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The best MacBook cases and covers

[Sat 17:05] That's why we've tracked down the best MacBook cases, covers and sleeves. Whether you're looking for protection or style, there's something here for you: These cases will work with all the latest MacBook Air and Pro models, giving you plenty of choices for protecting your Mac or making sure you purchase the right gift. There aren't a lot of extra features on this case, but it does include a pocket your notepad or iPad. The case is available in a variety of colors and patterns, so some customization for your style is possible. The polyester Mosiso case offers a fleece fabric lining for bump and scratch protection, but remains slim enough to fit into pretty much every briefcase as long as there's a little room.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

The best PS1 games of all time: From Symphony of the Night to Final Fantasy 7

[Sat 17:05] Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver is also notable as one of the first major games written by Uncharted series scribe Amy Hennig, now considered among the best game narrative creators in the business. PaRappa the Rapper has been technically surpassed by subsequent rhythm games in nearly every regard, but it's still rightly beloved as a groundbreaking curio from a time in gaming before genres became quite so crystallized and anything felt possible. Squaresoft RPG Chrono Trigger is still widely considered one of the greatest video games of all time. The series continued through the ill-received Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 in 2015, but for many, the second remains the definitive entry and still one of the most highly rated sports games of all time.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Maker Faire Tulsa showcases technology, science and more at Expo Square

[Sat 17:03] This award-winning event showcases invention and creativity in several areas such as technology, science, art and innovation. It's a family-friendly environment where kids can enjoy learning in a fun way in interactive displays and booths set up with educational activities. Download our free app for Apple and Android and Kindle devices.  Top ^   Read on KJRH >   Google the news >>

58th Foundation day of Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology celebrated

[Sat 16:03] Bhubaneswar: The 58th Foundation day of Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology, has been celebrated today at M.S. Swaminathan Conference Hall of the University. Attending the function as Guest of Honour Dr. Swapan Kumar Datta, Former DDG, ICAR and Former Vice-Chancellor, Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan delivered the Foundation Day lecture on "Agricultural science and policy from farmers' perspective". Dr. Pawan Kumar Agrawal, Vice-Chancellor of OUAT presiding over the Foundation Day function highlighted the achievements of this University during last year. Former Vice-Chancellors, Members of Board of Management, Deans & Directors, teachers, scientists, students of the University; Scientist from Regional Research and Technology Transfer Stations, Commodity Research Stations and Krishi Vigyan Kendras; farmers, farm women from different parts of the state; officials of line Departments; and Directors of ICAR institutes operating in Odisha participated in this function.  Top ^   Read on India Education Diary >   Google the news >>

India, Bahrain sign agreements in space technology, culture exchange

[Sat 16:03] India and Bahrain on Saturday agreed to collaborate in the areas of space technology, solar energy and culture exchange as Prime Minister Narendra Modi held comprehensive talks with his Bahraini counterpart Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa to give a major boost to the entire spectrum of bilateral relations. Modi, the first Indian prime minister to visit Bahrain, and Prince Khalifa after the delegation-level talks witnessed the exchange of MoUs in the areas of culture, space, collaboration with International Solar Alliance. The Indian Space Research Organisation and Bahrain's National Space Science Agency agreed to collaborate in the area of space technology. "Honoured to have met HH Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our talks were comprehensive and included a wide range of subjects concerning India-Bahrain relations," Prime Minister Modi tweeted after the talks.  Top ^   Read on India TV >   Google the news >>

The science of addiction: a personal struggle to kick cocaine gives a neuroscientist unique insights

[Sat 15:03] "Why me?" is the question that underpins much of Grisel's research, and she continues to wonder why friends who drank heavily with her in high school were spared addiction. With more high-potency drugs available more widely than ever before, alongside a sea of addictive technology enticing adults and children to "Fritter away our lives checking updates just like users fritter away their lives snorting cocaine", Grisel believes we need a range of tactics to tackle the global problem of addiction. "Ultimately you can't avoid yourself. It didn't matter how high I got, I was stuck with myself. I think we're soon going to get to that point as a society and then we might finally have our moment of truth." Then, Grisel believes, we'll discover that the way out of addiction was actually inside us all along. Never Enough: the Neuroscience and Experience of Addiction by Judith Grisel is published by Scribe, priced £9.99.  Top ^   Read on The Guardian >   Google the news >>

Media Dynamic Selects Science Denial

[Sat 15:03] "Most of the contrarians are not scientists, and the ones who are have very thin credentials. They are not in the same league with top scientists. They aren't even in the league of the average career climate scientist."Westerling is one of three researchers from UC Merced who tracked the digital footprints of climate scientists and deniers across about 200,000 research publications and 100,000 digital and print media articles on climate change over the past few years. There are a variety of reasons people don't accept the results of climate science even though the science is overwhelming. "These results show that false balance in the media is alive and well and the growing trend toward customized media that we access via the internet is feeding the disinformation trend," said Katharine Hayhoe, a climate scientist at Texas Tech University and a lead author of the U.S. National Climate Assessment. YouTube searches for climate change-related content are likelier to throw up videos about warming denial than about the climate crisis staring at the world, a study has found.  Top ^   Read on Peter Sinclair >   Google the news >>

5 Ways To Gain Real-World Data Science Experience

[Sat 15:03] Gaining data science experience without having a data science job seems daunting. One of the biggest questions I get from people trying to break in to data science is "How do I gain data science experience if I don't have a data science job?". To answer this question, I've put together the following top 5 ways to gain useful, real-world, data science experience: Build Small Projects, Volunteer as a Data Scientist, Join a Meetup, Create Tutorials, Contribute to Open Source Projects, I'll go through each one of these in detail, and give you specific actions to take. You certainly don't need to do everything on this list before you can start applying for data science jobs.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

The best indie games on the PS4

[Sat 14:05] Thankfully, there's no shortage of excellent indies to sink your teeth into and if you're unsure where to start, take a look at this list of the best indie games for the PS4. Action Dead Cells. If you're a fan of Metroidvanias who isn't afraid of an uphill battle, Dead Cells is one of the best indie games on PS4 in both genres. From the team behind Bastion and Transistor, Pyre was one of 2017's best indie games. It'd be irresponsible to create a PS4 indies list without including Journey, thatgamecompany's third and best game that is commonly regarded as one of the greatest games of all time.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Unihertz Titan smartphone review

[Sat 14:05] What exactly is Unihertz pulling with this bizarre stunt? I took the Unihertz Titan for a spin, and I found that while the phone is solid, with strong performance and easy-to-use software, I really couldn't imagine who this phone is for. While day-to-day performance is good, skip the Titan if you're looking for a good gaming phone. My major question while playing with the Titan was always "Who will buy this?" Sure, there's a lot to love about the Unihertz Titan - it's one of the few phones with a physical keyboard, it's protective as heck, and it's well priced. The Unihertz Titan is a cool looking phone, and after playing with it, I can certainly forgive its flaws.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

The best new music this week: Jay Som, Brockhampton, Taylor Swift, and more

[Sat 14:05] You want to know what the best new releases are this week, so you're not missing out on something great. Above, you'll find our constantly updated playlist with the best new albums and singles to stream in 2019. Not sure which streaming service is best for you? Check out our post about the best music streaming services, or go in-depth and learn the differences between Apple Music and Spotify to better weigh your options. We've also got lists of the best Netflix movies and best Netflix shows to stream, as well as what's new on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO, providing you with plenty of new media to binge-watch, should you get the urge.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Best mobile videoconferencing apps

[Sat 14:05] While the desktop traditionally hosts many sophisticated videoconferencing applications, the need to hold meetings while out in the field - or working at home - is equally critical. The apps below facilitate mobile face-to-face meetings, accompanied by chat, screen sharing, and other business-oriented features. Its mobile counterpart is no slouch, offering accessible and reliable meetings anywhere on the planet. If you already use GoToMeeting at the office, you can sync your calendar to your mobile device to join meetings and use the commuter mode to save up to 90% of data when joining a mobile meeting.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

The best $500 PC gaming build

[Sat 13:05] Building a budget gaming PC can be just as much fun as building a high-powered monster. In this guide, we'll break down what you need to build a $500 gaming PC that can play just about anything at 1080p if you're happy to tweak the settings a little. If you have a higher budget and want to focus more on 4K gaming or high-refresh rate gaming, we have great guides for that too. The only real difference between budget gaming and the most expensive gaming rigs are that you'll need to adjust in-game settings to what you want instead of sticking everything at ultra.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Weather Talk: Renewed interest in space travel is good for science

[Sat 13:03] Once the "Space Race" was won, interest waned and NASA's portion of the national budget waned as well. Lately, interest in sending people to the moon and other planets has been increasing again. Improvements in technology since 1969 likely has made space travel less costly, and it is now conceivable that there could be opportunities for profit in potential business ventures such as space mining or space tourism. This renewed interest in space inspires the imagination and makes the fields of science and engineering more exciting than they have been in decades.  Top ^   Read on INFORUM >   Google the news >>

LETTER: Open-net pen aquaculture is a growing and innovative technology

[Sat 13:03] In our own province, I know that Memorial University's training and research units continue to play a major role in assisting net-pen fish farming in finding the solutions to the issues that have plagued this growing sector of our seafood production. Net-pen farming technology for salmonids and other marine finfish has been supported by every provincial and federal government in Canada since the 1960s, regardless of political stripe. The critics of net-pen seafood farming maintain that recirculating aquaculture systems are the future of seafood farming, and the only solution for Atlantic salmon farming. Atlantic salmon net-pen farmers have been using RAS technology since the 1980s and major improvements have been made in the past 40 years.  Top ^   Read on The Telegram >   Google the news >>

Amazon drops prices on Bose, Sony, Samsung, and Yamaha sound bars for Labor Day

[Sat 12:05] Whether you're buying a soundbar for a first or second TV, these seven deals can help you save up to $82. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System with Universal Remote Control, Black - 732522-1110. The Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System, model 732522-1110, is a single-piece system that uses Bose technology to enhance dialogue and sound effects. Wireless connectivity potentials include adding surround sound speakers in the same room and streaming to other rooms for multi-room sound. Instead of the usual $298, Amazon cut the price of the Sony CT800 Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer HT-CT800 to just $220 for this sale.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Climate change deniers dominate YouTube searches on warming crisis, study finds

[Sat 12:03] YouTube searches for climate change-related content are likelier to throw up videos about warming denial than about the climate crisis staring at the world, a study has found. The study involved a search for videos on climate change using 10 keywords, including climate change, climate manipulation, and geoengineering. It's a trope frequently employed by climate change deniers, who cite winter weather events - and thus confuse weather, which is short term, with climate - to question the claim that the world's average temperature is rising. Of over 12,000 peer-reviewed climate science papers found a 97 per cent consensus that humans are causing climate change by emitting carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere primarily through the burning of fossil fuels.  Top ^   Read on https// >   Google the news >>

House of Marley Liberate Air review

[Sat 09:05] This is true of the vast majority of true wireless headphones on the market - including AirPods - but it does feel like a bit of an oversight in this specific case, because of the time and effort House of Marley has spent making sure the headphones are made with sustainable materials. The headphones don't sound awful; they're just not nearly as clear as headphones like Klipsch's $200 T5, or other performance aimed true wireless buds. The House of Marley Liberate Air are a beautiful pair of sustainably-made true wireless headphones with great battery life, but finicky touch controls and a slightly muddy sound signature keep them off our best-of list. Like all true wireless models, we expect the House of Marley Liberate Air will last at least two years of solid use.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Researchers win grant to revolutionize computer science research

[Sat 08:03] A team of scientists from UC Berkeley, UC San Diego and the University of Washington won a five-year $1 million dollar grant last month from the National Science Foundation, or NSF, to develop CloudBank, a program that will simplify public cloud access for researchers and educators. The grant went into effect Aug. 1 and will allow scientists to develop a suite of software, outreach, training materials and aids for negotiating and delivering public cloud services - which will help scientists more easily navigate the cloud and learn how to best use their resources, according to the NSF. "Every semester thousands of students in dozens of courses have all the computing power they might need by simply opening a notebook in a browser," said UC Berkeley researcher David Culler in an email. "We are not doing research, we are transforming the way research is done." Eventually, Lazowska said, the project could revolutionize all of science, not just computer research.  Top ^   Read on The Daily Californian >   Google the news >>

Turn up the heat in Fortnite with our season 10, week 4 hot spot challenge guide

[Sat 06:05] The first hot spot challenge this week tasks you with landing at a hot spot in three matches. You may want to leave a match once you've landed at a hot spot, but you can actually save some time by completing the second hot spot challenge while you're there. The third and final hot spot challenge asks you to eliminate three opponents at a hot spot location. Editors' Recommendations Fortnite season 9, week 6 challenge guide: Search chests and get a kill at a hot spot.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Speak gorilla, learn the science behind clowns and discover the world’s ugliest fish at TechFest 2019

[Sat 06:03] The science behind some favourite circus tricks will be revealed this weekend as TechFest gets under way. The annual festival, highlighting how science, technology, engineering and maths are used in everyday life, kicks off with a weekend packed with activities - including the Entertaining Science Circus Show. Speakers at the festival include zoologist and author Dr Michael Leach, who will share his experiences of living with mountain gorillas in How to Speak Gorilla on September 14, and biologist and TV presenter Simon Watt, who will explore some of the strangest sea creatures in the Ugly Animal Show: Weird Life Underwater on September 27. The TechFest activity weekend runs from 9.30am-4pm at the Sir Ian Wood Building, and is pay at the door of the Sir Ian Wood Building.  Top ^   Read on The Press and Journal >   Google the news >>

Placements session held at Sagar Institute of Science & Technology

[Sat 06:03] Sagar Institute of Science and Technology Gandhi Nagar witnessed presence of Zensar Technologies at its campus to conduct placements for engineering students of Computer Science and Information Technology branches. Rajnish Sharma - Head HRD, Dhiraj Chawade - Head Talent Acquisition and Shahshank Team Talent Acquisition along with 10 members team conducted the drive comprising of online test, group discussion and Interview at SISTec. In campus placement drive this year, SISTec has witnessed presence of over 14 companies offering 40+ Job offers to SISTec students. Dr Keshwendra Chaudhary, Principal, SISTec, Gandhi Nagar and Prof Prachi Shrivastava, Manager Training and Placement guided the students during the placements and expressed gratitude to Zensar Technologies for their participation in campus placement drive.  Top ^   Read on The Pioneer >   Google the news >>

College of Science expands in Fargo

[Sat 06:03] FARGO - The North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton is expanding its presence in Fargo. The Forum newspaper reported that the school has 276 students attending courses in Fargo this fall, an increase over the year of nearly 30 percent. The college's goal is to reach students who aren't being served by another campus in Fargo or neighboring Moorhead, Minn. Most students take classes at the Skills & Technology Training Center that the College of Science owns in Fargo. The school this fall also launched a new program aimed at working adults.  Top ^   Read on Jamestown Sun >   Google the news >>

University to Host Fourth Technology Summit

[Sat 06:03] An assembly of top technology, business and industry leaders will gather in Oxford next week to discuss expansion of rural broadband, workforce diversity and technology applications at the fourth annual University of Mississippi Technology Summit. "The fourth annual Tech Summit promises to be both interesting and informative as we welcome national industry and government leaders to our campus," Sparks said. Wicker, who has participated in all the previous summits at the university, noted that technology is critical for boosting Mississippi's economy. "The Tech Summit is a unique event that allows the University of Mississippi to bring together leading innovators in the tech and telecommunications sector," he said.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Leveraging Emerging Technology for Conservation

[Sat 05:03] What if we could catalyze levers like behavioral economics & design to drive change in a more effective, frictionless and relevant way? Imagine a mesh of information, tools and insights that can help us see, and advocate for, nature in our day-to-day lives-when we shop, when we learn, when we work, when we create new businesses, when we travel and more. We need a concerted effort to make science and conservation data more consumable for a broader demographic, to accelerate and simplify scientists' workloads, to measure and maximize the return on impact for the next conservation action, the next donor dollar spent. We need technology to be a catalyst for more than just driving impact, but also systemically measuring and learning from what we have done. When we intertwine conservation work with emerging technologies like AI and machine learning, data-driven storytelling and design-thinking, we discover a more efficient & effective path to conservation.  Top ^   Read on The Nature Conservancy >   Google the news >>

Royce Hutson Awarded Idaho’s First Jefferson Science Fellowship

[Sat 05:03] Royce Hutson, an associate professor in the School of Social Work, has been named Idaho's first recipient - and the first-ever social work professor - of the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine's Jefferson Science Fellowship. Prior to joining Boise State in 2012, Hutson spent nearly a decade conducting international social work for displaced populations in areas experiencing armed conflict and natural disasters. The project lasted for three months, at which point Hutson determined the status of roughly 90 percent of his original sample taken prior to the time of the earthquake. The Jefferson Science Fellowship is a strong driver of the public service mission of universities, and Hutson recognizes the opportunity to encourage more faculty to apply.  Top ^   Read on Boise State University >   Google the news >>

Natural history museum in Lufkin uses modern technology to examine mummified falcon

[Sat 04:03] LUFKIN, Texas - The Naranjo Museum of Natural History in Lufkin is relying on the most modern of medical technologies to examine a mummified falcon without disturbing the exhibit. The museum said the Egyptian falcon is more than 200,000 years, determined by the material used to mummify the falcon. On Friday, museum officials teamed up with Woodland Heights Medical Center to run a Computed Tomography scan on the falcon to be able to examine the preserved anatomy of the bird. KTRE 9′s Ryan Ordmandy spoke with museum officials about the unique approach to examining history.  Top ^   Read on KTRE >   Google the news >>

Return of the Jedi: Ewan McGregor's Obi-Wan Kenobi series on Disney+ confirmed

[Sat 02:05] The Obi-Wan show will be one of a number Star Wars projects slated for Disney+, including the live-action drama The Mandalorian and an untitled series starring Rogue One's Cassian Andor. Aside from the Obi-Wan series, there's plenty of Star Wars action on the horizon. Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker will premiere on December 20, The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson is working on his own trilogy of films, and Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will launch the first film in their Star Wars series in 2022. Updated on August 15, 2019: Added confirmation of the Obi-Wan TV series.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

The Mandalorian trailer teases a grimy western set in the Star Wars Universe

[Sat 02:05] The first trailer for The Mandalorian, the first live-action Star Wars TV show, is here, and it delivers exactly what was promised: A western-style adventure set in the darkest, grimiest corners of the Star Wars universe. The show is just one of many Star Wars projects planned for Disney+. According to the official synopsis, The Mandalorian "Follows the travails of a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the authority of the New Republic." It is one of Disney's first projects set between the original Star Wars trilogy and the recent sequels, and should help keep the Star Wars franchise relevant while the feature films take a three-year hiatus. The Star Wars Universe may not be the loveliest place to live, but it certainly isn't lacking for star power.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Amazon is giving out awesome discounts on these Shark handheld vacuum cleaners

[Sat 02:05] We've visited Amazon and gathered the best deals for Shark handheld vacuum cleaners and put them all here. While it usually sells at $150, Amazon cuts it by $50 giving you an awesome price of only $100. Shark WV201 Wandvac handheld vacuum. 110. With its revolutionary and award-winning design, the Shark WANDVAC handheld vacuum will not just suck-in everyday mess. You can snag this vacuum now at Amazon for only $60, and save $20 from its original price of $80. Looking for more great stuff? Check out other Robot Vacuum deals and Labor Day sales on our curated deals page.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Marvel's Falcon and Winter Soldier: Everything we know about the Disney+ series

[Sat 02:05] Marvel franchise actors Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan will reprise the roles of Falcon and Winter Soldier, respectively, for a live-action series set within the MCU. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is expected to premiere in fall 2020 on Disney+, and Disney's D23 Expo dropped some fresh new info. Disney announced at the D23 Expo that Falcon and The Winter Soldier will introduce John Walker, aka US Agent, a Captain America-esque supersoldier whose hardline approach to fighting crime makes him much more dangerous than Steve Rogers. In October 2018, Marvel announced its first behind-the-camera hire for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, with Empire writer Malcolm Spellman attached to pen the script for the series. Both Falcon and Winter Soldier made their debuts in installments of the Captain America solo series for Marvel Studios, with Stan appearing first as Steve Rogers' childhood friend James "Bucky" Barnes in Captain America: The First Avenger and later as Winter Soldier in the aptly titled Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

The MCU gets weirder as She-Hulk and Moon Knight spin-offs are set for Disney+

[Sat 02:05] At D23 2019, Disney announced two more Marvel series for Disney+: She-Hulk. While discussing the new shows, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said that Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight would debut in their respective Disney+ series, but would eventually appear on the big screen. Just announced at #D23Expo, MOON KNIGHT, an original series from Marvel Studios, only on Disney+ pic. If Marvel Studios hasn't cast Moon Knight yet, we have a great suggestion for who should play him.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Everything you need to know about Minecraft's new bees

[Sat 02:05] Learning how the new Minecraft bee interacts with the world is a very important thing, and this bee guide will hopefully tell you everything you need to know to put these adorable new mobs to use. Now, that may sound complicated to some, but it's actually really easy to hop into the bee update if you're playing on a PC. To access Java Snapshot 19w34a and experience the new Minecraft bees in all their glory, all you need to do is fire up Java Minecraft and ensure the version text to the left of the green Play button reads "Latest snapshot". Finding bees in Minecraft can be a tad difficult at first, but they're actually more prominent than you might think, and certainly more common than they seem in the real world right now, sadly. That means you can provide a home for the bees, breed them, and harvest near-endless supplies of Honey from the Bee Hives when the bees dance around your gardens.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

The Mandalorian: everything we know about Disney+'s live-action Star Wars series

[Sat 02:05] In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau confirmed that George Lucas' Star Wars movies are "The bedrock that is built on," but probably not the Star Wars movies that you're thinking of. Favreau didn't just draw primarily on Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, the very first Star Wars movie, when creating The Mandalorian. Starring Diego Luna and Alan Tudyk, who starred in the theatrical Star Wars prequel as Cassian Andor and K-S20, respectively, is currently filming for the network, while another season of the fan-favorite animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and some behind-the-scenes documentaries will appear on Disney+, too. Titled The Mandalorian, the series is expected to be set seven years after the Battle of Endor in Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi and feature characters new to the Star Wars universe, many of them created via CGI and motion-capture technology similar to what Favreau used in his live-action adaptation of The Jungle Book for Disney.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Infant, primary school teachers to get computers – Technology Minister

[Sat 02:03] KINGSTON, Jamaica - Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Fayval Williams, says the Government is making huge investments in education, and scores of infant and primary school teachers will have new computers starting in January 2020. According to Minister Williams, digital skills and digital literacy will become a fundamental part of educating children, and they must be equipped with competencies in Science, Technology, Engineering. "At the infant and primary level, our Tablets in School programme will be rolled out in 120 schools, impacting the lives of more than 4,000 students, and 1,800 teachers, this financial year," she said. Some37 top performing students from the Greenwich All-Age School and the St Andrew Primary School, who performed exceptionally well in the Primary Exit Profile examinations, were recognised by Petrojam with cash, plaques, laptops, certificates and educational materials.  Top ^   Read on The Jamaica Observer >   Google the news >>

REI Labor Day sale drops deals on Garmin, Suunto, and Fitbit smartwatches

[Sat 01:05] REI is running a huge Labor Day promotion of its own through September 2, marking down all sorts of cool gadgets like fitness trackers from some of our favorite brands. Normally $130, the Garmin Vivosmart 4 can be yours for $100 during the REI Labor Day Sale. Fitbit is a name that is rivaled only by Garmin for dominance in the fitness wearable market, and one that's almost synonymous with "Activity tracker." This company has continued to keep its lineup fresh over the years, and the Fitbit Inspire HR is one of its latest entries. A nice $151 Labor Day discount cuts the Suunto 9 GPS smartwatch down to $349 on REI right now.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Amazon slashes prices on Blink indoor home security cameras

[Sat 01:05] Amazon slashed prices on Blink's Indoor Home Security Cameras in a pre-Labor Day Sale. The internal directional microphone records audio with video, but unlike the Blink XT2 indoor and outdoor cameras, you cannot talk with visitors with the Blink indoor cameras. Amazon dropped the prices on three Blink indoor home security camera systems and a single Blink indoor add-on camera for existing Blink customers. Whether you're setting up your first indoor security camera, installing a multiple camera system, or adding to an existing Blink configuration, these four deals can help you save up to $38. Blink indoor home security camera system - one-camera kit.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

The best shows on Netflix right now

[Sat 01:05] Netflix has a treasure trove of terrific movies that you can stream right now, but if you're looking for more than just a two-hour commitment, it's also got a boatload of great TV shows you can delve into to keep yourself occupied for days - or even weeks - on end. Below, we've rounded up the best shows on Netflix right now, so you can binge watch without having to hunt for the right title. A civil war might not seem like the best setting for a jaunty coming-of-age comedy, but Derry Girls shows that hijinks can ensue even in times of violence. Not only has it boosted the profile of more comedians than any show outside of Saturday Night Live, but several former correspondents have started their own shows with tweaks on The Daily Show's format.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Best tailgating accessories

[Sat 01:05] Dust off your grilling gear, pull out that cornhole set, and brush up on your football stats in preparation for the best tailgating season yet. This is the year you'll outpace your pregame rivals thanks to our list of the best tailgating gear. You'll need a display of some sort if your RV doesn't already have one, of course, and while the best TVs are probably too big for tailgating, you can always consider a portable monitor. Beer is a big part of the tailgating experience, so why not bring a game that has beer in the name - beer pong.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

REI, Amazon, and Walmart drop prices for electric bikes for Labor Day

[Sat 01:05] REI, Amazon, and Walmart all have attractive deals on ebikes for Labor Day. We've found the best discounts on ebikes from REI, Amazon, and Walmart and put them all in one place. The 50-pound Ghost Hybride Slamr S2.7+ electric mountain bike has a Shimano 504-watt lithium-ion battery paired with a Shimano mid-drive electric motor. The Schwinn Monroe 250 electric bicycle differs from a typical road bicycle mainly with the addition of its 36-volt, 10.6 Ah, 400-watt battery and 250-watt Bafang hub drive electric motor.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Walmart cuts $95 off this TCL portable air conditioner for your dorm

[Sat 01:05] For college students moving in dorm rooms this school year, it's essential to include a portable air conditioner on your "To-bring" list. One of the solid picks you can get is the TCL 8,000 BTU 3-in1 portable air conditioner. In times likes this, it is better to bring the TCL 3-in-1 portable air conditioning unit since its sleek and can easily be placed anywhere in the room. It usually sells at $376, but Walmart slashed $95 off its price offering it now for only $281. Hurry and order the TCL 8,000 BTU 3-in-1 portable air conditioner today.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Using science for disaster risk reduction

[Sat 01:03] Hee said, as a state which had seen its fair share of natural disasters, Selangor welcomed this bold step towards disaster risk reduction. This report is the first to come out the project "Strengthening the Disaster Risk Reduction Capacity to Improve the Safety and Security of Communities by Understanding Disaster Risk". "In its first Priority of Action 'Understanding Disaster Risk', it has emphasised the role of science and technology in explaining disaster risk to various audiences." "It is my hope that this collaboration of introducing science into disaster risk reduction will create a society of 'smart citizens' who can take an active part in ensuring that their communities are safe from natural disasters."  Top ^   Read on New Straits Times on >   Google the news >>

Midlands Science Festival taking place as part of Science Week

[Sat 00:03] Events will be taking place across Offaly as part of Science Foundation Ireland's national Science Week 2016. The Midlands Science Festival will provide people across the counties the opportunity to explore and discover how science is a part of their everyday lives - from the science of the food you consume, to how science helps you fly a kite, to the science of sleep. Science Foundation Ireland is encouraging people to get involved with the nationwide celebrations of Irish science and technology during Science Week 2016. Hundreds of events are being held nationwide to celebrate Science Foundation Ireland's 21st annual Science Week from the 13th to the 20th of November.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Texas Computer Science Teacher Certification

[Sat 00:03] Those interested in teaching computer science in Texas will need to obtain the computer science initial certification, which qualifies them to teach computer science courses at the high school level. Prospective computer science teachers generally major in computer science or a related subject. Prospective computer science teachers must also complete a computer education teacher preparation program that has been approved by the Texas Education Agency. There are two exams that all prospective computer science teachers must take and pass with a score of at least 240: TExES Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities EC-12 and the TExES Computer Science.  Top ^   Read on Learn >   Google the news >>

People news: Tompkins Financial hires Guarino as manager of retail & small business lending

[Sat 00:03] ITHACA, N.Y. - Tompkins Financial Corp., an Ithaca-based banking company, announced it recently added Charles Guarino as senior VP and manager of retail & small business lending. He has 25 years of senior leadership experience in a wide range of banking services and will provide strategic leadership for the banking company's retail and small business lending areas, Tompkins Financial said in a news release. Guarino previously worked at Five Star Bank for 13 years, according to his LinkedIn profile. He served in various roles including chief retail lending executive, director of marketing, manager of product development and marketing research, and retail banking executive.  Top ^   Read on Business Journal News Network >   Google the news >>

The best electric toothbrushes of 2019

[Fri 23:05] The toothbrush will stop rotating if you press down too hard, as rigorous brushing too rigorously can irritate the gums; simply relieve the pressure to begin brushing again. Why you should buy this: The Waterpik Complete Care 9.0 Sonic Electric Toothbrush + Water Flosser will cover both your brushing and flossing needs. First came the ISSA Toothbrush, an odd-looking electric toothbrush that uses a pulsing silicone brush instead of traditional rotating bristles. Now, the company has released the ISSA 2, which the company says incorporates "Durable PBT polymer and ultra-soft silicone into one remarkable sonic toothbrush." This latest version of the toothbrush has improved sonic pulses that are a notch above the original, and the brush now includes both silicone and traditional bristles for a combination brush head. The combination head makes for a soft brushing experience, so you get a nice gum massage as you're brushing.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

The Audi AI:Trail Quattro concept is the off-road EV of our dreams

[Fri 23:05] An automaker unveiling an autonomous concept car isn't really headline news. It's still unclear when riding in a self-driving car will become an everyday occurrence, but self-driving concept cars have already become an auto show cliche. Debuting at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Audi AI:Trail Quattro looks set to take autonomous driving off-road. Audi isn't providing any details on the AI:Trail Quattro. Today, self-driving car development tends to focus on cities, where companies plan to use the vehicles for ridesharing and delivery services.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

What The Matrix 4 needs to convince us to take the red pill again

[Fri 23:05] Keanu Reeves is headed back to The Matrix again for a fourth installment of the groundbreaking sci-fi saga. Whether it's a change in the balance between the machines and humans, a new role to play for Neo and his allies, a deeper dive into the simulation, or a revelation that changes everything we thought about The Matrix or the reality the characters perceive, something needs to make us sit back and say, "Whoa.". If a new Matrix movie is going to work, we need more of that innovative approach to action that made The Matrix so memorable. There's no official release date for The Matrix 4 at this point, and no indication of when production will begin on the film.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

OnePlus TV will have a QLED screen — here's everything you need to know

[Fri 23:05] It's no secret that OnePlus is working on a range of 4K TVs. Heck, we've known that since CEO Pete Lau announced the endeavor back in September 2018. What's even more interesting is the fact OnePlus chose to describe its forthcoming 4K TVs as "Unique" Android TVs. Why? Because Google doesn't allow a whole lot of customization when it comes to Android TV, leading some to speculate that the Chinese firm may have struck some sort of deal with the American behemoth. All we know for certain is that it's working on a 4K TV. When will the OnePlus TV launch? There's no word on when the OnePlus TV - or 1+ LED TV, as it's referred to in the Bluetooth SIG listing - will hit the shelves.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Ms. Marvel's Disney+ series will introduce the MCU's first Muslim hero

[Fri 23:05] Rumors that Kamala Kahn, the first Muslim superhero to headline a Marvel comic, will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been circulating for years. Kamala Kahn isn't the first superheroine to go by the name Ms. Marvel. Kamala Kahn was co-created by Marvel editors Sana Amanat and Stephen Wacker, writer G. Willow Wilson, and artists Adrian Alphona and Jamie McKelvie, and quickly became a fan-favorite following her 2014 debut. If Tom Holland's Spider-Man really is saying goodbye to the MCU, Kamala Kahn could provide Marvel's shared cinematic universe with a similar perspective.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Amazon lets you cool off with $100 in savings on an LG portable air conditioner

[Fri 23:05] Portable air conditioners could just be the break you're looking for in the absence of central air conditioning. Amazon has a deal that lets you cool off with $100 in savings on an LG portable air conditioner. To gauge a portable air conditioner's cooling capacity, you will need to check for the BTU, or British Thermal Unit as it is a key performance indicator. Beat the heat before it gets worse with an LG Portable Air Conditioner available for $100 less on Amazon.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Game of Thrones' Kit Harington will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe

[Fri 23:05] John Snow is coming to the MCU. Kit Harington, who played the iconic character for eight seasons on Game of Thrones, will appear in a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, Deadline reports. It's the perfect time for Disney to make a big announcement about Harington. Disney has been snatching up talent from Game of Thrones now that the show has ended. Up until now, it's been a rocky week for the MCU. On Wednesday, news broke that Sony could end its partnership with Disney, which could yank Tom Holland's Spider-Man out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and away from the Avengers.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

China’s biggest challenge in adopting facial recognition technology — using it with restraint

[Fri 23:03] There were 200 million of these cameras in 2018, and with 400 million more to be installed by 2020, China will soon have almost one camera for every two citizens. Because the system constantly scans faces and alerts the authorities to any suspects it detects, the more prevalent the cameras, the harder it gets for people to commit crimes. The Shenzhen start-up Intellifusion uses high-definition cameras and artificial cameras to help the police name and shame by showing their photos on nearby LED screens and on the internet. China's interlocking system of surveillance cameras, as it infiltrates governmental initiatives, shows just how technology is reshaping the relationship between those who govern and those who are governed.  Top ^   Read on South China Morning Post >   Google the news >>

Pleasant Grove High expands biomedical science academy

[Fri 23:03] Biomedical science students at Pleasant Grove High School started their new school year by moving into a new classroom building that's equipped with professional lab equipment, including a device that can collect DNA samples. There are more than 230 students enrolled in this project that evolved from the school's Public Service Academy. Academy teacher Ponciano Cochon said that students in the academy's four-year program first learn about forensic science and crime scene investigations before moving on to studying anatomy, medical intervention, and biomedical innovations. The new Pleasant Grove High classrooms include mock patient rooms where students can learn medical skills such as measuring blood pressure.  Top ^   Read on Elk Grove Citizen >   Google the news >>

A 5-star rating is no guarantee you're getting a safe product on Amazon

[Fri 22:05] If you've ever bought a product from seller you've never heard of on Amazon, there could be reason for you to worry: third-party sellers on Amazon are reportedly selling items that have been banned, are unsafe, or have been mislabeled. The Journal was able to identify at least 157 items being sold on Amazon that Amazon itself had previously said it banned. The investigation found that 46% of those products were being shipped directly from Amazon warehouses. Amazon says it vets sellers when they open an account using "Proprietary machine learning technology that stops bad actors before they can register or list a single product in our store," and that all products sold in its store must comply with applicable laws and regulations.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Here's why it's highly unlikely your Bluetooth headphones will be hacked

[Fri 22:05] Based purely on the content of these statements, you might think that Bluetooth has suddenly become a wide-open door on your devices, through which anyone with ill intent could walk and cause irreparable harm, or steal all of your personal info. The truth is that while these newly discovered threats are real, the odds of your Bluetooth devices being hacked are low - and lower still if you're only using Bluetooth with your headphones. Without getting too technical, it uses a recently discovered weakness in the way Bluetooth devices ask for and receive permission to exchange data. Let's say you suffered from extremely bad luck and just happened to sit down next to someone with all of the right gear and the ability to use it, and you were using Bluetooth to listen to Spotify on your phone via wireless headphones.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

How to make ringtones for an iPhone

[Fri 22:05] Why make do with Chimes or Ripple when you can craft a personal ringtone to serve as a symbol of your individuality? Discerning iPhone owners need a ringtone that suits them, something that will stand out of the crowd, and what better choice than a song you love? After all, iTunes makes playlists of your favorite songs, so it makes sense to pick one of them as your ringtone. Here's our guide on how to make ringtones for an iPhone using iTunes, whether you want to hear an upbeat pop number or crunching guitars when people call you. Keep in mind that iPhone ringtones continually run in 30-second loops, so don't pick something that you're going to regret later. Most people use GarageBand to mix music or podcasts, but you can also use it to make ringtones by either snipping a portion of a song you like or by creating your own.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

2020 Lincoln Aviator first drive review

[Fri 22:05] The 2020 Lincoln Aviator is a three-row midsize luxury SUV, aimed at vehicles like the Audi Q7 and Volvo XC90. But it's also the new face of Lincoln, aiming to woo buyers with distinctive style and character, as well an array of new tech features. The Aviator name was first used by Lincoln in the early 2000s on a rebadged version of the Ford Explorer, so it's appropriate that the new Aviator shares a basic platform with the redesigned 2020 Ford Explorer. EPA fuel-economy ratings for the gasoline 2020 Lincoln Aviator are 21 mpg combined with rear-wheel drive, and 20 mpg combined with all-wheel drive. The Aviator comes standard with the Lincoln Co-Pilot360 bundle of driver aids, including autonomous emergency braking, lane keep assist, blind spot monitoring, and a driver attention monitor.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

REI drops a huge 25% discount on the Big Agnes Manzanares HV SL MtnGLO tents

[Fri 22:05] Get one now for only $262. Save $88 on the usually $350 Big Agnes Manzanares HV SL 2 MtnGLO tent when you order from REI today. You can now get this freestanding tent at $300. REI cuts $100 off the normally $400 Big Agnes Manzanares HV SL 3 MtnGLO tent. 375. If you need a lightweight tent that can comfortably house up to four people, the Big Agnes Manzanares HV SL 4 MtnGLO tent is a great option. You save a massive $125 on the usually $500 Big Agnes Manzanares HV SL 4 MtnGLO tent if you order from REI now.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Disney's D23 Expo: Marvel panels, full schedule, and how to watch online

[Fri 22:05] Disney's D23 expo starts on Friday and it's full of panels and events for fans of Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney's theme parks, Pixar, and Mickey Mouse. You can catch these panels, as well as a few others, at Disney's D23 Livestream page or on the D23 YouTube channel, and you can check out the full schedule below. "Go Behind the Scenes with The Walt Disney Studio" on Saturday at 10:00 AM is a general look at Disney's upcoming movies, but the studio says there'll be some Star Wars and Marvel stuff there, too. Finally, theme park geeks won't want to miss "Sneak Peak! Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products" on Sunday at 10:30 AM. We're betting that "Immersive Worlds: Bringing Films to Life in Disney Parks" on Saturday at 3:00 will have some interesting stuff, too.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Thwips and quips: Ranking all the Spider-Man movies from best to worst

[Fri 22:05] Here's a ranking of all the Spider-Man movies so far, counting down to his greatest cinematic adventure to date. From Tobey Maguire's black-suited, jazz-club dance sequence to the inexplicable casting of Topher Grace as Eddie Brock, the whining alter ego of Venom, Spider-Man 3 is full of head-scratching creative decisions that are even more conspicuous given the film's proximity to one of the best installments of the franchise, Spider-Man 2. The best-reviewed installment of the live-action Spider-Man movies and one of the highest-grossing of those films to date, 2004's Spider-Man 2 perfectly hit just about every note a fan could want. It might not be set within the MCU or focus on the most famous iteration of Spider-Man, but Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse just might be the best Spider-Man movie ever made - and one of the greatest superhero movies of all time, too.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

A novel technology for genome-editing a broad range of mutations in live organisms

[Fri 22:03] The new genome-editing technology, described in Cell Research on August 23, 2019, could be expanded for use in a broad range of gene mutation conditions such as Huntington's disease and the rare premature aging syndrome, progeria. "We sought to create a versatile tool to target these non-coding regions of the DNA, which would not affect the function of the gene, and enable the targeting of a broad range of mutations and cell types," says Mako Yamamoto, co-first author on the paper and a postdoctoral fellow in the Izpisua Belmonte lab. The new gene knock-in method, which the scientists call SATI is an advancement of the previous HITI method to enable it to target additional areas of the genome. The scientists tested the SATI technology in living mice with progeria, which is caused by a mutation in the LMNA gene.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Compare the latest smart home technology

[Fri 22:03] Just like the differences between individual homes, smart home technology can be as varied and customised as the homes it's used in. It sounds like a big, complicated task, but the reality is that it has never been easier to make your house a smart home, and with major technology companies Apple, Google and Amazon all investing heavily in creating the perfect smart home ecosystem, it's also never been more affordable. Having a connected smart home can also provide peace of mind, allowing you to monitor your pets while you're away from home, or keep tabs on the kids while they wait for you to get home from work. Connect your home to a smart security system and rest easy that your home is safe.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Researcher is shaping the future of technology

[Fri 22:03] The researchers will work on projects ranging from developing noise-resilient techniques for quantum computing to using quantum feedback for real-time error correction. The QIS research is expected to lead to new medical, national security and scientific applications and future quantum computers will eventually be able to solve large, highly complex problems beyond the capacity of today's most powerful supercomputers. Her work has enabled noise-resilient artificial atoms called quantum bits or "Qubits" that can encode and preserve data long enough for processing, as well as new measurement protocols that can read out, transmit and amplify quantum information with high efficiency. "Our ultimate goal is to enable quantum technologies that can form the backbone of future quantum computers, which hold out the promise of offering unprecedented advantages over their classical counterparts," said Kamal, who was one of the MIT Technology Review's 2018 Innovators Under 35 in the "Visionaries" category.  Top ^   Read on 7th Space >   Google the news >>

Best Labor Day sales: REI, Amazon, and Walmart drop early deals

[Fri 21:05] With Prime Day in its wake and Black Friday still months away, Labor Day weekend is one of the best times to find big savings and sales. While the best Labor Day sales have traditionally been on mattresses, clothing, and outdoor gear, you can expect deals on just about everything this year - thanks to Walmart and Amazon. Clothing Sales: With Labor Day weekend marking the beginning of a new school year, you can expect the best discounts to be on clothes. Home Depot Sale: If Home Depot's Labor Day sale is anything like all of its other sales this year, there's a good chance you can expect up to 40% off major appliances.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Digital Trends Live: Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus, Breaking Bad movie, and more

[Fri 21:05] On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Matt Katz and Adrien Warner discuss the biggest trending stories in tech, including the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus, the latest on the Breaking Bad movie, Harley-Davidson's new line of ebikes, blocking robocalls for good, and much more. Later in the show, DT Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Kaplan sits down with Nicholas Kopp, U.S. chief executive officer of N26, to talk about the company's mobile-first banking app, and the future of mobile banking and the N26 platform. Steve Zhao, CEO and founder of Sandbox VR, joins the show to talk about building full-body immersive and social virtual reality games to bring us the VR experience we've always wanted. Then we go hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus with Corey Gaskin, DT's associate editor for mobile, who helps break down the device and all of its features.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Google Photos now lets you search for text in your images

[Fri 21:05] The service already allows you to tag aspects of an image so that you can find images later and group them together, but now it'll allow you to search for photos based on text in those photos. The new feature leverages Google's experience in artificial intelligence, and essentially allows Google Photos to scan your images for text. Once you upload an image with text to the cloud, Google Photos automatically tags that image with any text in the image - so that you'll be able to quickly and easily find it later. Last year, Google Photos added depth control for both the iOS and Android apps, allowing users to tweak the level of bokeh, or background blur, after having already taken the photo.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Ming-Na Wen jumps from Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to The Mandalorian

[Fri 21:05] In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau confirmed that George Lucas' Star Wars movies are "The bedrock that is built on," but probably not the Star Wars movies that you're thinking of. Favreau didn't just draw primarily on Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, the very first Star Wars movie, when creating The Mandalorian. Starring Diego Luna and Alan Tudyk, who starred in the theatrical Star Wars prequel as Cassian Andor and K-S20, respectively, is currently filming for the network, while another season of the fan-favorite animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and some behind-the-scenes documentaries will appear on Disney+, too. Titled The Mandalorian, the series is expected to be set seven years after the Battle of Endor in Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi and feature characters new to the Star Wars universe, many of them created via CGI and motion-capture technology similar to what Favreau used in his live-action adaptation of The Jungle Book for Disney.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

A photographer is shooting a 30-year time-lapse of NYC. Here's how, and why

[Fri 21:05] New Jersey-based photographer Joe DiGiovanna is shooting a 30-year time-lapse of the New York City skyline, and has already been working on it for 4 years. As DiGiovanna told fellow time-lapse photographer Emeric Le Bars in a video interview, the project was born from a love for the city and the incredible view it gave him from his apartment every day. Shooting a time-lapse for a single day can be daunting, but shooting one for 30 years introduces a host of new challenges. At the time he started the project, he had been shooting with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, as well as a Red Epic cinema camera - just the eighth one Red had produced, he said.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Netflix speed test: Here's how to check if you can stream 4K Ultra HD

[Fri 21:05] Netflix has one of the best delivery mechanisms for streaming video on the web, so if you're trying to stream something and it isn't quite in the 4K Ultra HD resolution you were expecting, chances are it's your internet connection that's to blame. There's a simple experiment you can carry out to test your Netflix speed to check to see whether your connection is at fault. That's more than enough pull to stream two 4K Ultra HD shows on the same Wi-Fi network, with each needing at least 25Mbps. If you're receiving anything under 10Mbps and there's more than once device using the internet, you'll be hard-pressed to tap into a Full HD stream, let alone a high-res 4K Ultra HD one.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

The Ezlo Atom is the smallest smart home hub you've ever seen

[Fri 21:05] Ezlo proclaims it is "The smallest, most energy-efficient control hub available on the market." Available for pre-order starting Wednesday, September 4, this tiny smart home hub is an interesting choice. On its release, it will be priced at $30, which is comparable to other small smart home devices, like the Google Home Mini, which retails for $29, and the Amazon Echo Dot that retails for $30. The Atom is quite a bit smaller, though. After the Atom iis plugged in, you use an app or the Ezlo website to control your smart home devices. As of right now, the Atom hub is only compatible with a handful of devices, such as the GoControl Bulbz Z-Wave Dimmable LED Light Bulb and Siren security devices.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Thwips and quips: Ranking the Spider-Man movies from worst to best

[Fri 21:05] Here's a ranking of all the Spider-Man movies so far, counting down to his greatest cinematic adventure to date. From Tobey Maguire's black-suited, jazz-club dance sequence to the inexplicable casting of Topher Grace as Eddie Brock, the whining alter ego of Venom, Spider-Man 3 is full of head-scratching creative decisions that are even more conspicuous given the film's proximity to one of the best installments of the franchise, Spider-Man 2. The best-reviewed installment of the live-action Spider-Man movies and one of the highest-grossing of those films to date, 2004's Spider-Man 2 perfectly hit just about every note a fan could want. It might not be set within the MCU or focus on the most famous iteration of Spider-Man, but Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse just might be the best Spider-Man movie ever made - and one of the greatest superhero movies of all time, too.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Amazon's outstanding deal on the 65-inch Samsung Q80 QLED TV saves you $800

[Fri 21:05] On the 65-inch Q80. Normally $2,800, Amazon is selling this model for just $1,998. Yes, it's quite a bit for a TV, but if you're looking for a TV that makes a statement and wows you with its picture quality and leaves you money to spare, the Q80 is it. We've seen these TVs in person, and strongly recommend those considering the Q series to take a look at either the Q70, Q80 or Q90 first. The much lower price of the Q80 and very few negatives make this a solid choice.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

How to connect the Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plus to your Windows PC or laptop

[Fri 21:05] Are you a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plus owner? If you have a Windows PC or laptop, there are a few special integrations baked into the phone that allow you to see notifications and respond to texts without having to pick it up. You do not need to download or install a new app on your Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plus, but you will need to install an app on your Windows laptop or PC. First, go to the Microsoft Store app. The Photos tab shows you recent photos captured on the Note 10 or Note 10 Plus, the Messages tab shows your texts, and the Notifications tab shows all the present notifications on your phone screen. If you don't have a Note 10 or Note 10 Plus, you can get many of the same features by downloading the Your Phone app from the Google Play Store - you just won't enjoy the custom integration.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

The Dyson V8 Absolute cordless vacuum cleaner gets a 21% discount on Amazon

[Fri 21:05] We found one on Amazon that slashes 21% off the Dyson V8 Absolute cordless vacuum. The Dyson V8 Absolute cordless stick vacuum usually goes for $500 but Amazon's $103 discount drops it to only $397. You can even get another $50 off if you apply for an Amazon Rewards Visa card. You can enjoy cordless cleaning with the Dyson V8 Absolute stick vacuum. Pay only $397 instead of its usual $500 when you purchase the Dyson V8 Absolute cordless vacuum cleaner from Amazon today.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

REI drops a $160 price cut on the Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 Tent

[Fri 21:05] You wouldn't want to get cramped in a tent that is too small or get soaked while sleeping as water seeps through everywhere, would you? An excellent option is the Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 Tent, and it's currently discounted on REI. With this deal, you'll only be paying $640 instead of its usual $800 price tag. The Flying Diamond 8 is highly recommended as a family camping tent. An all-season camping tent, you can count on the Flying Diamond 8 to shelter you from a variety of climates. Take your family to an exciting outdoor adventure with the Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 Tent.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Science breakthrough after researchers major discovery could lead to unhackable internet

[Fri 21:03] Researchers have teleported 3D information, the most complex ever transferred, after a major breakthrough. The find was after work from a team of researchers from the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the University of Vienna, and the University of Science and Technology of China. Researchers feel the technology could be used to create an unhackable internet as it would be easy to see if the information had been tampered with. "It's an exciting result which could be used to advance the emerging field of quantum computing and lead to new types of imaging."  Top ^   Read on Express >   Google the news >>

Ghanaian MIT Scientist contributes to advancing the state of Optical System

[Fri 21:03] This work was outlined in a sequence of peer-reviewed articles recently published in such scientific journals as the "New Journal of Physics" and "Optimal Control Applications and Methods". The company, Algorine, was founded by Dr. Paul Azunre - former winner of the 2002 National Science and Maths Quiz with Opoku Ware School in Kumasi - and grew out of his PhD dissertation work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In a recent interview with MIT, Dr. Azunre discusses the details of this breakthrough work, as well as the Ghanaian arm of the business - Algorine Ghana Ltd. - which leverages AI to help local businesses with their data analysis and other analytics needs. Algorine has participated in advanced projects on cutting-edge AI technologies funded by a US government research agency, DARPA. Projects include Natural Language Processing for social media and anomaly-detection for cyber-security applications, which place Algorine strategically at the forefront of innovation in these fields.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Cabot Microelectronics Corporation to Participate in the Citi 2019 Global Technology Conference

[Fri 21:03] Aurora, IL, Aug. 23, 2019 - Cabot Microelectronics Corporation, a leading global supplier of consumable materials to semiconductor manufacturers and pipeline companies, announced today that Scott Beamer, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, is scheduled to present at the Citi 2019 Global Technology Conference in New York at 2:55 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday, September 4, 2019. ABOUT CABOT MICROELECTRONICS CORPORATION. Cabot Microelectronics Corporation, headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, is a leading global supplier of consumable materials to semiconductor manufacturers and pipeline operators. The company's products play a critical role in the production of advanced semiconductor devices, helping to enable the manufacture of smaller, faster and more complex devices by its customers. Cabot Microelectronics Corporation is also a leading provider of performance materials to pipeline operators.  Top ^   Read on GlobeNewswire >   Google the news >>

Facebook likely knew about Cambridge Analytica much earlier than we thought

[Fri 20:05] Newly-released documents suggest that Facebook knew about the Cambridge Analytica scandal much earlier than we originally thought. Internal emails released by Facebook suggest that the social network had concerns about Cambridge Analytica as well as several other companies that were using data in ways that potentially violate Facebook policies as early as September 2015. Facebook made a joint statement Friday about the issue along with District of Columbia Attorney General. Aleksandr Kogan is the app developer that sold data he collected about Facebook users to Cambridge Analytica.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

REI Labor Day sale drops a hefty discount on The Marmot Tungsten two-person tent

[Fri 20:05] REI is offering the REI is offering the Marmot Tungsten two-person tent on sale. Savor the natural beauty of the outdoors by getting your hands on a reliable portable shelter such as the Marmot Tungsten two-person tent. It received an amazing score of 4.5 out of 5 stars on REI reviews, with customers raving that it's a great camping tent and well worth the money. You can score the blaze/steel variant today at a lower price of $149 instead of $200. Looking for more savings? Head over our curated deals page and find amazing discounts on rooftop tents, backpacking tents, camping tents, and other camping gear products.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

The best cars for 2019, from compacts to trucks to sporty models

[Fri 20:05] The lineup includes an entry-level model with a six-cylinder under the hood, a V8-powered model, an immensely powerful variant made by Mercedes-AMG, and a pair of ultra-luxurious Maybach-badged models. The current-generation Prius is also appreciably sportier than previous models, thanks to changes like a lower center of gravity and a more sophisticated double-wishbone independent rear suspension system. While the entry-level Sport model remains relatively basic, the more upmarket trim levels are much nicer inside and comfortable even around town. The current model borrows styling cues from the smaller Honda Civic, giving it a more stylish appearance that won't offend buyers who just want to blend in with traffic.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Get a Honeywell portable air conditioner for 30% less on Amazon

[Fri 20:05] If central air conditioning is way over your budget and window air conditioners are out of the question, a portable air conditioner may just be the answer to instant relief. Lucky for you, you can get the Honeywell portable air conditioner for 30% less on Amazon. Portability is the value it holds over traditional air conditioners, Honeywell's HL10CESWK integrated wheels into its design for ease in mobility as you move it from room to room. The Honeywell portable air conditioner lets you sleep soundly.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

New leak shows off Samsung's One UI 2.0 — and it's built on Android 10

[Fri 20:05] Why? A new leak shows off Samsung's One UI 2.0, and it's built on Android 10. Notably, the leak shows off the use of Android 10's new gesture-based navigation system - essentially meaning that Samsung has done away with the traditional navigation buttons, which it has held on to so far. Roid 10 hasn't even launched to the public yet, and while Samsung may want to be quick to adopt the new software, it's doubtful that the new One UI 2.0 will launch at the same time. Instead, Samsung may launch a new developer program for One UI 2.0, and that will likely be at the next Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco in August.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

The mystery of Peach Bottom slate: Geology is not an exact science

[Fri 20:03] The geology of the Peach Bottom Slate that runs from Harford County, Maryland, through York County and into Lancaster County is another story. The exact age of the Peach Bottom slate is still not firm, but the current theory suggests a Cambrian to Early Ordovician age. With the Peach Bottom Slate and most metamorphic rocks, it is often difficult to determine what event affected the rock in what manner. Secondly, the structure of the Peach Bottom Slate now has three possibilities as presented by both historical and modern geologists.  Top ^   Read on YDR >   Google the news >>

Bad news? Space travel will mess with your gut bacteria

[Fri 19:05] Don't go into space; it'll wreak havoc on your gut. This helped them gain several insights into the impact of space travel, such as the fact that mice flown on the International Space Station and space shuttle wind up with different gut conditions from "Control mice" on the ground - despite having matched habitats, temperature, and gas composition. So should we really avoid the stars for fear of negatively impacting our gastrointestinal tract? "I would say that we still do not know how much of a risk microbiome disruption poses for space travel," Vitaterna continued. Still, between this and research showing that space travel changes the physical structure of astronauts' eyes, it seems that life beyond Earth may not be one for the squeamish.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

The Shark Ion S87 robotic vacuum cleaner gets $160 discount before Labor Day

[Fri 19:05] What about the areas that are off the floor? The Shark Ion Robot Vacuum Cleaning System S87 just might be the answer to this dilemma. The Shark Ion S87 combines two innovations in one cleaning system: A high-performance robot vacuum for floor care and a built-in handheld vacuum for tidying up messes on above-floor places. Controlling the robot is easy: You can simply touch the Clean button, schedule cleaning anywhere through the Shark Ion Robot App, or activate hands-free operation by connecting it to an Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled device. Make home cleaning simpler and more efficient with the Shark Ion Robot Vacuum Cleaning System S87. For a discounted price of $350, you are getting a robot vacuum and a handheld vacuum which you can count on to keep your living space in tiptop condition.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 vs. Dell XPS 13

[Fri 19:05] Two of the best laptops on the market - the clamshell Dell's XPS 13 and the 360-degree convertible XPS 13 2-in-1 - are receiving updates for 2019 that should make a meaningful impact in their performance. Here's our take on how the new Dell XPS 13 and the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 compare based on our impressions so far. While the XPS 13 retains its snappy keyboard from its most recent versions, the XPS 13 2-in-1 inherits a version of the maglev keyboard from the larger XPS 15 2-in-1. Dell claims the new XPS 13 will get 21 hours of battery life, while it promises the XPS 13 2-in-1 will get 16 hours.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Here's yet another reason why Facebook's Libra might never happen

[Fri 19:05] Some of the early backers of Facebook's Libra are looking to distance themselves from the cryptocurrency project. Facebook released a white paper in June explaining its plans for Libra. In July, Facebook's Libra head David Marcus published a blog post where he said Libra was "Committed to a collaborative process with regulators, central banks, and lawmakers to ensure that Libra helps with the kinds of issues that the existing financial system has been fighting, notably around money laundering, terrorism financing, and more." Facebook has said that it plans to launch Libra in 2020.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Shark Apex Uplight review

[Fri 19:05] Shark, a brand known for creating solid upright vacuums with affordable price tags, recently came out with a new vacuum called the Shark Apex UpLight Corded LiftAway. The first thing I vacuumed with the Apex UpLight was the front entryway area rug. Overall, the Apex UpLight is a really solid vacuum, and Shark thought of just about everything when making this well-engineered machine. If you want a lightweight upright vacuum that will work on hard floors, carpets, area rugs, and furniture, as well as pick up pet hair, you should absolutely buy the Shark APEX UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

These Marmont Mantis Plus tents get a steep 50% discount on REI today

[Fri 19:05] If you are looking to save on a versatile camping tent, check out REI's sale on the Marmot Mantis Plus. Take the Marmot Mantis Plus tent on your next backpacking trip or music festival to enjoy a great view of your camp or favorite music act. Inside the Marmot Mantis Plus tent, you get plenty of pockets to help keep your gear organized. Get the Marmot Mantis Plus two-person tent at $125 or the three-person tent at $138 from REI today.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

A self-driving Toyota will escort the 2020 Olympic flame in Tokyo

[Fri 19:05] Toyota has partnered with organizers to provide transportation at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. The automaker and the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee want to achieve the lowest emissions of any vehicle fleet at any Olympic Games, so Toyota is rolling out an array of battery-electric, plug-in hybrid, and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles for the job. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics provide a great opportunity for Toyota to show off its technology. Toyota has long been a strong proponent of fuel cells, so a similar issue at the 2020 Olympics would be a major embarrassment for the company.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

CuriosityStream Is a Science-Focused Streaming Service for People Who Love to Learn

[Fri 19:03] If you're content with high-definition streaming, CuriosityStream will cost you as little as $19.99, or $2.99 monthly. A year's worth of documentary films and shows on CuriosityStream pretty much sells itself, especially at such low prices compared to other streaming platforms. CuriosityStream is the work of one John Hendricks, who founded The Discovery Channel way back in the day. If your daily diet of TV is a little heavy on mindless entertainment, and a little light on information, CuriosityStream is a perfect way to improve it.  Top ^   Read on Futurism >   Google the news >>

Amazon hacks the price of the MSR Hubba Hubba NX backpacking tent to just $330

[Fri 18:05] We named the MSR Hubba Hubba NX as the best all-around camping tent on the market today. Cutting its price from $400 to just $330. You can also avail an additional $50 off when you apply for an Amazon Rewards Visa card, bringing the final sale price to $280. A home away from home, the Hubba Hubba NX is the quintessential three-season backpacking tent. You can count on the MSR Hubba Hubba NX two-person lightweight backpacking tent to keep you comfortable and safe from the elements in most environments. The DuraShield Coating model is available at a discounted price of $330. Looking for more savings? Browse through our curated deals page for awesome discounts on rooftop tents, camping tents, and backpacking tents.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Lenovo drops big deals on ThinkPad X1 Carbon laptops with this promo code

[Fri 18:05] While most high-performance models will still run you $1,000 and up, you can save hundreds on ThinkPad X1 Carbon, ThinkPad X1 Extreme, ThinkPad X1 Yoga, and other Lenovo laptops. The 14-inch ThinkPad X1 Carbon packs plenty of productivity into a sleek, carbon weave-protected package weighing only 2.4 pounds. The X1 Extreme laptop supports up to four 4K monitors, and the Intel Thunderbolt 3 port unlocks data transfer speeds of up to 40Gbs via USB-C. Normally $2,979, the ThinkPad X1 Extreme is now just $1,629. Lenovo's top 2-in-1 laptop is the ThinkPad X1 Yoga, and the fourth-generation iteration packs a serious punch.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Win a MacBook Air—start a free Setapp trial to enter

[Fri 18:05] Enter for a chance to win when you try Setapp for free. Among our overall favorite laptops of 2019, the Apple MacBook Air was declared by Digital Trends to be our favorite MacBook this year. With Setapp's ongoing giveaway it can be yours for free just by signing up for Setapp's free week trial. To get setup with Setapp, and enter to win your chance at a brand new MacBook Air courtesy of Setapp.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

How to upload music to Spotify so you can listen to your own tunes everywhere

[Fri 18:05] It's not quite as handy or as powerful as actually uploading tracks to the cloud, but for most people, it will accomplish the same thing: Being able to access your own music within Spotify, wherever you go. The Local Files feature gives you access to your personal music collection on both desktop and mobile versions of the Spotify app, but synchronization of tracks is a one-way process, from the desktop to all of your other devices. If you try to add a folder and it doesn't immediately show up under "Show songs from" - or the folder shows up, but not all of your songs are listed when you browse Local Files - there's a good chance your music isn't in one of the formats that Spotify supports. Because Spotify likes to manage local files via playlists, these lists are also what determines whether your downloaded local music stays on your device or not.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

This scarily accurate blood test knows if you're going to die in the next decade

[Fri 18:05] "In blood samples of [more than] 44,000 individuals, mainly aged above 60 years, participating in 12 biobanks and studies across Europe, we investigated which out of the 63 tested metabolic biomarkers [are] associated with longer-term mortality," Dr. Joris Deelen from the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing in Germany, told Digital Trends. "The biobanks involved in this collaboration took blood [from] participants and followed them for many years, recording morbidity and mortality. We found that a set of 14 of these biomarkers associated independently with mortality." The research suggests that a single blood sample can be informative of longer-term mortality risk for people older than 60. "The biomarkers are now being investigated in clinical studies to assess whether estimating the vulnerability of older people in the clinic using these biomarkers can help determine the best personal treatment," Professor Eline Slagboom from the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands told DT. "When patients come in with kidney or heart failure or hip fractures, health professionals and doctors need to know patients' hidden vulnerabilities to provide the best care, medication dose, diet, Biomarkers like these can help them in their research into what is best for which patient."  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Buzz buzz: You can now be a hardworking beekeeper in Minecraft

[Fri 17:05] Honey bees have fluttered into a number of biomes, setting up shop to pollinate flowers and create honey. Please do let them complete their work without interruption, as honey bees are an integral part of nature. Bees favor the prettiest flowers and will work their hardest to collect pollen to bring to their hives. Let's hope digital bees will coexist nicely with real bees when Minecraft Earth arrives.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

Google Home vs. Amazon Echo: Which smart speaker is better?

[Fri 17:05] The Google Home Max and the Home Mini are larger and smaller, respectively than the original Google Home model. Both of these smart speakers have cylindrical shapes, but the Amazon Echo is a bit more streamlined than the Google Home. Want to make phone calls with your smart speaker? That's possible on both devices, but the Echo Show and Spot are better for video calling since the Google Home Hub lacks a camera and the Nest Hub Max has a higher entry price. A study that investigated how the Google Home and Amazon Echo do while answering questions found that the Google Assistant answered more correctly and made more attempts to respond to questions than Alexa.  Top ^   Read on >   Google the news >>

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