women and people from other backgrounds because the largest facial data set in the world is based on 80 per cent men and 75 per cent white men. Skewed data sets were highlighted by Caroline Criado Perez in her book Invisible women: Exposing data bias in a world designed for men which outlines a statistical "Silence" about half of humanity. Ms Rich said Microsoft was working to create more diverse facial recognition data sets by overlaying existing data sets with new data.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

2020: Closing in on human-centered healthcare

[Tue 01:03] Healthcare is moving towards a more human-centered experience with patients taking a more participatory role in shared decision-making of their own health. In 2020, we will see more companies combine the best technology with the human touch to deliver health care experiences people want. From electronic health records to wearable devices to sequenced DNA, technology will continue to inspire a wave of digital health tool innovation, more competition and more informed healthcare decisions. Ushering in simpler, more personalized and affordable care.2020 will be an extraordinary year for healthcare transformation - the future will be a simpler, more affordable health care experience powered by a tech-enabled team, providing the personalized guidance consumers demand and deserve.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Google Is Adding Post-Snap Portrait Mode To Pixel Phones

[Tue 01:03] Basically you can snap a photo with the Pixel in normal mode and you can add portrait mode's blur effects after the fact. Google doesn't exactly clarify if it'll be coming to Pixel 3a, Pixel 3, or Pixel 2. The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a will be getting the live caption feature that Google introduced with the Pixel 4 during its announcement. These are features just for the Pixel 4 specifically, but there will be at least one Duo feature improvement coming to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 2 series as well.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Canada's top international AI talent grows to 80

[Tue 01:03] Under the CIFAR Pan-Canadian AI Strategy , a total of $86.5M has been allocated to recruit and retain world-leading experts in AI.VANCOUVER , Dec. 9, 2019 /CNW/ - The Canada CIFAR AI Chairs program, a cornerstone of the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy , provides outstanding researchers with long-term, dedicated funding to support their research programs and to train the next generation of AI leaders. With today's announcement, since the program launched in December 2018 , a total of 80 Canada CIFAR AI Chairs have been named, securing world-class talent and expertise in Canada. "The Canada CIFAR AI Chairs program attracts the best researchers and students in the world to Canada. Through it, we are strengthening our leadership in AI research and creating innovative new technologies to grow our economy, create highly skilled jobs and improve the quality of life for all Canadians," Navdeep Bains , Minister, Innovation, Science and Industry. "Congratulations to the outstanding researchers who are joining the prestigious Canada CIFAR AI Chairs program," says Dr. Alan Bernstein , CIFAR president & CEO. " Canada and CIFAR have a strong history in supporting AI research and talent, and this program will solidify our position as global leaders in AI."AI has the potential to deliver enormous positive social, economic and environmental benefits," says Dr. Elissa Strome , AVP research and executive director of the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy , CIFAR. "The Canada CIFAR AI Chairs announced today bring diverse perspectives and expertise.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

AppTek Wins 2019 Northern Virginia Technology Council Tech 100 Award

[Tue 01:03] AppTek, a leader in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automatic Speech Recognition and Neural Machine Translation, today announced that for the second consecutive year, the company is a winner of the 2019 Northern Virginia Technology Council Tech 100 awards. AppTek CEO Mudar Yaghi noted that "We are so pleased to be chosen by NVTC again this year for inclusion on the prestigious Tech 100 list. This honor acknowledges our place in the highly innovative and competitive tech community in the DC Metro. It also reinforces our constant commitment to achieving breakthrough innovations that advance our world-class speech and language technologies." AppTek will be recognized at the NVTC Tech 100 awards banquet on December 9, 2019 at the Ritz-Carlton in Tysons, Virginia. The Northern Virginia Technology Council is the membership and trade association for the technology community in Northern Virginia.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

UBank uses machine learning in new spending tracker

[Tue 01:03] UBank is embracing the industry shift to open data banking through a partnership with Australian fintech, Basiq, leveraging machine learning to give customers a more complete picture of their finances. The partnership hopes to offer customers predictions of future spending behaviours just by using their UBank app by 2020. "UBank is the first in market to leverage Basiq's platform to apply advanced machine learning algorithms and help customers understand how they're spending their money," Basiq CEO, Damir Cuca, said. "We love partnering with an organisation like UBank that really gets the power of data in an entirely new way to help customers make smarter financial decisions."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Study uses machine learning and health data to identify suicide risk factors

[Tue 01:03] First-of-its-kind study used machine learning and health data from the entire Danish population to create sex-specific suicide risk profiles, illuminating the complex mix of factors that may predict suicide. A new study led by Boston University School of Public Health researchers finds that physical illness and injury raises the risk of suicide in men but not women, along with a plethora of other insights into the complex factors that may increase a person's risk of suicide. The study, published in JAMA Psychiatry, is the first to use data from the population of an entire country and parse it with a machine-learning system to identify suicide risk factors. The researchers also found new potential risk patterns, including that diagnoses and prescriptions four years before a suicide were more important to prediction than diagnoses and prescriptions six months before, and that physical health diagnoses were particularly important to men's suicide prediction but not women's.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Artificial Intelligence and You

[Tue 01:03] How should we think about artificial intelligence and the implications that it has for our work and leisure? There are many articles on artificial intelligence and its potential impacts on jobs, and the ethics of applications. A common argument, or assumption, is that as data, algorithms and computational power improve then AI moves from "Narrow" to "General" artificial intelligence that mimics "Human-level intelligence", and even on to "Super intelligence". Intelligence is more than pattern recognition and process optimisation. Down at a more personal level there are three things to think about for interactions with automation and artificial intelligence.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Will Artificial Intelligence Destroy Us or Simply Make Humans Irrelevant?

[Tue 01:03] Smart humans see it as our undoing and even possibly our extermination. The article below from Crime & Power, "A Hard Look At Artificial intelligence" by Jerry Day, sounds like a horror science fiction story. Another reason is that it has eliminated jobs that can be performed by people of average and below intelligence. "All of that can be done to you without any human involvement at all. The only reason we will need police is to clean up those few belligerent souls who try to resist what the automation is doing to them. There will be only one crime: resisting the automation, and there will be no humans left to help you sort out any misunderstanding, just like Google, YouTube, Facebook. Soon there will be no humans anywhere to help you fix a problem."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: Putting the "I" Back in I-Robot (On-Demand CLE)

[Tue 01:03] Get the guidance you need to avoid the ethical pitfalls of using AI as a legal professional. Navigating these waters as an attorney who uses AI requires the new charts and tools that expert legal ethical education provides. In August 2019, at the urging of its Science & Technology Law Section, the American Bar Association adopted a long-awaited resolution urging courts and lawyers "To address the emerging ethical and legal issues related to the usage of artificial intelligence in the practice of law." Join our cutting-edge team of ethical and technological legal experts as they guide you through a discussion of the ethical considerations of using AI for the legal profession with practical examples of how best to ensure you serve your clients better and ethically with AI. Product Details Panelists John Simek, Lucian T Pera, Sharon D Nelson.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Letter: Artificial intelligence has promise, pitfalls

[Tue 01:03] Harvey Mackay tells us, "Artificial intelligence is the best road map to your future". I heartily agree - but for a student reading such an optimistic statement today, one question immediately comes to mind: "How should I best prepare for such an exciting but challenging future?". As a concerned educator myself, I did some research and am pleased to report that many of my colleagues at leading American universities have taken the question seriously indeed. I am sure that all those colleagues would agree with the following quote from Lasse Rouhiainen, author of an excellent recent book on the subject: "Let artificial intelligence assist you in your life, but don't let it take over or become your life. Don't lose sight of the importance of appreciating the wonders of the human experience." Amen!  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Pixel 4 December security patch OTA starts rolling out

[Tue 00:03] This month, the December security patch was uncharacteristically delayed for the latest Made by Google phones. A week later, the first reports of the OTA rolling out are coming in. The first Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL owners to report receiving the December OTA this afternoon are on Verizon, while we've also got a sighting from Australia. Be sure to comment if you've received the Pixel 4 December OTA from your carrier today.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Apple's Safari ad tracking prevention tech 'stunningly effective,' says industry executives

[Tue 00:03] By Mikey Campbell Monday, December 09, 2019, 03:33 pm PT. Apple's attempts to shield Safari users on iOS and Mac from privacy-infringing ad tracking technology has been "Stunningly effective," according to ad executives, some of whom say features like Intelligent Tracking Prevention have severely impacted income. According to ad industry insiders, Apple's privacy-minded features have resulted in a 60% decrease in pricing for targeted Safari ads, reports The Information. The opposite holds true; the eyes of Safari users are among the most desired because Apple devotees- iPhone owners in particular - on average have deeper pockets than users of other platforms and are thus more attractive to advertisers. In early 2018, the firm said it expected to slash annual revenues by a fifth due in large part to ITP. Apple has proactively restricted user tracking on the web for years with initial efforts like the Limit Ad Tracking feature in iOS 6.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Advocate Lutheran General Hospital starts using lifesaving artificial intelligence to detect and treat strokes faster

[Tue 00:03] Advocate Lutheran General Hospital this month started using artificial intelligence software that can detect and initiate treatment for stroke far faster than usual, becoming the first hospital in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana to do so. The hospital launched a mobile software platform, built by San Francisco based, to reduce the time it takes to detect a stroke. "As a Comprehensive Stroke Center, Advocate Lutheran General is well positioned to adopt as part of our comprehensive neurological stroke treatment program." The computer-aided triage technology will be used by Advocate Aurora Health's entire 28-hospital system by early 2020 as part of its unwavering commitment to providing immediate care to patients experiencing acute strokes.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Predicting the Future of B2B Marketing: 3 Things to Watch For in 2020

[Mon 23:03] There's a lot of ideas out there about what marketing will look like in 2020 and beyond, and it can be hard to sift through the noise. How we use B2B marketing technology is going to change. When people try to do that, that's where we're running into all the pains that we experience today We're gonna see the rise of a new generation of B2B marketing engagement solutions that really are purpose-built for this new era in which marketing and sales work together in a more fundamental team-based fashion. Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst and Co-Founder of TOPO. If you want to hear more, check out the videos! Are there any trends in the future of marketing that you've noticed? Or maybe you have a prediction of your own? Leave a comment below - I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Diversity in an Age of Disruption

[Mon 23:03] Hiring for diversity is top of mind these days with virtually all of the companies I am spending time with. In times of stability, getting more and more refined on the core winning play will outperform the norm. This is the nature of evolution's "Punctuated equilibrium." Times of stability reward incremental improvement and times of disruption reward radical innovation. FollowTimes of stability reward incremental improvement and times of disruption reward radical innovation.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

New Factors Linked to Suicide

[Mon 23:03] A new, first-of-its-kind study led by School of Public Health researchers finds that physical illness and injury raises the risk of suicide in men but not women, along with a plethora of other insights into the complex factors that may increase a person's risk of suicide. "Suicide is incredibly challenging to predict, because every suicide death is the result of multiple interacting risk factors in one's life," says lead study author Jaimie Gradus, associate professor of epidemiology. The researchers also found new potential risk patterns, including that diagnoses and prescriptions four years before a suicide were more important to prediction than diagnoses and prescriptions six months before, and that physical health diagnoses were particularly important to men's suicide prediction but not women's. Still, after decades of research with little reduction in suicide rates, Gradus says the findings point to new factors to examine in working to prevent this persistent public health issue.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Retailers Again Place Logile Among RIS LeaderBoard Top-20 Overall Best Retail Software Vendors in 2020 With 33 Top-10 Rankings

[Mon 23:03] PRNewswire/ - Logile, Inc. today announced that retailers have again recognized Logile as a top retail technology provider in multiple categories across RIS News' 2020 Software LeaderBoard. The 2020 LeaderBoard report features 51 Top-10 lists centered around customer satisfaction plus the coveted Top-20 list recognizing the industry's overall best retail software vendors. "Logile's impressive 2020 RIS Software LeaderBoard results, including a bump up from last year's position on the overall Top-20 software vendors list, speak to its ongoing ability to deliver outstanding software and services that address retailers' complex needs," said Joe Skorupa. Logile founder and CEO. "We thank these incredible retail leaders for once again recognizing Logile in multiple categories across the RIS LeaderBoard in 2020. As always, our focus is 100 percent dedicated to helping our customers achieve their ongoing operational and aspirational goals, for life. We are excited to continue this journey together and invest in their future-our customers' success will always be our #1 objective."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Oracle names ex-Infosys CEO to board

[Mon 23:03] Seeking Alpha Oracle has named Vishal Sikka, the former CEO of Infosys, to its board. Sikka is founder/CEO of AI company Vianai Systems, and had also formerly worked as a top executive at SAP. "Vishal is one the world's leading experts in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning," says Oracle Chairman/CTO Larry Ellison. "These AI technologies are key foundational elements of the Oracle Cloud's Autonomous Infrastructure and Intelligent Applications."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Merck, Sanofi in Deals for Cancer Drug Firms

[Mon 23:03] Pharmaceutical giants Merck and Sanofi have each announced agreements to buy a smaller cancer drug developer as part of their efforts to expand cancer-treatment franchises. Merck reached an all-cash deal to buy ArQule for $20 per share, or $2.7 billion, while French pharma giant Sanofi said it has an agreement to buy the U.S. biotech company Synthorx for $68 per share, or $2.5 billion, which is almost triple its market value. ArQule makes an experimental cancer treatment, ARQ 531, a precision medicine that tailors treatment to a patient's genetic profile. Analysts have said acquisitions would be the fastest way for Sanofi to build its portfolio of cancer treatments.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Amazon researchers use AI to improve Alexa’s joke selection

[Mon 23:03] In pursuit of assistants capable of tailoring jokes to individual users' tastes, Amazon researchers investigated joke selection methods that tap either a basic natural language processing model or a machine learning model. Two implicit feedback strategies were employed, one in which a joke was labeled "Positive" if a user requested a new joke within five minutes of hearing it and a second that marked as positive all joke requests followed by new ones within 1 to 25 hours. A joke data set containing thousands of unique jokes across categories and types was used to validate each model, along with data from approximately 80,000 English-speaking "Customers" in total. An estimate from eMarketer in August pegged the number of monthly users of voice assistants at roughly 112 million, up from 102 million in 2018, but a separate survey and report from PricewaterhouseCoopers found that poor understanding of what AI assistants are capable of doing and a general lack of trust could hamper the segment's growth.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

SkyWatch Selected to Build Advanced Autonomous Space Systems Using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics for the Canadian Space Agency

[Mon 23:03] PRNewswire/ - SkyWatch is excited to announce that the company was selected by the Canadian Space Agency to complete Phase I of the Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics for Advanced Autonomous Space Systems challenge in July 2019. During this phase of the project, SkyWatch will work closely with the CSA to develop and deliver a system concept that aims to demonstrate the technical feasibility and commercial potential of applying artificial intelligence and big data analytics to the data from multiple space missions collected by the CSA.The purpose of the Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics for Advanced Autonomous Space Systems challenge is to apply artificial intelligence and big data analytics to bring tangible advancements in the operation and utilization of space assets in support of government operations, public safety, public health and discovery. "SkyWatch's team of engineers has been working successfully for many years now at combining data from multiple Earth observation missions to help a variety of companies and organizations derive new insights from these datasets," said James Slifierz, CEO of SkyWatch. "We look forward to continuing our close relationship with the Canadian Space Agency on this important new project that would enable the agency to better utilize their fleet of imaging satellites."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

SCS Seminar: Jinjun Xiong

[Mon 22:03] As Moore's law runs out of steam with CMOS technology approaching fundamental limits, heterogeneous systems become increasingly popular as a promising solution to solve the challenges of insatiable demand for high capacity, low latency and high energy efficiency computing. The recent booming of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning in particular, has further boosted such a demand for computing systems, including cloud computing and edge computing. I will show some exemplar research topics conducted at the IBM-ILLINOIS Center for Cognitive Computing Systems Research, and try to shed some lights on the future directions of across stack AI Systems research. He co-founded and co-directs the IBM-Illinois Center for Cognitive Computing Systems Research with Prof. Wen-mei Hwu at UIUC. He was also a founding PI for the IBM Smarter Energy Research Institute with deep collaboration with a number of large electrical utility companies worldwide.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>


[Mon 22:03] "Vishal clearly understands how Oracle's Gen2 Cloud Infrastructure, Autonomous Database and Applications come together in the Oracle Cloud to help our customers drive business value and adapt to change. I am very happy that he will be joining the Oracle Board." "For years, the Oracle Database has been the heartbeat and life-blood of every large and significant organization in the world," said Dr. Vishal Sikka. "Today, Oracle is the only one of the big four cloud companies that offers both Enterprise Application Suites and Secure Infrastructure technologies in a single unified cloud. Oracle's unique position in both applications and infrastructure paves the way for enormous innovation and growth in the times ahead. I am excited to have the opportunity to join the Oracle Board, and be part of this journey." "These AI technologies are key foundational elements of the Oracle Cloud's Autonomous Infrastructure and Intelligent Applications. Vishal's expertise and experience makes him ideally suited to provide strategic vision and expert advice to our company and to our customers. He is a most welcome addition to the Oracle Board."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Dicom, Google Cloud Team on Secure Medical Imaging Storage

[Mon 22:03] Healthcare imaging vendor Dicom Systems, in concert with Google, is attempting to address these medical imaging storage issues with its Unifier Cloud Archive. Customers are able to access a highly secure infrastructure managed by Google Cloud that goes beyond storage to include data analysis, developer tools and artificial intelligence building blocks. Unifier Cloud Archive serves as a bridge between on-premises systems and the cloud, allowing organizations to access data from a highly secure infrastructure managed by Google Cloud. "Our DRaaS lets our customers not only store the data into any chosen cloud in natively Dicom format, but it also enables the Dicom objects to be queried, retrieved and viewed in a zero-footprint viewer sitting on top of our archive. In other words, the cloud archive can be used as a real-time source for relevant prior images," he said.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Breakthrough in 'distributed deep learning'

[Mon 22:03] Online shoppers typically string together a few words to search for the product they want, but in a world with millions of products and shoppers, the task of matching those unspecific words to the right product is one of the biggest challenges in information retrieval. Using a divide-and-conquer approach that leverages the power of compressed sensing, computer scientists from Rice University and Amazon have shown they can slash the amount of time and computational resources it takes to train computers for product search and similar "Extreme classification problems" like speech translation and answering general questions. Deep learning models for extreme classification are so large that they typically must be trained on what is effectively a supercomputer, a linked set of graphics processing units where parameters are distributed and run in parallel, often for several days. A classifier is trained to assign searches to the buckets rather than the products inside them, meaning the classifier only needs to map a search to one of three classes of product.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Trump used Pentagon budget for personal gain, Amazon alleges

[Mon 22:03] The e-commerce giant's protest of the $10 billion, 10-year contract alleges that Trump's stated efforts to "Screw Amazon" led the agency to opt for a proposal from Microsoft with "Clear failures." Amazon pointed to a series of alleged errors and an 11th-hour policy change as evidence that the Defense Department failed to follow the rules. At the time, Amazon alleged that Trump directed new defense secretary Mark T. Esper "To conduct an 'independent' examination" of the cloud contract award, citing several news articles. "The complaint cited the stream of tweets from Trump that targeted Bezos, Amazon and The Post as evidence of the president's interference. As Trump attacked those targets, the company alleges, the Pentagon"took numerous actions to systematically remove the advantages of AWS's technological and experiential superiority, and changed its interpretation of certain technical requirements at the eleventh hour. The complaint alleges that with the president's interference, the Pentagon "Consistently and repeatedly made prejudicial errors, at every step along the way, that systematically favored Microsoft and harmed" Amazon's cloud business, Amazon Web Services.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

CT company meets challenging medical needs with artificial intelligence

[Mon 22:03] The company has a drug to ease severe agitation on fast track with the FDA. It's for a number of patients, including those dealing with opioid withdrawals, Alzheimer's and schizophrenia. Dr. Frank Yocca explains, "When you have a patient who's agitated and you show them a syringe or some kind of device, you exacerbate that agitation to aggression." "It's calming patients rapidly," says Dr. Yocca, Chief Scientific Officer, "It's doing all the things that you would want to do without agitating the patient, allowing the physician to work with the patient." Artificial intelligence they say, is key to BioXcel's mission to meeting critical needs in medicine that have so far been challenging.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

AllianzGI Artificial Intelligence & Technology Opportunities Fund Announces Initial Monthly Distribution

[Mon 22:03] The Board of Trustees of the AllianzGI Artificial Intelligence & Technology Opportunities Fund announced today that it has declared the Fund's initial monthly distribution of $0.10833 per common share. At the Fund's initial offering price of $20.00 per common share, this monthly distribution rate represents an annualized distribution yield of approximately 6.50%. The declaration date of the distribution will be December 9, 2019 with a payable date of January 2, 2020 to shareholders of record on December 19, 2019 with an ex-dividend date of December 18, 2019. The Fund is a diversified, limited-term, closed-end fund whose investment objective is to provide total return through a combination of current income, current gains and long-term capital appreciation. As a result of the foregoing and other factors, no assurance can be given as to the actual composition or character of Fund distributions at the time of this press release by the Fund, AllianzGI U.S., nor any of their affiliates, trustees, directors, members, officers or employees.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

What Veterans Affairs Aims to Accomplish Through Its Artificial Intelligence Institute

[Mon 22:03] The Veterans Affairs Department recently launched a National Artificial Intelligence Institute to coordinate and advance strategic vet-focused research and development efforts to harness the budding technology. "VA's artificial intelligence institute will usher in new capabilities and opportunities that will improve health outcomes for our nation's heroes." Throughout 2019, the agency unveiled a variety of deliberate investments and projects to leverage artificial intelligence to better meet veterans' needs. NAII will engage veterans and stakeholders across the health care sector to solicit and execute flagship AI research projects that emphasize topics like deep learning, explainable AI, and privacy-preserving AI. They'll aim to "Demonstrate [the] size, scope, and magnitude of capabilities that deliver positive real-world outcomes for Veterans." According to agency insiders, "One of the first tasks the NAII took on was surveying the existing use of AI by VA researchers" and going forward, the institute will also boost AI-related research projects already underway by offering up fresh resources and forging new possibilities for collaboration.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Stats Perform Hires Steve and Peter Hirdt, the Pioneers of Sports Broadcast Research and Content

[Mon 21:03] CHICAGO-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Today, Stats Perform, the revolutionary leader in sports AI and data, announced the hire of Steve and Peter Hirdt, the two biggest innovators in U.S. sports broadcast research and content over the past four decades. The Hirdt brothers join Stats Perform from Elias Sports Bureau with Steve taking over as senior director of operations and research and Peter as senior director of content and broadcast service. "If you talk to anyone across the sports broadcast industry, Steve and Peter's names come up as two of the most influential minds for modern sports statistics and media coverage," Stats Perform Chief Executive Officer Carl Mergele said. "Over the past four decades, they instilled standards and practices that led the sports broadcast industry to embrace the use of data to enhance storytelling. Now they join Stats Perform at a pivotal moment as we use industry-leading AI and our unmatched historical database to unlock a new set of sports insights. Having Steve and Peter on board takes our illustrious research media team to an even higher level."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

E-Commerce Leader Wish Surveys Americans On How White Elephant Should Be Played

[Mon 21:03] FUN FACTS.Rising in Popularity: The percentage of Americans who've played White Elephant has nearly doubled now compared to more than 5 years ago - nearly 3 in 5 Americans have ever played the game. Peak White Elephant Season: The week of the holiday season when the most Americans think people are likeliest to play White Elephant is the 3rd week of December. Majority of Americans Agree On A Limit of $25. or less: Nearly two-thirds of Americans say the ideal price limit for a White Elephant gift is $25. or less.3 Steals Should Be The Maximum: Nearly half of Americans believe there should be a maximum number of times a White Elephant gift can be stolen; on average, Americans say the maximum number of times a White Elephant gift can be stolen should be 3 times. "As a leader in affordable goods, Wish felt compelled to take a scientific approach to settling the debate once and for all. We created the Wish Elephant Official Rules and Gift Guide, curating gift selections at $15., $25. and $35. price points, to help simplify the shopping and gift-giving process for White Elephant players this holiday season."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Here’s how 2020’s smartphone cameras will improve in photos, videos, and 3D

[Mon 21:03] The company sells a $6 Pro Camera app that can be used to shoot quality-optimized photos and videos with its lenses, as well as correct lens distortions. Some phones use a combination of motion sensor data and jitter-resistant cameras to minimize the blur that comes from shaky hands and the bounces that can normally be seen as people move and walk when shooting videos. It's increasingly apparent that computational photography - the combination of multiple images and related sensor data - is going to be the next big thing in smartphone cameras. When I say that no one's "Exactly" sure how these cameras will pan out in 2020 devices, that's just because there are questions about how quickly and broadly software will catch up.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Amazon can blame Trump all it wants but Microsoft will still walk away with the $10 billion JEDI deal, analyst says

[Mon 21:03] Amazon's lawsuit challenging the Pentagon's decision to award a $10 billion cloud computing contract to competitor Microsoft might cause a delay, a prominent cloud analyst says, but in the end its just "Noise" that won't affect the outcome of the contract. "We ultimately believe this is a paradigm changer for Microsoft who will remain the lone winner in this hard fought technology/K Street battle that took place over the last year and remains a stinging defeat for Amazon and Bezos," Ives wrote. "We saw the tide turning significantly in the Beltway around this flagship cloud deal for Microsoft and Nadella with the odds looking more that Redmond would win despite Amazon going hard after this over the last few years," Ives said. While AWS still has a market share that's three times larger than that of Microsoft Azure, the contract signals to the market that Azure's technology is on par with that of Amazon's, some experts say.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

TRRA Selects CloudMoyo OTS

[Mon 21:03] The cloud-based OTS is described as "a foundational component of the CloudMoyo Rail Transportation Management solution suite, which harnesses the power of advanced analytics to intelligently create configurable master test plans and allows rapid operational testing in the field utilizing mobile devices." CloudMoyo OTS, integrated with other enterprise applications including Oracle HCM and Microsoft Active Directory File Server, "Provides a single unified platform for all safety and operational testing, radically enhancing safety and efficiency of rail operations," CloudMoyo said. "CloudMoyo OTS allows supervisors to get a complete picture of the progress and status of operational testing using embedded dashboards in the OTS app." "Safety is our top priority. With CloudMoyo OTS for short line railroads, our responses to new regulations and our implementation of new safety measures will be more streamlined and timelier. We can directly import multiple rules libraries such as GCOR, MOW, SSI, Haz-Mat, Train Ride and Efficiencies, configure them to our needs, and roll out new test execution programs almost immediately. We expect enhanced agility of the new system along with a seamless user experience on mobile devices to clearly improve the productivity of our workforce by more than 30%.".  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Surge of growth has IDx build new executive team

[Mon 21:03] PRNewswire/ - IDx Technologies today announced new appointments to its executive leadership team to accelerate product development and scale operations to accommodate increased market adoption of IDx-DR, the FDA-authorized autonomous AI system that detects diabetic retinopathy, a leading cause of blindness. With this leadership team, IDx is poised for significant growth in 2020. Seamans served as Chairman and CEO of IDx from 2011-2018, playing an integral role in the company's breakthrough FDA clearance for the first autonomous AI diagnostic system in any field of medicine. IDx is a leading AI diagnostics company on a mission to transform the quality, accessibility, and affordability of healthcare.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Macron’s €1.5 billion plan to drag France into the age of artificial intelligence

[Mon 21:03] PARIS - France's Emmanuel Macron knows his country is not about to develop a local equivalent of Google or Facebook to power the development of artificial intelligence. "We have to be in a position to build, in France and in Europe, an artificial intelligence ecosystem," Macron said in a speech Thursday. With an investment of nearly €1.5 billion euros into AI research over the next four years, Macron aims to do nothing less than to drag his country into the age of AI and erase 30 years of underperformance on innovation. Macron - who unveiled the plans Thursday - argued that France and Europe more broadly need to keep concerns about privacy at the heart of their approach to AI. Following a transatlantic scandal over allegations that some 50 million Facebook users had their personal data improperly collected, the French officials said that mass collection of personal data for marketing or political purposes was out of the question.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Training Wheels

[Mon 20:03] How Kristi Nguyen used a thousand pictures to help robots see. Kristi Nguyen '21 knows the terrain and path of the dirt track surrounding Santa Clara's softball field well. To start, Nguyen took an existing algorithm created by Silicon Valley tech company NVIDIA that helped robots navigate rural paths and trails where GPS was unavailable. Opportunities like the Kuehler grant is one of the reasons Nguyen came to SCU. She took a class in machine learning last year and Professor Christopher Kitts asked her if she was interested in a project he was working on.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

A Wall Street analyst says Amazon is starting to alienate its cloud partners with its bid to be a 'jack-of-all-trades'

[Mon 20:03] William Blair's Jason Ader said the raft of new products that Amazon Web Services unveiled last week at its annual Re:invent conference in Las Vegas underscore its bid to be the "One-stop shop for enterprise infrastructure needs" and its position as the leading cloud platform. Amazon is the most dominant player in the cloud which lets businesses set up and maintain their networks on web-based platforms, allowing them to scale down or even abandon in-house data centers. Amazon expanded its reach in the cloud by forming partnerships with major tech players as well as smaller companies that offer other products and services it does not have. Amazon's competitive posture has also been previously noted by industry executives like Frank Slootman, CEO of Snowflake, a data warehousing startup that is both a partner and competitor to Amazon.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

For AI That Works For Everyone, We Need Everyone To Help Design It

[Mon 20:03] "We're seeing that AI driven by machine learning is transforming how we live, how we work and how we socialize with others," said Lisa Amini, director of IBM Research's lab in Cambridge, Mass. "If women aren't participating in that transformation, we risk both shortcomings in the technology and in women's ability to also benefit from those changes,'' Amini said. She also oversees the company's AI Horizons Network, through which IBM researchers collaborate with university faculty and students worldwide." " Blodgett's work addresses how AI researchers can be more precisely assess bias by moving beyond generic gender or race categories and analyzing how AI can reinforce harmful stereotypes. "A couple of years ago, we didn't even ask these questions," says IBM Fellow Aleksandra Mojsilović, Head of Trustworthy AI at IBM Research, and co-founder of IBM's Science for Social Good program. "People now realize that they need to think about more than performance when they design AI systems-they also need to think about fairness."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Understanding AI Could Hold Up A Mirror To How We Think

[Mon 20:03] Supervised learning methods, methods to make a prediction based on data, are often used in machine learning algorithms. Within massive data sets, much of it may not be relevant or have little bearing on the result you desire. What is the statistical error in your sample? To figure this out, you could come up with a large simulated data set. In your simulated data set, 47% support candidate A and 53% support candidate B. You could then "Sample" your simulated data set - just like you would do in real life - by polling a smaller subset of the population.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

NVIDIA Is Using Machine Learning To Transform 2D Images Into 3D Models

[Mon 20:03] Researchers at NVIDIA have come up with a clever machine learning technique for taking 2D images and fleshing them out into 3D models. "In traditional computer graphics, a pipeline renders a 3D model to a 2D screen. But there's information to be gained from doing the opposite-a model that could infer a 3D object from a 2D image would be able to perform better object tracking, for example.," NVIDIA explains. By processing 2D images into 3D models, an autonomous robot would be in a better position to interact with its environment more safely and efficiently, as it could "Sense and understand it surroundings" using this technology. "This is essentially the first time ever that you can take just about any 2D image and predict relevant 3D properties," says Jun Gao, one of a team of researchers who collaborated on DIB-R. Beyond robotics, NVIDIA also sees this as being handy in transforming 2D images of dinosaurs and other extinct animals, into lifelike 3D images in quick fashion.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

AWS is sick of waiting for your company to move to the cloud

[Mon 20:03] The bad news for AWS is that it can probably see Google and Microsoft beginning to resonate with more customers, and it's looking for new ways to get a piece of the untapped part of the market to choose AWS. AWS remains in firm control of the cloud infrastructure market. Jassy outlined four steps in his keynote to help companies move faster and get more workloads in the cloud. The trouble is that after you move that first easy batch, getting to the cloud becomes increasingly challenging, and that's one of the big reasons why companies have moved slower than Jassy would like. All of this is designed to put the cloud in reach of more customers, to help them move to the cloud faster.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

VA launches National Artificial Intelligence Institute to drive research and development

[Mon 20:03] The Department of Veterans Affairs wants to become a leader in artificial intelligence and launched a new national institute to spur research and development in the space. The VA's new National Artificial Intelligence Institute is incorporating input from veterans and its partners across federal agencies, industry, nonprofits, and academia to prioritize AI R&D to improve veterans' health and public health initiatives, the VA said in a press release. "VA's artificial intelligence institute will usher in new capabilities and opportunities that will improve health outcomes for our nation's heroes." The program will design, execute and collaborate on large-scale initiatives and national strategy and build on the American AI Initiative and the National AI R&D Strategic Plan.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

30 years of iconic Warp releases and the artists that loved them

[Mon 20:03] In 1989, nearing the height of the UK's acid house movement, a few record store clerks in Sheffield borrowed a car to distribute a single called "Track With No Name." They sold 500 copies of that release, and by the time of their second release, Nightmare on Wax's "Dextrous," they sold 30,000 copies and Warp Records was off and running. Warp became iconic thanks to their electronic releases, but 30 years on the label has also forged ahead into hip-hop, future R&B, modern composition, and even guitar music. To properly convey the gravity of the label and its lasting influence, we asked a new generation of artists and producers from around the world, as well as some Warp stalwarts, to talk about what their favorite Warp release is. I've been going back to this record for many years and even if there are more than a few Warp releases that I could pick up, this one is celebrating its 25th anniversary, so it's the one I wanted to honor this time.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Global Respiratory Devices And Equipment (Therapeutic And Diagnostic) Market Report 2020 -

[Mon 20:03] The respiratory devices and equipment market consists of sales of respiratory devices and equipment and related services. During the forecast period, Asia Pacific respiratory devices and equipment market is forecasted to register the highest CAGR. Global therapeutic respiratory devices and equipment market will be driven by the increase in diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, asthma, and lung cancer. Longer duration of time taken in the approval process of the respiratory devices is restricting the respiratory devices and equipment market growth. In addition to this, to reduce incidences associated with the respiratory devices and ensure that the devices are safe and have least adverse reactions, Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, UK regulates and monitors the devices by restricting devices for use and sending field safety notice to correct the devices.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Conference ponders AI advances

[Mon 20:03] The world's AI researchers zoomed in on topics ranging from natural language to AI hardware architectures, machine learning for social-network platforms, quantum computing, and inference functionality on sensory devices. Remarkable progress has been made in recent years in quantum hardware, and quantum computation in the cloud is already a reality, offering small quantum processors that are capable of handling basic quantum algorithms. Building such a quantum system requires bridging quantum algorithms and quantum processors, the professor noted. Almudéver first presented the state of the art in quantum computing, emphasizing the main challenges, which include improvement and scalability of quantum processors, classical control electronics at cryogenic temperatures, and definition of a heterogeneous quantum computer architecture.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Empathy Is Seen as the Path to Personalization

[Mon 20:03] As technology becomes more communicative, particularly through the global adoption of virtual assistants, more emphasis is being placed on the human elements of communication, and empathy will become an increasingly important part of that technology, Strategy Analytics stresses in a new report. Combined with artificial intelligence, empathetic technology has the potential to make human-machine interaction far more engaging and personal, the agency asserts. Enabling smart devices to understand how a user is feeling or acting would allow for a more compelling, more useful, and more personal user experience. "Artificial Intelligence is starting to deliver tangible user benefits in consumer tech, and more meaningful use cases will be introduced based on natural language processing, machine learning, and empathetic technologies," he predicts.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Managing Big Data in Real-Time with AI and Machine Learning

[Mon 19:03] DBTA recently held a webinar featuring Theresa Melvin, chief architect of AI-driven big data solutions, HPE, and Noel Yuhanna, principal analyst serving enterprise architecture professionals, Forrester, who discussed trends in what enterprises are doing to manage big data in real-time. According to a Forrester survey, the top data challenges are data governance, data silos, and data growth, he explained. There is a lack of visibility into data across personas - developer, data scientist, data engineers, data architects, security etc. According to the Forrester survey, Yuhanna said AI/ML for data will help end-users and customers to support data intelligence to support new next-generation use cases such as customer personalization, fraud detection, advanced IoT analytics and rea-time data sharing and collaboration.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Machine Learning based Analytical Framework for Automatic Hyperspectral Raman Analysis of Lithium-ion Battery Electrodes

[Mon 19:03] At present, hyperspectral Raman spectroscopy is mostly confined to the laboratory-scale measurement and analysis, and there are specific reasons for it not being used as the real-time quality-control analytical tool; the presence of the cosmic noise and background signature in the hyperspectral dataset, inability to accurately identify the number of spectral signature in the hyperspectral dataset, and non-transferability of the existing analytical model from one set of hyperspectral measurement data to another set of newly hyperspectral measured dataset1. Here, we propose an MCR-ALS based machine learning analytical framework to automate the entire pipeline of hyperspectral Raman analysis of lithium-ion battery electrodes. The pipeline of the hyperspectral Raman analysis of LIB electrodes has domains; intelligently pre-processing the hyperspectral Raman data with fewer or no human assistance, accurately identifying the reliable spectral signature from the hyperspectral dataset and assign the class labels, training a neural network on to the accurately "Labelled" spectral signature, testing the reusability of already trained NN to evaluate other test samples in real-time. Human intelligence means the hyperspectral Raman data set analysis done by an expert having three years of experience in handling LIB Raman analysis.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

New eBook from Mouser and NXP Explores the Potential of Artificial Intelligence

[Mon 19:03] December 5, 2019 - Mouser Electronics, Inc. announces a new eBook in collaboration with NXP Semiconductors, examining the myriad potential applications of artificial intelligence and identifying specific products for AI and machine learning solutions. The new eBook from Mouser and NXP clarifies the current state of AI and ML, in addition to highlighting future directions and solutions for the industry. As an authorized distributor, Mouser Electronics is focused on the rapid introduction of new products and technologies, giving customers an edge and helping speed time to market. Mouser Electronics, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is an award-winning, authorized semiconductor and electronic component distributor focused on rapid New Product Introductions from its manufacturing partners for electronic design engineers and buyers.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

VA Announces New National Artificial Intelligence Institute

[Mon 19:03] December 09, 2019 - The Department of Veterans Affairs has launched a new National Artificial Intelligence Institute to leverage innovative tools and improve the health and well-being of veterans. Dr. Gil Alterovitz will serve as the director of the new institute and will work to build AI R&D capacity to help veterans. As the largest integrated health system in the country, the VA will advance AI research and development to the frontiers of health and science for veterans through NAII. VA is home to the Million Veteran program, the world's biggest genomic database linked to healthcare information. "VA's artificial intelligence institute will usher in new capabilities and opportunities that will improve health outcomes for our nation's heroes."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

The “Ghost Workers” Underpinning the World’s Artificial Intelligence Systems

[Mon 19:03] Beyond data-taggers, Gray's book seeks to examine many of the informal gig workers who "Step in when AI falls short," and is intended to draw attention to work conditions associated with these mostly invisible task-based, contract-driven jobs - "Ghost work" - that can be partly sourced, scheduled, managed, executed and billed through an application program on the internet. Ghost Work suggests that the portable benefit could come from working adults, government funds and corporate taxes, collected and poured into a common pool to cover social security benefits for retirement, re-training and health costs for each informal worker. Gray also suggests that corporations seeking out informal workers must set up formal virtual co-working spaces so that informal workers can connect with each other and manage the projects they are working on. Informal workers need to set up virtual associations, unions or guilds to help each other navigate their work environment, Gray added.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Predictive Care

[Mon 19:03] When a doctor evaluates a patient, previous clinical outcomes and patient data will tell them what to do next, so they can move on to the next patient as quickly as possible without second-guessing themselves or compromising patient care. Doctors have access to large quantities of data when evaluating their patients, including the patient's health history, similar clinical outcomes, and information regarding the latest treatment methods. Part of Google's plan is to condense healthcare information as much as possible, so doctors and physicians don't have to read through pages of data when treating their patients. To comply with patient privacy laws, such as those outlined in HIPAA, hospitals have agreed to de-identify patients before releasing these records.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

BP Logix Named a Winner in Best in Biz Awards

[Mon 19:03] BP Logix, provider of low-code BPM solutions for rapid digital application development, today announced that Process Director 5.0 has been named a silver winner in the Most Innovative Enterprise Product Feature of the Year - Enterprise category - in the 2019 Best in Biz Awards. Designed to enable digital innovation and real business transformation, Process Director 5.0 is a first-to-market BPM product that integrates predictive analytics technology and Artificial Intelligence. "Process Director is praised by customers and third-party judges alike as is evident from the long list of awards the company has received," says Girish Pashilkar, BP Logix CEO. "With Process Director 5.0, we have continued to deliver groundbreaking product innovation and powerful technology solutions as we incorporated machine learning into BPM-providing users with a full suite of machine learning capabilities that do not require data scientists." BP Logix Inc., headquartered near San Diego, pioneered predictive business process management with its many patented innovations, empowering individuals and teams to rapidly develop, deploy, and enhance critical digital applications.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Top 15 Artificial Intelligence E-courses in 2019 (Revealed)

[Mon 19:03] As the field of computer science evolves and technological innovations and other related variables, i.e. semiconductor, improve, ushering what is widely referred to as 'Moore's law' , all this, kept pushing the field forward. After decades of darkness and doom, from 2005 to 2010, the field got a new air of relief. The innovations in machine learning, deep learning, deep neural networks, cognitive psychology, computer science, mathematics etc. Access to humongous database gave new impetus to the field of AI. More so, Prof Geoff Hinton of Toronto University, widely-regarded as the 'Father of Modern AI', helped, after multiple decades of AI research, in the discovery of 'Deep Learning', also known as 'Neural Nets', in the field; and this singular invention catapulted the AI ecosystem!  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

NVIDIA researchers present a rendering framework that can produce 3D objects from 2D images

[Mon 18:03] Forward-looking: Computers excel at taking a 3D model and rendering it on a 2D screen. Nvidia researchers have created a rendering framework that uses AI to take 2D information and transform it into a 3D object accurately. The process only takes one-tenth of a second, but the neural network takes two days to train using a single Nvidia V100 GPU. Nvidia claims that training using other GPUs would take several weeks. While birds were the focus of the experiment, co-author of the research paper on the subject, Jun Gao said that the system can render any 2D image into a 3D model.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Predictive Analytics for Student Dropout Reduction at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali

[Mon 18:03] 3 The problem lies in being able to determine, as early as possible, which students are at risk of dropping out.4 Therefore, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana decided to use its predictive analytics tool to pilot a project that predicts student dropout probability. In our case, the goal was to calculate-by the first day of each semester-the dropout student probability with a ROC-AUC6 higher than 90%. Table1 shows some examples of the hypotheses about dropout rates and the kinds of data that could help test those hypotheses. Dropout probability per student: For each student, the dropout probability is calculated, making it easy to identify at-risk students. If a student's probability of dropping out is growing faster than desired, for example, that student can be marked as "At risk" even if the student has not reached a predefined threshold.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Call for Papers: HPML2020 High Performance Machine Learning Workshop

[Mon 18:03] HPML2020 takes place May 11, 2020 in Melbourne, Australia in conjunction with CCGrid 2020. This workshop is intended to bring together the Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and High Performance Computing communities. This progress required heavy use of high performance computers and accelerators. Benchmarking, performance measurements, and analysis of ML models.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Culture, Care, and Predictive Analytics at the University of South Florida

[Mon 18:03] From 2008 to 2018, the six-year graduation rate of students at the main campus of the University of South Florida increased from 48% to 73%. This 25-point gain is the largest improvement in this metric among all public doctoral-granting institutions during this ten-year period. USF built its student success initiative on the principle that every student admitted to the university will succeed when given the opportunity to do so. Without an institutional culture that places students at the center of our work and believes in them, no digital transformation effort will contribute much to student success. Without a team of trained professionals who care about the success of students, we could not provide the right support to the right students at the right time.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Cloud-based voice-recognition integration advances Alexa built-in IoT devices

[Mon 18:03] They discussed new advances in AWS IoT and the perennial question: Is the IoT secure? It might sounds strange that a cloud company actually gives you software that's not running on the cloud but you need software running on your devices in order to be able to be controlled by, and communicate with, the cloud. We launched something called AVS Integration for IoT. And AVS stands for Alexa Voice Services. We were working with our Alexa team saying how can we make this really, really affordable? And we found a trick where we said let's offload all of this audio processing to the cloud so that you, in essence, can build very dumb devices.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Eight U of T artificial intelligence researchers named CIFAR AI chairs

[Mon 18:03] Eight University of Toronto artificial intelligence researchers - four of whom are women - have been named CIFAR AI Chairs, a recognition of pioneering work in areas that could have global societal impact. U of T alone has attracted $244 million in direct research funding in AI over the last five years, while a who's who of multinational tech companies - from Nvidia and Uber to Google and Samsung - have either set up or expanded AI research labs in Toronto with a U of T researcher at the helm. "Today's announcement by CIFAR will help U of T and Vector continue to attract and nurture top talent in AI while maintaining Canada's leadership in a field with revolutionary potential," says Vivek Goel, U of T's vice-president, research and innovation, and strategic initiatives. "Researchers around the world recognize U of T's well-earned reputation as an AI powerhouse and are keen to be part of the growing innovation ecosystem of startups and AI research labs in one of the world's most welcoming and diverse cities."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

The Bot Decade: How AI Took Over Our Lives in the 2010s

[Mon 18:03] That's when AI is tasked not only with finding the answers to questions about data sets, but with finding the questions themselves; successful deep learning applications require vast amounts of data and the time and computational power to self-test over and over again. In January, Technology Review's Karen Hao released an exhaustive analysis of recent papers in AI that concluded that machine learning was one of the defining features of AI research this decade. The prevailing profit model for most of these consumer-facing applications, like social media platforms and map functions, is for users to trade their personal data for minor convenience upgrades, which are achieved through a combination of technical power, data access, and rapid worker disenfranchisement as increasingly complex service jobs are doubled up, automated away, or taken over by AI workers. The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation, enforceable from 2018, limits the legal uses of valuable AI training datasets by defining the rights of the "Data subject"; the GDPR also prohibits the "Black box" model for machine learning applications, requiring both transparency and accountability on how data are stored and used.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Using Artificial Intelligence with Human Intelligence for Student Success

[Mon 18:03] The combination of artificial intelligence, or constructed intelligence, with human intelligence and passion generated a powerful student success model that propelled USF off its performance "Plateau" and is continuing to drive ever-higher rates of persistence and completion. This may be one of the most effective uses of human intelligence in response to artificial intelligence at USF. People with whom the student already has, or will have, a supporting relationship are the ones who reach out to the student and form a connection. Persistence CommitteeIn January 2016, USF formed a cross-functional team to manage student success initiatives, monitor where a student's success is jeopardized, and identify systemic and policy issues that interfere with student success. The University of South Florida, a large public research university enrolling more than 50,000 students on three campuses, figured out how to tap the power of both artificial intelligence and human intelligence to produce impressive gains in student success.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

I Paid £20 to Create a Deepfake Porn of Myself

[Mon 17:03] Another deepfake creator specified that he was against using deepfake technology to create porn, but that he uses deepfake forums as a learning tool for producing deepfake parody videos. He told me that in other, non-porn deepfake communities, "The user base is not helpful usually and will tell you just to go read the [software] documentation," which he said pushed him to join the deepfake porn community. With the exception of a few states like Virginia and California, deepfake pornography remains legal in the U.S. While platforms and web hosts can prohibit deepfake videos, deepfake creators' anonymity can make it nearly impossible to prevent new videos from being made. Deepfake porn forums appear on the first page of Google's search results, and creators are willing to make deepfakes for anyone with 13 seconds of video and $30. Some of these platforms boast user counts in the tens of thousands.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Virtusa introduces augmented reality and AI in latest platform update

[Mon 17:03] Virtusa Corporation, a global provider of digital strategy, digital engineering, and IT services and solutions, is introducing new capabilities to help improve customer service while reducing average handling time. Traditional Communications Service Providers, wireless providers, internet, cable, and satellite operators, along with other managed service providers, typically have a large contractor-based field force that must be trained to diagnose and make repairs using a massive portfolio of products and equipment. "Customers today have a wide range of options for how to consume products and services from CSPs," said Frank Palermo, EVP, technology, media, and telecommunications, Virtusa. "Additionally, innovations around 5G will bring both immense opportunity and challenge. The Smart Field Force Management Platform will help improve customer service and reduce costs, enabling CSPs to better compete in this increasingly crowded market."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

The technologies set to transform video content

[Mon 17:03] Imagen's CTO Tim Jobling highlights the wave of new video technologies which are set to transform our lives, and if there is the infrastructure in place to enable this revolution. Although the cloud has impacted how organizations leverage video content, and this concept is no longer "New," they will need to prepare for other technologies that are set to change how videos are created, stored, distributed and consumed. As more people consume information via video, it is important that CMOs are aware of the technologies that will impact - or are already impacting - their content strategies. As the technologies mentioned above become more common business practices and used more frequently, it is important that CMOs have the infrastructure in place to ensure their video strategies reach the right audiences.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Google proposes hybrid approach to AI transfer learning for medical imaging

[Mon 17:03] In "Transfusion: Understanding Transfer Learning for Medical Imaging," coauthors hailing from Google Research investigate the role transfer learning plays in developing image classification algorithms. In a performance evaluation that compared a range of model architectures trained to diagnose diabetic retinopathy and five different diseases from chest x-rays, a portion of which were pretrained on an open source image data set, they report that transfer learning didn't "Significantly" affect performance on medical imaging tasks. In a second test, the team studied the degree to which transfer learning affected the kinds of features and representations learned by the AI models. To rectify these and other issues, the team proposes a hybrid approach to transfer learning, where instead of reusing the full model architecture, only a portion of is resused and the rest is redesigned to better suit the target task.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

AI in Space Exploration Market 2019 Global Trend, Segmentation and Opportunities, Forecast 2026

[Mon 17:03] The AI in Space Exploration is experiencing rapid development in technology and the space vehicles that are developed for space exploration. The Global AI in Space Exploration Market has been segmented depending upon their types. The Global Market for AI in Space Exploration is expected to grow at a higher Compound Annual Growth Rate of 7.25% during the forecasting period for the generation of revenue, which is more than its expected value by the year 2026. The Global Market of the AI in Space Exploration was recorded to be moving at a higher positive side in the year 2018 with revenue generation of 2 Billion USD. The forecasted period for the growth of the Global Market for AI in Space Exploration termed as 2019 - 2026.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

LEGO Sorting Machine Uses Neural Networks to Sort Any Piece

[Mon 17:03] West, who has a YouTube channel with a handful of fun, LEGO-centered videos like this one demonstrating a LEGO "Bolt Action Rifle with Grenade Launcher," says he spent two years building this universal LEGO sorting machine. The most astounding part of the universal LEGO sorter is its use of artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning, and even more specifically, convolutional neural networks. The neural networks deployed by the universal sorter have been trained on massive data sets made up of all the various LEGO pieces, which allows them to identify any piece that makes its way through the machine. As West points out there weren't nearly enough real-world images of the multitude of LEGO piece types, so he needed to train the neural networks using digital images instead. West's video explaining how the neural networks deployed by his LEGO sorting machine work.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Surveying the reach and maturity of machine learning and artificial intelligence in astronomy

[Mon 17:03] Surveying the reach and maturity of machine learning and artificial intelligence in astronomy. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are now firmly established in astronomy. Every week, new applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence are added to a growing corpus of work. This review surveys contemporary, published literature on machine learning and artificial intelligence in astronomy and astrophysics.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

The 2020s could be an apocalyptic decade for Wall Street as artificial intelligence takes over the most popular jobs in finance

[Mon 17:03] Jobs in banking are some of the most sought after for job seekers - but plenty of roles may not be around much longer. Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, and JPMorgan Chase remain five of the most popular places to work in 2019. "The reality is that if somebody wants to learn finance and strategy, these banks are still the places to be trained and developed," Heather Hammond, co-head of the global banking and markets practice at Russell Reynolds Associates, told LinkedIn. Jobs in banking as a whole are some of the most expensive in the country.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Pixel 4 will automatically screen robocalls and center your Duo videos

[Mon 16:03] The first feature drop, rolling out this month, will bring the latest Call Screen features and improved Duo video calls to the Pixel 4. The Pixel 4 will automatically screen robocalls using Call Screen. On the Pixel 4, Duo will keep you centered in the video frame as you chat. Pixel 2, 3 and 4 models will also get a portrait filter in Duo, which will blur the background slightly to make you look sharper.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Are All Levels Of Autonomous Vehicles Equally Safe?

[Mon 16:03] In order to understand the end vision of a future filled with autonomous vehicles of all sorts, we need to understand where the industry currently stands and where it is heading. Level 2 vehicles are too easily confused as level 3 vehicles based on the way the car manufacturers are marketing and promoting their cars. Another unintended consequence of a world with mostly autonomous vehicles is that drivers start to lose practice driving in different situations as they become increasingly dependent on somewhat autonomous capabilities. Vehicles will need to be continuously certified to operate on roads where fewer and fewer non-autonomous vehicles will be present.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

451 Research: Unlock the Doors to AI-Driven Operations with Analytics and Automation

[Mon 16:03] Go through this 451 Research infographic to know how analytics and machine learning applied to telemetry data are now boosting infrastructure availability and efficiency. Learn how organizations would measure the value of AI and ML enhancements.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

AMD Readies EPYC for Exascale with ROCm at SC19

[Mon 16:03] With its EPYC processors, Radeon Instinct accelerators, Infinity Fabric technologies, and ROCm open software, AMD is building an Exascale ecosystem for heterogeneous compute. "AMD enters SC19 as the processor provider for the upcoming Frontier supercomputer, expected to be the highest performance supercomputer in the world when it is delivered in 2021," said Mark Papermaster, executive vice president and chief technology officer, AMD. "Show attendees can spend time with the same foundational AMD technologies that will go into that exascale-class system this week. From high performance AMD EPYC CPUs and Radeon Instinct GPUs working together across high-speed interconnects, to our open software ecosystem, all delivered by the biggest names in supercomputing, it's all here at SC19.". At SC19, AMD announced a set of new customer wins and new platforms supporting AMD EPYC processors and Radeon Instinct accelerators, as well as the release of ROCm 3.0 development environment. Cray, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, recently announced two new supercomputers equipped with the 2nd Gen AMD EPYC processors and based on the Shasta supercomputer architecture, ARCHER2 and Vulcan.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Researchers use machine learning to better understand conversations about death

[Mon 16:03] Now researchers at the University of Vermont's Vermont Conversation Lab have used machine learning and natural language processing to better understand what those conversations look like, which could eventually help healthcare providers improve their end-of-life communication. "We want to understand this complex thing called a conversation. Our major goal is to scale up the measurement of conversations so we can re-engineer the healthcare system to communicate better." Gramling and his colleagues wanted to understand the types of conversations that people have around serious illness, to identify the common features they have and determine if they follow common storylines. A deeper understanding of these conversations, which are often freighted with emotion and uncertainty, will also help reveal what aspects or behaviors associated with these conversations are more valuable for patients and families.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Wolters Kluwer Introduces AI Technology to Predict C. difficile Infections and Improve Patient Outcomes

[Mon 16:03] Wolters Kluwer, Health is introducing machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to its surveillance solution-Sentri7®-to predict healthcare-acquired infections such as Clostridioides difficile, or C. diff. As a result, hospitals are turning to advanced technology to meet this challenge and improve patient outcomes. "That's why Wolters Kluwer is applying this AI technology to help hospitals get a head start on C. diff infections with smarter clinical surveillance technology that can predict the risk of infections days in advance. This predictive surveillance gives patients the best chance for a positive outcome while their loved ones and hospital staff and other patients are protected from the spread of this bacteria." "Our mission is to ensure every patient benefits from the best knowledge and evidence to improve their care. With Sentri7's predictive C. diff infection risk score, clinicians can identify high-risk patients, remove modifiable risk factors and initiate evidence-based care much sooner. That time advantage could reduce the severity of patient infection and early identification can be the difference between an isolated case and an outbreak for a hospital."  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Thales funds research at UniSA to reveal the human side of artificial intelligence

[Mon 16:03] Thales in the UK is funding a team of academics and PhD students at UniSA to the tune of £150,000 to explore the human factor in Artificial Intelligence by studying the effects of fatigue, workload and stress on volunteers. Thales researchers will use that data in their own ground-breaking work on AI and autonomy in the maritime environment to ensure that products optimise and enhance, rather than degrade, an operator's performance. "By considering the human early on in the design process, we can manage a lot of the errors that arise when human factors aren't taken into consideration and which can result in the development of a tool that doesn't work. This is a much smarter approach." The Behaviour Brain Body Research Centre, which opened two years ago, specialises in researching the impact of 24/7 employment on workers' cognitive performance and long-term health.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Singapore BIGO Technology Integrates Artificial Intelligence Into Communication Apps for a Holistic and Immersive Experience for Users

[Mon 16:03] Leading technology company from Singapore BIGO Technology, the holding company for popular new age communication platforms like Bigo Live, Likee, and imo has shared that they use Artificial Intelligence as a foundation to create a more engaging, world-class immersive experience for their users. New age communication platforms of BIGO. Bigo Live, the popular live broadcasting app allows users to share real-time experiences with their friends. About BIGO. BIGO is a fast-growing Singapore Internet company established in 2014. BIGO aims to provide their users with a world class experience through their cutting-edge technology.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Montreal Fintech FlexPay Raises $6M from Impression Ventures and BMO Capital Partners

[Mon 15:03] Led by Impression Ventures, with participation from BMO Capital Partners, Anges Québec and strategic partners. "We surpassed the 2 million declines-processed mark and multiplied our integration points 8-fold, giving us access to a pool of 4 billion dollars. in annual declines, 40,000 merchants and 80 million end-customers. The next logical step was to invite venture partners to join us and add their capital and expertise to accelerate us to help billions of end-customers get their transactions approved." BMO Capital Partners added: "We are happy to support a talented team, committed to solving a real problem in the e-commerce space with state-of-the-art technology." About BMO Capital PartnersBMO Capital Partners is a leading provider of junior capital, including subordinated debt and equity capital to mid-market companies across Canada.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Using a Machine to Help Us Learn About Jupiter’s Aurora

[Mon 15:03] A first usage of principal component analysis on Hubble images of Jupiter's auroral ovals reveals the most common patterns, and machine learning classification reveals their physical causes. An analysis technique that is exploding across the Earth and space sciences is machine learning. Apply a two-step process, including machine learning algorithms, to investigate the common patterns in the auroral region of Jupiter. The clear explanations and methodology of this study could prove useful as a tutorial for others wanting to begin using machine learning techniques for space physics applications.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Trustworthy AI for the Future of Fingerprints, Biometrics

[Mon 15:03] NIST is a forebearer for fingerprinting and biometrics standards in the world. The US-VISIT Program requires all the visitors to the U.S., when they apply for the visa, they will be fingerprinted, the fingerprint will be sent to the U.S. for background checks, and if the visa is issued to them, when they arrive in the U.S., they get fingerprinted again. What's the likelihood of this fingerprint being matched correctly? And that project landed on my desk, and out of that I developed a software, NIST Fingerprint Image Quality, that when a fingerprint is captured, you look at it and say the likelihood. How it's useful, it's the old saying of "Garbage in, garbage out." If you can prevent the poor-quality fingerprints into the system, we have improved the performance of the system.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

I Paid $30 to Create a Deepfake Porn of Myself

[Mon 15:03] To test how easy it is to commission a custom deepfake, I joined this online face-swapping marketplace and paid a creator $30 to have my face digitally inserted into porn. Another deepfake creator specified that he was against using deepfake technology to create porn, but that he uses deepfake forums as a learning tool for producing deepfake parody videos. He told me that in other, non-porn deepfake communities, "The user base is not helpful usually and will tell you just to go read the [software] documentation," which he said pushed him to join the deepfake porn community. With the exception of a few states like Virginia and California, deepfake pornography remains legal in the U.S. While platforms and web hosts can prohibit deepfake videos, deepfake creators' anonymity can make it nearly impossible to prevent new videos from being made.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Radiant Earth Foundation Releases World’s First Open Repository for Geospatial Training Data

[Mon 15:03] WASHINGTON, Dec. 09, 2019 - To make geospatial information more accessible to data scientists who are working on global priorities like food insecurity, Radiant Earth Foundation has launched Radiant MLHub, the world's first cloud-based open library dedicated to Earth observation training data for use with machine learning algorithms, it announced today. Enter Radiant MLHub, an open digital data repository that allows anyone to discover and access high-quality Earth observation training datasets and machine learning models. About Radiant EarthFounded in 2016, Radiant Earth Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is empowering organizations and individuals with open AI and EO data, standards and tools to address the world's most critical international development challenges. Radiant Earth's goal is to make Radiant MLHub the primary repository for geospatial training data that can be used by machine learning algorithms to conduct satellite imagery analysis.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

How AI-Infused Machine Learning Is Radically Changing Brand Localization Strategy

[Mon 15:03] While AI and machine learning have long been back engine contributors to language services processing in functions like text-to-speech, this landscape is evolving. Those who are concerned AI is a job-killing menace that wields power unchecked and uncontrolled must know that the human component of language services has never been more critical, and employee talent will be needed long-term, in the foreseeable future, to train machine learning solutions the basics of reading and comprehension of English and many other languages. AI is already used in a wide array of translation solutions, making the localization of your web site, product and services easier, faster and better than ever before. For now, even if you're only thinking of expanding to just one new non-English market, it's best to seek assistance from a professional language services provider, and join the growing number of companies that are localizing with great ease and success thanks to AI and machine learning technologies.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Director Tom Chancellor stages a rave at a model village for Minirig ad

[Mon 15:03] Director Tom Chancellor has created an ad for portable speaker company Minirig that stages a miniature rave at a model village. Created in collaboration with electronic duo Orbital, who soundtracked the ad, the two-minute promo combines footage of normal sized families enjoying themselves at the model village with miniature scenes of ravers finding their way to a tiny party. For the spot, which is called Small Rave Massive, Chancellor created an "Idyllic, picture-perfect version of Britain," which is soon given "a dose of reality" in the form of a miniature illegal rave, a statement from Minirig about the project explains. The spot riffs on Minirig's tagline of "The loudest small speaker", and culminates in a model rave featuring tiny versions of duo Orbital playing their new track P.H.U.K' accompanied by a warehouse full of dancers.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Not All AI Is Created Equal

[Mon 15:03] Deep learning typically leverages multiple layers of an artificial neural network using datasets to learn to represent input, predict outputs and perform tasks. To be effective, there are three essential modes of learning that can be used: supervised learning, unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning. The third mode is reinforcement learning, in which the ANN learns by trial and error, using a reward signal specified by a human trainer. If the organizations investing in these solutions don't look closely at the full AI system - examining the infrastructure, learning process, data, and technology and resources used to create it - they could learn the hard way that not all AI is created equal.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

The Hidden Costs -- And Risks -- Of Legacy Compliance Management Systems

[Mon 14:03] As governments around the globe tighten online regulations, businesses that rely on legacy compliance management systems risk not only falling behind the real-time regulatory environment, but also lagging behind competitors that have modernized compliance and can now automate, streamline and optimize overall compliance management. Legacy compliance change management solutions were built as monolithic platforms intended to serve a broad horizontal market. With streamlined deployment cycles, intuitive user interfaces, automated workflows and APIs that seamlessly mash up business tools, best-of-breed software eliminates errors, streamlines compliance and frees compliance officers from time-consuming, error-prone manual processes. "The consequences may include missed business opportunities, losses, failure to comply with laws or regulations, or deficient practices that could lead to enforcement actions, including CMPs" the OCC notes in its latest Compliance Management Systems handbook.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Oracle Health Sciences Participates in TOP Tech Sprint

[Mon 14:03] To explore better ways to match patients with the right trials, Oracle Health Sciences is once again participating in The Opportunity Project Technology Sprint: Creating the Future of Health. Senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Health Sciences. Oracle's submission uses a combination of Oracle Healthcare Foundation, Oracle CX Service, Oracle Policy Automation, Oracle Digital Assistant and Oracle Graph Machine Learning solutions to create a demonstration that in the future might enable connecting patients and clinical staff through intuitive interfaces that provide data at the point of care. At the U.S. Census Bureau in Suitland, MD. About Oracle Health SciencesOracle Health Sciences breaks down barriers and opens new pathways to unify people and processes to bring new drugs to market faster.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

AI-Powered Storage Market Worth $34.5 Billion by 2024 - Exclusive Report by MarketsandMarkets™

[Mon 14:03] PRNewswire/ - According to the new market research report "AI-Powered Storage Market by Offering, Storage System, Storage Architecture, Storage Medium, End User, and Region - Global Forecast to 2024", published by MarketsandMarkets™, the AI-Powered Storage Market is expected to grow from USD 10.4 billion. By 2024; growing at a CAGR of 27.1%. Major factors driving the AI-powered storage market growth are the massive growth in data volumes, the need for global enterprise infrastructure to refresh their storage architecture, increasing adoption of cloud-based services, and growing demand for AI in HPC data centers. File storage manages the layout, structure of files, and directories- cataloging structure, which contains references to other computer files on physical storage. Each object stored in the object-based storage system is identified by a unique identifier called object ID. Application servers can retrieve these objects by obtaining the object ID from the storage system.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Stellar Cyber Adds User Behavior Analytics to Security App Store

[Mon 14:03] SANTA CLARA, Calif.-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Security provider Stellar Cyber, with the first Open-XDR security platform, today added a User Behavior Analytics App to its Security App Store, making it much easier to track threats by specific users. In contrast, the conventional security platforms force security analysts to manually identify events as belonging to one user or another, lacking a user-centric view. As an integrated security toolkit and by fusing data from a variety of sources, the Starlight platform works with other apps in its Security App Store to easily enable analysts to cross-check events to elevate a given user's risk score. Starlight tightly integrates dozens of security applications from an App Store and presents results in an intuitive dashboard to supercharge analyst productivity by slashing attack response times to seconds or minutes.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

Cloudy with a chance of neurons: The tools that make neural networks work

[Mon 14:03] Artificial neural networks are the most common type of connectionist AI, also sometimes referred to as machine learning. My colleague Tim Lee just got done writing about neural networks last week-you can get caught up right here. Most complex, really interesting tasks will require networks of neural networks that preprocess data to find areas of interest, pass those areas of interest onto other neural networks trained to more accurately classify them, and so forth. Training is just what it sounds like-you give the neural network a large batch of data that represents a problem space, and let it chew through it, identifying things of interest and possibly learning to match them to labels you've provided along with the data.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

M(L)yth Busters 6 myths of machine learning and fraud prevention debunked

[Mon 14:03] Machine Learning doesn't perform well in new or unfamiliar scenarios, and Machine Learning can be polluted. Humans play a vital role in the success of Machine Learning by closing the loop with constant checks and validation against the Machine Learning outcomes. Here at TrafficGuard, we are a magic-free zone! For us, Machine Learning isn't "Cracking the code" or "Finding THE magic algorithm" but combinations of Machine Learning based models and techniques that are trained and verified by our dedicated team of data scientists. Want to learn more about Machine Learning for fraud prevention? Download eBook.  Top ^   More >   Google the news >>

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